Zombie Apocalypse

So, I’ve always been interested in zombie apocalypse scenarios. Especially ones taking place in non-modern scenarios.

So the main question here would be: Who here would be interested in such a scenario?

Even if my own attempt at a zombie scenario was a complete flop, I’d be very interested in doing this

What settinrg will this be for?

It could be one in any setting really. Haven’t really thought about where or how much yet.

For example: In BU it could be a station-wide infestation by some sort of virus

In EoS it could be an undead curse

In AS it could be a supernatural virus

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Depends on the end game actually, for me. I don’t want to have a “Walking Dead” endless wasteland scenario, but something that can be fought.

If we do end up doing it as a very long plot we could have it be on the forum, in case lits of people with different time availabilities want to join

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Just a thought, you can have a plot that takes the characters to exterminate the undead from a fortress-city with a substantial reward as incentive. Then you can have masses of zombies but being limited to the fortress-city you won’t have a zombie Apocalypse scenario.

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I like that idea. Sounds like it would be a cool thing

Or perhaps…A small community of some sort?

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