Yet Another Stranger Enters a Strange Land (Open Ended)

The world Alyssa Aspen lived in was like ours. Well, almost like ours. She was a member of a strange race that essentially combined two species; a tribe of mountain lions with mystical powers, and a race of dragons from outer space (a member of which she had met when she was just 13). The world was filled with anthropomorphic animals like her, as well as humans like us. Those with human-level intelligence, stance, and size (including humans) were called sapients. All sapients co-existed in this world, although not all of them were friendly towards one another. Speciesism was a big problem, only made worse by the current President of the United States. Alyssa carried on just fine, though, living with Professor Taren Aspen (her adoptive father), Percy de Troyes (a time-traveler from the medieval era, master programmer, and Alyssa’s ex-boyfriend), Lance de Troyes (an AI based on Percy’s consciousness but wishing to distinguish himself), and Serina Hutchinson (a coding apprentice of Percy’s and Alyssa’s cousin).

That is, until the Splice happened.

Taren was a genius inventor and scientist, helped by his daughter on a regular basis. She was always happy to help him with a project, and the current one was no exception. Alyssa had always been an adventurer, and Taren’s latest project, an artificial portal between universes, was certainly going to provide her with no shortage of new places to explore. And with a recently-completed ship, the Eon Wonder, she’d be able to go even beyond the planets she’d arrive at. Not to mention she’d never be alone, with the Lance-based AI “Blake” on the ship. Finally, she would keep many of her things stored in the ship’s pocket-universe cargo hold and bedrooms. Before the test of the artificial portal, though, a natural one opened, and during a test of the Eon Wonder, no less. Alyssa and her ship vanished from all of Taren’s communication devices, leaving each other in the dark about what was happening to the other person. Alyssa ended up knocked out in her ship, leaving Blake in the dark as well. All he knew was that he and Alyssa were stranded in space, above an unknown planet, near a space station that may or may not have been inhabited…

((This is my new introduction for Alyssa. Her previous one has been retconned. I know this is kinda badly written.))

This space station they had appeared near was called Serenity Station, it was a small station and it most certainly was inhabited. The station was in orbit around a planet, called Soteria, the third planet in the system (the Schatten Star System), 1202 light years from Earth on the edges of known space. This system was a strange place indeed, where portals to other realities opened up at random dumping people, ships, even cargo at times out into space or onto the station, or the city-station on the surface. This particular time was no different and it happened often enough that a protocol had been established.

The vessel was scanned by Serenity Station and found to be drifting, one life sign aboard, minimal power. That too, was not uncommon. The transition into this space often played hell with personnel and equipment. Thus, on the duty list was Arnold Okar and his XIA, Lexi. They were part of a pilot program to use the XIA (Mark X Informational Assistants) to their advantage. While Arnold himself was quite a large man, Lexi was only 14cm tall - she was an android of sorts.

Arnold and Lexi meet on Serenity Station and downloaded all the sensor information about the ship that they could gather, Lexi was a specialist in processing information from multiple sources in real time. She gathered information about the other recent appearances while Arnold armed himself and got a medical kit together - they had no idea what they’d run into. Their orders were to investigate the ship, render help if possible, and make sure it was safe to send a medical or engineering team if needed.

So, they beamed over to the Eon Wonder, in proximity of the only life sign aboard.

The two would have beamed directly into the pilot’s area. A knocked-out dragon is in the pilot’s seat, while a semi-transparent, glowing human with black hair sits in the co-pilot’s seat. When he speaks, his voice comes from all around the ship. “Have you come here in peace?”

Arnold says in a deep but relatively quiet voice, “We do, so long as you do as well.” He looks around the pilots compartment and pulls out his tricorder scanning while Lexi flies over and examines the console itself. The vessel is still drifting but very slowly, “It appears the ship is on reserve power only,” she says looking at Arnold before scanning the rest of the room. “I do not detect any active threats.” and then looks at the glowing human, scanning for if it is a hologram?

Arnold himself nods at Lexi as he scans the person in the pilots seat, “Appears to be just unconscious, but I don’t have medical data in the database on the species.” Then he looks at the glowing human, “You are in the Schatten Star System, my name is Arnold, I’m a Commander with Solas Tempus, this is Lexi, she is my partner.”

I have to admit, opening up here the lyrics from Star Trekkin’ by The Firm run through my head.

“Nice to meet you both. I’m Blake, the navigation and companionship AI on this ship, the Eon Mark 2, better known as the Eon Wonder. And the dragon-like girl in the other seat is the ship’s owner, Alyssa Aspen. This was one of our first test flights, but we somehow ended up somewhere else. How far is Earth from here?”

Arnold looks at them both, “Over 1200 lightyears from here.” he looks around, “How about we get you both to the city so we can get some medical care for your friend there?” Then Lexi adds, “I can help you, if needed, to get this ship stabilized?” she looks at Blake, “Are you currently, able to access ship systems and do a diagnostic?”

“It would be nice to head for the city. But the problem of making a living around here is a problem. Anyway, I’ve already done a scan, all this ship’s functionality is running almost perfectly. Sadly, I can’t check any of the stuff that isn’t part of the ship, since it’s not part of the network and I can’t touch anything.”

Lexi looks quizzically at the AI… “Then why is there no power or stabilizers?” she asks curiously. Perhaps the AI’s systems were damaged, which would require more effort to repair. Arnold was listening to the response to this when they felt the tell-tale shift of a tractor beam locking onto the vessel holding it firmly in place.

“If there was no power, we wouldn’t be speaking right now. As for the stabilizers… Well, the guy who built this thing hasn’t started on those yet. I should probably let you know that this ship is still a prototype, all other ships where we came from run on hydrogen fuel tanks. …By the way, you mentioned a “Solas Tempus,” what is that exactly?”

Lexi nods understanding, “Serenity Station has locked a tractor beam on us.” she says, “As far as Solas Tempus, it is the military organization with holds this system. We are affiliated with the Serenity Concord, whose territory this is.” she nods at Arnold who looks at the AI, “Prototype… Well, the station has us stabilized, we can pull it in for a landing?”

I don’t know how big the ship is, if it is small enough, it could be pulled into the space station, if not, then I’ll probably just have to be pulled in to land at Nimbus.

The ship is around the size of four buses, if two were laid side by side and the other two were on top. “Yeah, let’s bring this in for a landing. Let’s see if the direct interface between me and the controls still works…” Meanwhile, Alyssa’s tail, which has a groove in the seat for it to fit, twitches a bit, and she mumbles quietly.

Lexi does the size calculations and then displays a hologram for the AI computer to see, “Alright, I’ve cleared you for landing on this trajectory. Do you need help with the interface?” she says offering to help control the ship for the other AI. Meanwhile, Arnold looks at them both, “How about I beam her to Nimbus Sickbay?” he is kind of asking permission of this ships AI to do so.

“The interface is kinda working, but I can’t activate the drive without help. And yeah, it’d be helpful if you’d beam her over. Alyssa’s got a hard head in a literal sense, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.”

Lexi nods to Arnold who signals for a beam-out, both he and Alyssa beam over to the Sickbay at Nimbus Station…

On the ship it was different. Lexi looks to the AI, Blake, “So how can I help? I can interface with most systems, just point me in a direction.”

Once on board the station, medical personnel look her over and scan her for any injuries.

((I’d like to do the sickbay part on Discord.))

“All I need is someone to engage the autopilot mode. From what I’ve been able to gather, we’re from many, many years in the past, so the ship’s controls may be a bit different from what’s normal here. Just use the touch screen to activate autopilot.”

Lexi looked over the controls and scanned them, finding the touch screen she pulls up sensor schematics of the ship’s control systems mentally and then begins to tap the touch screen to work the controls, looking for a way to engage the autopilot. Finally finding it, she taps and engages the autopilot control.

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