Writing Prompt - Resurrection City from 1968

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So this photo is a bit different, it is historical rather than abstract or fictitious. I would like to encourage people to consider taking this photo both in and out of context. The original article from the New York Times is from February 18th, 2017 and is about an attempt by Martin Luther King Jr. to confront the power structure with the poverty of the country.

Now, there is a lot of context that goes with the image, beyond that there is a lot of power in the image itself. The painted words juxtaposed with the nature of what else is in the photo and plywood walls set up by tents. There is also context of the general time in history this comes from, the late 60’s while King was still alive. There are a lot of places to go here, I encourage people to think a moment and pick a direction and just write about it, see where it takes you.

What could take a life from having an apartment, food, a car, and really a future down to being holed up in a plywood shack? One mistake, that lost a job. That’s all, lost a job and then the downward spiral starts. Said the wrong thing to the wrong person at work and the savings account was never all that full to begin with; poverty charges interest. Money ran out pretty quickly after that and suddenly can’t make that car payment because of the powerful need to eat sometime in a week. That was bad enough, but no car means can’t look for a job real well. There are no jobs where I lived, just empty apartments where drug dealers stash product.

Didn’t take long after that before the landlord was banging on the door screaming about rent. Then we didn’t have food either, it was a loser of a deal anyway. Gave him what money we had to not throw us out right then and there - but knew it would only last a week. Without the hand of God touching us there was nothing we could do but sit and wait to be thrown out. Either that or pack up and leave before it could happen, I don’t like waiting so we packed everything up that we could carry.

That was, oh, 2-3 years ago now. Someone should notice, but no one cares.

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