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So, since the lyrical writing prompt didn’t really work I’ve switched back to an image as the writing prompt. Now there are a lot of obvious things that can go with this one, so I’d like to encourage everyone to respond but try to think outside the box and play around with the loads of information the image doesn’t specify.

As always, have some fun with it.


The women, Jennifer, looking down to the drain, appeared to be a normal bypasser. She wasn’t.
This was where her life, everything she worked towards, was lost.
One wouldn’t believe her when she said she’d lost her entire family to one measly drain. Until they read the papers, that was.

On july nineteenth, The goldlock family was lost to the locked drains, A place under surveillance due to mutated creatures living beneath. The family was on a trip to Florida, when they stopped in their father’s hometown. One of the teenagers, Bismuth, Fourteen, Female, had decided to open the drains while their mother and father were in the public restrooms. The older brother had thought against it, but let it happen anyway. Bismuth fell halfway in, and was about to fall, when the older brother tried to pull her up. He was not strong enough, and any oncoming bypassers just watched. The father and mother soon came out to find the mess. The father began pulling the two up, when a monster grabbed the younger child, and dragged all three of them in. The mother and bypassers watched in shock, as the sewer lid fell back on, and locked back into place. The police arrived at the scene minutes after, and a search team was sent.
The only remains found was a rotted lipstick tube, And heels from Bismuth.

this Was the yearly anniversary of her families demise. She wore the heels of her daughter, now finally being able to fit in them.
Indeed, it was a sad day for jennifer.


Laura looked down at the pavement, unwilling to recollect the days events. As the residents of Paris settled down for their nights out and joyous evenings, they would be oblivious to the failed mission that had just taken place in their midst.

They would be totally unknowing of what would take place in less than a minute.
“Lucky bastards” she said, lighting up an unearned smoke. The would never know of how Interpol had failed them, or the dozen or so bodies now littered throughout the city.

Laura looked back at the Eiffel, just as a blinding flash light up her vision, as everything faded to darkness

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She waited. Waited for… Him.
And she looked fine, some may go as far to stop and look at her in awe.
Like now, a stranger. She honors him with a smirk.
The person shook its head, and carries on leaving the beauty in cream alone.

They might have to die. Later.

She waited. Waited for him.
A man, he.
A god. Or something really goddamn close.
Her thoughts start to wander.
A night, years ago. Warmth. Skin on skin.
Shots. Blood. Flashes.


“You disappoint.”
The voice pulls her back to reality with no chance for resistance.
Resistance is futile.
He stood before her. Black suit, white shirt, no tie. The uppermost button was lazily left unbuttoned.
The definition of style.
Few manage to baffle her, but he, he does it every time.
“Cmon now, let me get you a coffee.”
Not a tad bit confused by her silence, he took her arm and links their arms.
They carry on.

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