Writing Prompt - Girl on a Cliff

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So here is another writing prompt for everyone. Again, best to do one or two paragraphs at least, but one can do more if they want to. I’d love to see where everyone takes this image, what is happening in it? Why is the girl there? Is it really a girl? How did they get there? What exactly are they doing?

Let your imagination run with it!

She sat on top of hill looking at water down below. She was hungry after few long days since she was throwed out of family house with nothing more than clothes she had on. she was looking for way to get money, but every attempts failed, and so she came here, to place that always gave her calmness, to think. After while she stood up and looked at water again then walk away…

Alone upon the cliff, the lone entity gazed, or perhaps, merely by chance was placed facing with what could be identified as it’s face peering out across the land, it’s thoughts or feelings, if any, completely indiscernible. Eventually the entity seemed to let out a long breath, tilting its head to the slightest degree as if pondering some deep unfathomable thought or concept, still (gazing?) upon all that lay before it. One might wonder if indeed it was a figment of one’s imagination that the entity was there at all due to it’s complete and total lack of movement, just some trick of the mind. Perhaps just a bunch of rocks. But then, as if stirring out of some deep sleep or meditation it stepped forward after an unknown amount of time, turning to it’s observer, where behold! It was no girl at all, the face turned towards it’s observer had no skin or fair features. Instead, it’s “face” was a mass of wires all coiled together to form some facsimile of a human face. It smiled then, the wires twisting and moving in the most entrancing of motions to complete the act. The smile looked somehow…heavy… perhaps with grief or other such sadness. Then it spoke in a voice of grating metal and greatly synthesized voice, heavy with crackles of static but still distinguishable as belonging to some unknown language. What it said may never be known, but a tear of perhaps oil or other such substance slid down from one of its “eyes.” It spoke long and gradually began singing some sad song from it’s language, turning back to the land laid out before it below the cliff, it’s voice gradually dying away lower and lower as it neared the end of it’s lonely song before, with a shudder of hesitation it stepped over the cliff, and into the air, tumbling down out of sight. Who was this entity and why was it here? Was it perhaps telling something of great importance? Or, was it perhaps speaking out it’s final, personal farewell to existence before ending. We may never know, but we will long wonder about it for as long as we remember this memento of the wonders and mysteries of existence…

I hope this is of adequate quality.


She sat there on the cliff, her world below her. They had no idea she was up here, and she could end it all right now. Why on Earth would she want to rule over these people? Not only did they hate her and her family but they hated each other. They all hated each other so much and her father wanted her to bleed them dry, how could she do that? Her mother was no help, her mother wanted her to do similar, but control them and mold her people as if they were made of clay for her own greatness. Again, how could she ever do that?

This was all absurd, so she thought about ending it right then and there. There was nothing for her down there, it wasn’t as if they would care - any of them - she had 3 other sisters, all of whom wanted her spot on the throne. It was no matter to her, except she didn’t want to see what all those willing stooges would do with power once they had it.

All she had to do was slip off the edge, a simple movement. Slip off the edge and gravity would take over. She wondered if it would be quiet in death. She slipped off the edge then, it wasn’t quiet at first, but then it was. There was peace.

Such a cruel world it is, yet at the same time there is beauty in the view on a cliff. What irony life pulls sometimes, to where one slip is all it took for a man or woman or child to be gazing at the sunset, and the land and/or water completing the scene, covering one’s sights in nothing but absolute beauty, only to be forcefully driven to an untimely demise.

So many more cases like that, the girl thought, so many everyday scenarios that bing happiness can suddenly go wrong with one wrong factor.
Happiness is fragile, the girl thought
Many people say happiness is life, the girl thought as she stood up
“Life is fragile” the girl said

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Staring out over the mountains, and fields, which seemed like they could go on forever, the young girl wondered. What was beyond her land?
From a young age, she was forced to live in the small village of Pina. The village was old, and run down, but very religious. They worshipped some sort of Idol, this. God… they spoke of. She thought it was foolish, waking up, praying, giving sacrifices, then going on with the day. Why did they do this? It was fake, like a scam. Magic wasn’t real, This God couldn’t be real.
After the large fight with her family in the village, she’d run away. they’d been searching for her since dawn when she’d made an outburst on the fake religion. Now, the sun was setting on this day. Underneath the small cliff, she sat on was a river. It could take her far and wind, to the reaches of… Whoever knows where. all she had to do was slide off, Fall. Thinking of her options, she heard the screams of her parent’s, she could hear the tone in their voice… they didn’t want her back as their daughter, they wanted her dead. Nobody should leave beyond the village, it would set off all the other children to do the same.

With only a spare moment to think, she slid off the rock, and fell down, preparing for her graceful death, or new life.

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