Writing Prompt: Frozen Gate

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We’re going to try to get back into writing prompts again; I do hope everyone likes it. There is no contest with this one, but I would like everyone to participate.

The usual applies; there are no limits on what can be written. This can be cute, funny, vulgar, dark, angry, or anything in between any of it. Whatever floats your boat to write and of any length everyone feels comfortable. This should be consider a rough-rough-rough draft as well so don’t try to make it perfect, just get some ideas out there.

This image comes from Deviant Art, see the image page itself for citation.

Here’s a short pro-log I came up with for this prompt:

The Frozen Gate: Winter is Coming

Deep in the mointains, far away from known civilization lies the frozen tomb. A forgotten place, full of mystery, fear, power, and treasure, most importantly it’s the resting place of the great conqueror, Nokrem. It’s said that the frozen tomb used to be a great fortress where Nokrem’s armies of ice would march out from day by day, tirelessly bringing ice and cold everywhere they went, conquoring nations, up untill his betrayal by some of his supposed allies that gave him such powers. Their betrayal lead to a great war between his kingdom and the powers of his enemies, soon his armies, fortresses and towers were defeated and destroyed, and the final martch was made on his main fortress. His defences were strong, and he withheald attacks for months.

Eventually the betrayers, in an attempt to end the battle quickly, and prevent him from taking more lands, they managed to force his armies into his fortress and seal the gates using a mix of magic and stones. Ever since that day there was a pair of inspectors from the order of fire, which inspected this ‘frozen gate’ to ensure the seal is holding strong, and preventing Nokrem’s armies from escaping and getting his revenge.

After Millenia had passed, and all had forgotten the stories of Nokrem, the conqueror, the one who sought to bring order to chaos during the aincient times. The frozen gate has began to show an unnatural blue glow behind it, as the seal wears thin, and the stones begin to crack and crumble under the icy grasp of a frozen army. On the winds in the mountains that day, one could hear as if a thousand voices were speaking as one, “Winter is coming!”

“Enter new scene, The hero approaches the lair of the villain having went through the labors of the gods and obtained the power from beyond. His fate now bringing him to blows with the great opposer. He readies himself and steels his will for the final test of his worthiness. Finally his family will be avenged and the cosmic order will be restored. He-”

“Frank do you have to repeat that same damn boring speech every time we go to Skullface cavern?”