Wrath of the Unknown - Angelic Sins Opening Event

So, we have a few things going on right now in Angelic Sins already, and so thank you to the players who have started those things. The idea here isn’t as flushed out as it could be, so I hope to integrate other aspects into it, things that players are already working on.

Wrath of the Unknown

Something has begun attacking people in the city. This is Chicago, so that’s not overly unusual for violence to occur, however, the way this violence occurs points to something supernatural. At first, there are going to be reports of some kind of a killer around, then it’ll be said to be a serial killer. After a while, the news is going to start reporting that the serial killer may be on PCP or some other kind of drug that allows him to do super-human things. The general consensus among humans who know of the supernaturals is that it is a rogue werewolf of some kind, however, the supernatural creatures know this to be false, as the facts just don’t fit.


I would kind of love to do something slightly political here, vampires and were-creatures don’t get along, so perhaps the vampires have seeded the idea that were-creatures are to blame on some level to inspire action and tip the balance of power in their favor. Humans, on the other hand, could also take advantage and attempt to use the attacks to loosen the powerful hold of the supernatural community on the city. It is a foregone conclusion that higher ranking people within the government know of supernaturals and be able to pass laws or do other covert political actions to regain some control of their city from the creatures that live there.

This plot point would be hard for me to personally do.


So, here is where I haven’t plotted out yet. I want it to be a human, I think, but impacted by some kind of magical artifact that is incredibly powerful. The power is what has changed this person into some kind of a monster that kills, probably going to say it feeds off of fear or some such. Thinking that it’ll be incredibly animalistic in nature as well.


Any additional ideas would be appreciated, from the @CreativeTeam perhaps?