Wiki Site and Spam

So it is no news to most people that our Wiki site has been plagued by spam. I had installed a filter that required manual action from a staff member (usually me) to approve all edits unless the user was specifically added to a whitelist. Well the queue for moderation got to be over 1000 entries long, and that was just too much. So we’ve changed things around, I’ve configured the Wiki to require captia via Google’s ReCaptia / NoCaptia interface. This is what many sites use and, from what I’ve been told, has a lot of effectiveness.

So, to keep things lean, I have deleted all the excess users created by the spam bots (over 2000 of them), in hopes that this is the last time I have to do such a thing.

I am interested in anyone who wishes to make it part if their routine online to help me police the Wiki once or twice a week for spam pages and to moderate changes. I was considering changing the software entirely but as we have over 400 pages of content alone (to say nothing about templates, redirects, and other types of pages) along with over 700 files, I’m really not thinking changing software is viable. Don’t get me wrong, MediaWiki has a lot of shortcomings, but it is what we have so lets try to make the best of it.

If anyone has issues with the Captia please let me or another staff member know. Captia will be required anytime an external link is added to a page or a new account is created.