Widowed and lost

“Agreed.” She replied in agreement with Kaito’s assessment before calling her medic off from approaching the grieving woman.

With the Zaku girl medic moving away from Ainz, a snap of a nearby branch alerts the entire group as they all shifted the barrel of their weapons to the source with one of them calling out.


Vizsla narrowed her eyes, flicking the safety of her MMP-80/90 off in preparation of a hostile contact which she already had deduced after seeing the woman’s corpse. Whoever killed her was here to finish the job.

Kaitos eyes flashed red and purple as he quickly drew his lostvayne sword, he then scanned the area with his rinne Sharingan looking for the approaching foes

“It always ends up like this…”

“Has it always?” Was her remark to Kaito, keeping a close eye where the snap originated. “Erika, switch to thermal.”

“Jawohl!” The Zaku named Erika did as she was told, her helmet mono-eye visor would flash a momentarily bright pink for a moment as scan the thick vegetation around them.

“I spot seventeen contacts behind the bush upfront. Fifteen of them are armed.”

Amongst the small talk and shouting, Ainz finally tore her eyes away from her deceased wife and notice Kaito, Vizsla and her Zakus. More specifically the medic Zaku I who had the red cross painted on her right shoulder shield plate armor and widens in recognition.

“He…hehehe…” She chuckles, shaking her wife’s corpse. “I-It’s alright Camellia…help is here… you’re going to be fine…you’ll be fine…j-just wait a while longer…”

“Fuck me…” Vizsla muttered to herself, hearing the crazed grieving woman. She had no time to deal with her now as her would-be killers are just behind that bush in front of them. She then decides to make the first move. Pointing her MMP-80, she shouts out.


“Always…” kaito muttered as he glanced at the targets in front of them then back to Ainz when he heard her speak.

“Gods damnit…” he then paused as he went over a few things in his head letting Vizsla do her little speech before her quickly weaved a seal and summoned a shadow clone near the medic, he the quickly sheathed his sword as his robotic arm became engulfed in lightning.

“Fuck 30 seconds Lieutenant…I’m finishing this now!” He yelled out as he dash towards the bush

“What the-wait!” Vizsla shouted out to Kaito with her left arm outstretched to grab the man but fails to do so as he was out of Vizsla reach. The custom Zaku let’s loose a string of curses.

“Do not engage until I say so! Unless fired upon!”

“Yes ma’am.”

‘So much of things going smoothly!’ Vizsla thought with slight disdain.

Behind the bush, the unknowns were swift to react, three of them suddenly taking off in the sky while the other fifteen split of into two groups to avoid Kaito’s charge. So far they didn’t respond with hostile force.

The Zakus automatically focused on the fliers as they were now above them.

“Above us!”

“Do not engage!” Vizsla shouted again.

The three flying unknowns would soon land in front of the Zakus, revealing themselves to the Zakus.

“We mean no harm, please put your weapons down.” The lead Angel spoke

Kaito quickly scanned each of the foes before slamming his fist into the ground tearing up some dirt before he teleports back to Vizsla and chuckles

“Guess I was wrong about that…” he says before glancing at the lead angel “forgive me, I simply had to check your intentions with my eyes”

Vizsla mono-eye for a brief moment swivels to the form of Kaito, eyeing on the man briefly before turning back to the Angel. She didn’t trust what the Angel said, not one bit, her instincts told her plus the dead corpse behind her further reinforce her belief.

“It is of no worries human,” The lead Angel said, a gentle smile gracing his aged face.

“Cut the pleasantries will ya,” Vizsla remarked, her tone holding a distinct edge to it. “Identify yourself. Who and what are you? What are your intentions?”

“Ah yes, where are my manners,” He questioned with an odd look. “My name is Lirex, Archangel of Heaven and the Holy Church.”

“Human…” kaito scoffed “I’m far from it and if you’re an archangel you should know that…” he spoke in a rather angry tone as his combat armor burned back on in the blink of an eye

“State your intentions like the lady asked”

“I’m afraid I can’t divulge in that humans.” The Archangel replied with an apologetic smile which seems to only annoy Vizsla even more. “This is a matter of the Church.”

“Look bud,” She spoke with an icy tone. “I don’t give a flying fuck about your stupid church or some religious bullcrap shit. Might I remind you that you are in Solas Tempus territory and my job is to make sure you do anything stupid.”

She kept her rifle raised at the Angel. “So what’s it going to be priest?”

Kaito stared the man down, his rinne Sharingan scanning him and his men constantly as he began to slowly weave seals.

This was gonna end in the way he expected it to…it always does

A lone traveller can be seen walking around the area. Her ears alert to the place she has never been before. She had left the lab behind since it ran out of power as well as extinguishing her resources there. There was nothing left she can make use of. She was saving the fuel she had on her ship when it was time to leave but her curiosity to explore the world she was just in prove too much for her. That’s when Luna heard a distinct crying noise. Her body would automatically move towards the noise. She was yearning contact for so long. That’s when she spotted the chaos in front of her. There a grieving woman can be seen with a dead person in her arms. Her heart immediately panged in pain at the sight. She knew all too well what it feels like to lost a loved one. What was strange though was the wings black as night. It was quite a sight to behold. Then she saw what looked to be angels. She silently scoffed at that. She didn’t really know what was happening but the I am mightier than tho aura that they were letting out she didn’t like one bit. Not to mention at the sight of them, she was assuming out to get the black winged woman. There were people around the black haired woman too as if protecting her. One look at it she decided to sneak around silently. Watching at the distance to try and assess the situation. Looking at the woman who was honestly in pain it just made her heart hurt even more. She just recently lost her parents and friends afterall. Already making her decision she took out her blade. Ready to pounce when need be. If the woman was ever targeted she will jump in. but for now she can’t really do anything but assess more of the situation and see where it goes. “As much as i want to jump in now…i need to know what’s happening…people with different features…having wings i’m assuming there are more with different parts…” Luna muttered to herself as she waited. she noticed a man weaving his hands like some sort of martial artist channeling Ki or that’s what she observed given she watched some anime in her free time back then.

The other Zaku Is tensed, sensing the tension in the air between their leader and the Archangel, instinctively they raised their rifles up slightly, preparing for an upcoming conflict.

“So whatever sort of authority or Holy influence you had back then doesn’t exist here.” Vizsla stated, glaring though found a hint of amusement in the Archangel’s slight frown. “and one more thing. Are you responsible for the woman’s death? The one behind me.”

A grim silence filled the atmosphere around them, two of the female angels behind him visibly tensed, while their leader expression remained passive. “The chur-”

Vizsla swiftly cut him off, enraged. Raising her rifle with the barrel pointing at the Archangel, she speaks. “Then you are under arrest for the murder of a civilian individual!”

Unknown to her, Ainz quietly and shakingly turns her head to the commotion between Vizsla and the Archangel and froze in place, her teary-eyed expression from constant crying suddenly twists into a shaky animalistic snarl of vengeful anger with her teeth transforming into fangs, her body was already trembling, her black wings unfurling.

“I was afraid it had to come to this.” The Angel tiredly sighs, “I am sorry but as Archangel of Heaven I must uphold the orders given to me and my cohort from Heaven and the Church. No matter the circumsta-”


In a blink of an eye, the Archangel was violently grappled away by a rage frenzied Ainz smashing him through several trees all the while leaving the Church Exorcist and remaining two angels gobsmacked.

Vizsla who was equally surprised at the sheer speed of the Dark Angel quickly recovers from her shock and barks out an order. “RESTRAIN THEM!! SHOOT TO KILL IF NEEDED!!!”

And all hell broke loose, the other two Angels revealed and spread all four of their wings and quickly took off to avoid the volley of light-infused rounds darting towards the Zakus.

Only to uselessly pinged off their armor pathetically drawing an inaudible snort from one of the Zakus. Instantly, four of the Zakus raised their MMP-78 and returned the favor. The tip of their barrels flashed like the sun dispensing a short burst along with a thundering clap as if it was Tank cannon going off next to them. Unfortunately for the Exorcist, they didn’t really expect the power of an actual 120mm APFSDS hitting from such a small firearm ended up becoming clouds of red and gore with their entrails splattering everywhere.

Surprised and disorganized by the sudden deaths of their fellow churchman, the Zakus swiftly capitalize on their weakness and engaged them in CQC.

Vizsla quickly turns to Kaito. “Deal with the angels! I want them alive for questioning!”

Kaito was quietly marking every single foe on the field with his eyes, making predictions and judgments as Vizsla talk to this head angel

“Any minute now” he thought to himself as his attention was torn from the angels towards the side where he sensed another person, he growled a bit before refocusing himself just in time for the start of the fight.

He smiled like a mad man for a brief moment as he watches Ainz take the archangel then the Zaku cut down before turning to Vizsla when she spoke.

“understood lieutenant” was his simple response as both his arms become engulfed by black lightning, he then took off in a flash summoning two shadow clones, one to go after Ainz and a second to head after the new figure he spotted just moments a ago. When that was done he put his attention on the nearest angel

Yet Luna was fast. seeing her animalistic hate she already got her reason to move. seeing the one angel that flew high up she smiled. leaping onto a branch and using her momentum as well as the strength of her legs she jumped high and fast. blind siding an angel and ripping said angel’s wings off. so she can take it as her own once she assimilates it. maybe a few bonuses here and there. looking at Ainz she smiled a bit. sweet revenge is something Luna had first felt and to be honest while she felt empty after. it was worth it. using the angel’s surprise along with her bloodied wings she quickly jumped to the other and stomped on her head before diving back down into the forest. her cat-like eyes surveying the area as she goes in and out discreetly. “I help a mourning woman and i get something as a bonus” she muttered to herself as she hid the wings. before returning once again. she felt some eyes on her but she would take care of it if it was hostile to her. the gore was sort of disgusting but she already got used to it with her living in the jungle for who knows how long. and making sure that the corpse of the woman’s beloved was tucked away so it would have a proper burial. she made sure that it wasn’t harmed in anyway as well. “gotta make sure she doesn’t get into the crossfire” she muttered softly

The Angel who second pair of wings screamed drawing her partners attention who had a look of horror called out to her partner’s name only to receive a flying kick to the face stunning her while her partner hits the ground writhing in pain.

The second angel reoriented herself , hovering in the air with a light spear formed her eyes scanning for the perpetrator responsible for hers partner suffering.

Three of the Zakus who saw the distracted Angel immediately open fire, going full auto instead of semi. The Fallen Angel yelped in surprise at the sheer does of sabots forcing her to disengage in order to dodge leaving her exposed.

Kaito teleported Near the angel in an almost crouched stance as the lightning sparked off his arm, he was told to take them alive so no killing just yet.

“Chidori!” He roars out as he thrust his fist towards the angels arm in an attempt to sever the arm and then incapacitate them.

As the main kaito does his job the first of the clones appears as close as he can to the new combatant on the field, interference was never good to him and he hated fighters who joined in at random

A rather curious sight. so to say Luna was quite interested to see how the fools would fare against them but it only ended up with them paying for it. seeing Ains open she looked at any that tried to get to her. her blade posed to strike like that of a viper ready to bite on its victim. she will take in the wings soon but right now she wanted to protect the fallen angel. its wings so alluring to her that she couldn’t help but be attracted to it. feeling the sense of pain she has. she could atleast relieve the pain by talking together. to share their pain and to talk it out.

“…this is strange the light beams aren’t penetrating at all… is it weaker than guns?” she asked to herself. she was hellbent on protecting the woman. it didn’t matter if she killed. she had grown rather cold to it. she didn’t care what happens to the others. she more likely cared for the safety of the black winged girl right now. it was her only interest as of right now. while she didn’t notice the clone she saw Kaito doing a number against an angel. she was rather cautious of him now and extended her senses. he has tricks up his sleeves and she doesn’t know the situation of where she is right now as of yet. she’s just working along with her own interest afterall.

The Angel Kaito attempted to stun was swift to react as she soon spotted the man from her rear forming a ball of electricity screeching at the palm of his hand. To her horror, the man was already upon her closing the distance between her and him leaving the Angel barely any time to defend herself.

She hastily formed another light spear in her hands and raised it to block Kaito’s attack. Only for it to completely smash right through it into smithereens and embedding the electrical ball onto her chest. The Angel screamed in pain as she felt thousands of volts through her nerves. Her body soon hits the ground spazzing out in both pain and from the electric shock.

Soon the remaining Exorcists have been dealt with and restrained by the Zakus.

“RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” Ainz screamed out in rage as she flings the Archangel through a stone rock with utter ease, later forming a light sword gripping it with both her hands. A furious snarl with hate-filled eyes could be seen as clear as day as she goes for an overhead strike.

The Archangel was swift enough to intercept it with his own Light spear he formed in his palm just now.

Their weapons clash with bright flashes of light, fueled by her rage and hate, Ainz abandoned all sorts of grace and fluidity and replaced it with brutal and unrefined strikes that hammered against the Archangel’s defenses before being blasted back by a swift strike from the Angel’s wings by a couple of meters.

Enraged, she reveals her last pair of wings showing off all six wings to the Archangel. Once again she lets out a banshee-like wail and launches herself to the Archangel in a frenzied state.

Kaitos eyes glowed brightly as he watched the angel attempt to defend herself, he knew nothing she could do would be able to stop his chidori.

He then chuckles while watching the angel fall to the ground he then quickly extending his hand to the side And dispersing the lightning
“Can I get a pair of cuffs over here?” He asks as he looks to one of the zakus with a smirk.

Ainz scream was enough to make the shadow clone kaito sent after her raise an eyebrow, there have been many instances of berserker rage he’s witnessed in life but Ainz he felt. The lost of your loved one in front of your eyes, in your arms…it’s a painful and traumatic experience that will be with her forever without someone to stop her now.

The clone sighs as he approaches Ainz and the Archangel’s battle, he needed to step in and finish the fight.

Meanwhile back with the second clone who was watching the new combatant on the field. He was a bit surprised to see the woman hadn’t even noticed him yet, normally people do instantly but maybe this one was different. A kunai appears in his hand as he smirks and tosses the kunai down near the girls leg.

she tensed as she felt ‘sensed’ the Kunai coming right at her. jumping away she quickly gained distance through the trees. hopefully she was fast enough to be able to conceal herself again. that was when she heard the pure anguish. the scream of a woman who had lost everything. suddenly everything just went red with her as she tried to get closer. as if her instincts yelled out to her to help. to atleast rid the one thing that made that person suffer. she had screamed something similar back then. she had lost everything back then. all she can do is help the woman right now.

Looking at the six winged black angel. she saw the man that shoved a lightning coated hand onto the angel. there Luna stepped in. “as much as i like for you to shove another one of your hands in a birdie. i think the woman wants him dead and in due respect i think the guy deserves it” her slitted eyes would stare at the clone. smelling the air she found that it was the same scent that the Kunai emitted as well. “And i really don’t like sharp objects being flung at me.”