Widowed and lost

“…Check for your self” she gently said to her. moving aside to show the unmoving and pale Camilla. “I’m sorry we couldn’t do anything. it was too late without any medical attention.” she said apologetically. she didn’t mind the scream at all. the fact that she was also in denial of what had happened made remind everything that had happened to her as well

Kaito held his arm firmly as he stared that the fallen angel “miss…I’m really sorry and I really hate to say it but yes…Camilla over there…she’s dead. We couldn’t save her but we stop the ones who did this to her…to you”

The Angel was by her deceased wife side, cradling her pale head against her chest like a life line whispering to her wife she was sorry like a mantra, choking back sorrowful sobs.

“Camellia…Camellia… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… don’t go…”

It was a depressing sight.

with the orb embedded into Luna’s chest now she gently hugged the fallen angel in a comforting manner “There was nothing you could do. you’ve done everything you can and the people who had did this are dead now…” Black wings as dark as night appeared and wrapped around the Angel a small tear flowing down Luna’s eyes. as visions of how her family, her friends. everyone was slaughtered in cold blood by the beast

Kaito sighed as he turned away, unable to stare at the sight before him. How many times had he caused something like this to happen, how many times had he watched the loss of his family replay again and again in his mind.

All of this was just too much for the godslayer so he remained silent

In her sorrow, Ainz wouldn’t even notice another pair of angel wings that were as jet as black as hers hugging her trembling form. Cradling her wife’s corpse like a lifeline now unable to cry.

With no tears left, she suddenly stood up cradling her wife’s body bridal style close to her.

she soon pulled her wings back. “Would you like to bury her?” she asked softly. she had built a mass grave for her fallen family even if it was unfamiliar land it was something that was worth being mentioned. it was to honor their loved ones

“We can help bury her if you like” kaito adds as he turns back to the two “just please don’t do anything rash right now”

She didn’t say a word to Luna or Kaito, cradling the corpse of her wife close to her as she moved past the two as a blur in the air, disappearing completely from the makeshift ship leaving Kaito and Luna all alone.

surprise at the reaction. it was a good thing she caught scent of the fallen angel. choosing to follow her albeit at a slow pace due to her current state. she wasn’t about to let a suffering lady alone. someone has got to watch over her as she slowly reigned her wings in. she would steadily walk at a brisk pace. ignoring the pain she’s currently experience while looking at Kaito with a small smile “someone has to keep an eye on her afterall”

“Sit down and wait here, I’ll watch after her. You’re in no state to be walking around” kaito said with a scoff “and if you tell me no I’m fine I’ll make sure you stay down”

The Angel in question was at one of the tall mountainous cliffs nearby, specifically the very one where her splice portal made its first appearance before throwing her and her dying wife into this new world.

The distraught and empty-eyed Fallen Angel weakly rested on her knees, kneeling before a hastily erected grave where her now deceased spouse rest in.

Ainz made no movements, remaining still in a kneeling position, staring blankly at tombstone cross carved out from a rock and with the name of her once beautiful wife inscribed into the stone.

Camille Wallenstein
1998 - 2019

as if she’d just sit by and listen. ignoring his words since while she was in pain she can still move her body. slow and steady and the fact that there’s no danger near her temporary ship. she didn’t really see the need to be paranoid. seeing the path that the fallen angel went to she would come across the grave along with Ainz who was mourning. looking around she picked a flower. still clutching her chest. she crouched down and left a White Rose on top of it. kind of fitting with the flower language. she was paying respects to the dead while giving Ainz some room to mourn. she was there waiting. if she was needed then she’ll lend a shoulder. seeing her expression. she felt the same way. she had to bury her loved ones into a mass grave afterall. “People die…some naturally and some by unnatural means” she said with a soft sigh “they may be dead…it definitely hurts so much that a part of you died…but would they want us to sulk like this? would they want us to sit idly and despair…unable to move or cope with them gone forever?” she asked it was as if she was speaking to herself and in a way she was. “vengeance is natural to people i suppose… but once you’re done all you’ll feel is nothing…along with a lack of purpose” she said as her health kept getting better and better. she was almost done fully assimilating Kaito’s ability “we can never fully move on or cope with their deaths…that one part will always stay but sitting around and doing nothing while we wait for our deaths is something they’ll be against…” she said softly “the only path is forward… her grave and my family’s grave are here…no one ever said anything about not visiting them from time to time” she said gently as she laid a supporting hand onto Ainz’s shoulder

Kaito simply crossed his arms and sighed as he let the two females head off. Sure he wanted to stop them and make sure they stayed put but deep inside he knew this was for the best

The tectonic woman remained quiet, still staring at the grave of her deceased wife, her mind barely registering what the strange woman besides her said to her and the comforting hand on her shoulder.

In short she had nothing to live for.

letting out a soft sigh. she gently wrapped her arms around the woman “you know…i know what you’re thinking” she said softly “You have nothing to live for. so do i” she said honestly as she sat beside Ainz “while i have nothing…i have no one to rely on but myself” she said softly “do you know why i keep going though?..memories…i don’t want to sully their memories just by dying…i am the proof that they’re alive…without me they’ll be a forgotten memory. do you want her to be forgotten?” she asked staring at Ainz

Kaito teleported next to the pair and looked up at the sky as he crossed his arms “if you falter here and give up, no one will remember her. No one will remember you. It ain’t just about carrying on their memories and such, it’s much more.” He paused and looked down at the angel “Now I didn’t know your wife at all but I’m sure she would’ve found it selfish of you, to give up now. I’m sure she would’ve wanted you to continue living in the event she died”

Ainz remained still like a statue, staring blankly at the grave of her deceased newly wedded wife unsure what to do in her life, she was left with nothing. Her wife was gone. Her life was unfairly taken away by the church. Leaving her nothing to remember her wife but her memories of the loving Nun.

It was all her fault.

"I don’t want to sully their memories just by dying…they’ll be a forgotten memory. do you want her to be forgotten?”

“If you falter here and give up, no one will remember her…she would’ve found it selfish of you, to give up now. I’m sure she would’ve wanted you to continue living in the event she died.”

“t-thank you…so…so m-much…l-love…y-y-you…s-so…m-much."

From that very moment, she felt something in her snapped, a dark flame awakening in the deep depths of her unholy heart.

The blank look in her eyes would slowly disappear, returning to their usual shade of purple, but the center of her irises did not switch back to the usual magenta but instead a shade of pitch-black with a sickening shade of yellow around it.

“She wouldn’t want this…” She muttered, her voice cracking and laced with sorrow. “Camellia wouldn’t want me to be like this…”

She speaks up again, her tone slowly becoming hostile. Vengence, prominent in her eyes. “T-They…w-will pay…the Church…H-Heaven…they will rue the day they took my wife away…my beloved Camellia…t-this I swear…I…will make them pay!!!”

Standing tall, all six wings were fully spread out in response to her raging emotions, but overtime her wings would slowly fold back in as she turns to face the two people who helped her realize this.

“T-Thank you…” She thanked despite the small stutter, she was grateful for the two despite having met them for only a couple hours. “For helping me realize this.”

“revenge…honestly it will leave you empty and without a purpose after accomplishing those. but i would be a hypocrite to say that you shouldn’t do it. i’ve seen your fight against them and you’re going to need help with it.” she said staring at the sky with remembrance of what had happened with her family and friends “at the same time i don’t think your lover would appreciate slaughtering those things as well. if you want to make them pay i would recommend doing something so painful that they’ll never forget it without spilling much blood. and considering i have done my own fair share of vengeance allow me to help you. seeing what they did…it reminded me of how i lost all of the people i’ve care about. they way things ran and the way things had occured. needless to say i’m disappointed in the so called people who called themselves angels” she chuckled lifelessly at them. considering she had turned part fallen angel she spread out her wings as she marveled at the beauty. what she didn’t know was that she had absorbed their power as well. if she kept going and absorbing the same thing which should be easier and faster now that she integrated with it. she might even gain multiple wings. “and once you’re done with your vengeance shall we look for a purpose together?” she asked softly. even now she felt like she doesn’t have a purpose.

The godslayer scoffed and crossed his arms before turning away “Tsk…declaring vengeance…what a joke…vengeance is an empty thing and those who seek it waste away.” He said as he looked back at the two females before shaking his head

“If i were you, I wouldn’t declare vengeance of any sorts. I’d just continue living like everyone would want me to…like the fallen would want me to.” He paused before turning to face them “take advice from someone who’s been around eons. An eye for an eye only leads to blindness are you willing to sacrifice that in vain?”