Widowed and lost

“i don’t even know what that mean but really just using the words my father uttered out” she said with a giggle “anyway wonder how long she’ll stay asleep…”

He shook his head “it’s uh talking about penis size ya know…anyways Uhh i don’t know, Hopefully not too much longer”

“…ew…the fact that i can grow one doesn’t change that fact…ew…” she said with a sweatdrop

“Uh…Ah…wuh…What” he says as his eye twitches a bit making him shake his head and cough “What”

“considering i had the dna of my father what did you expect?” she asked with a headtilt

“Uhh well that’s just odd…Uhh let’s even it out, I can turn into a female at Will…”

“oook?” she said softly. tilting her head she was fine with that fact

He takes a breath and nods “Okay now I feel like awkward about you’re random info there Luna…

Amid their small pep talk, the two would neither notice the unconscious Fallen Angel twisting and turning, obviously experiencing a nasty nightmare.

“No…no…no…no…CAMELLIA!!” The Fallen Angel instantly snaps wide-awake, her eyes wide and frantic while her body covered in cold sweat, soaking her lace brace.

She quickly held The fallen angel’s hand with her free hand. looking into her eyes she closed her eyes and shaked her head “She…the damage was too extensive to save her. it was too late to save her…I’m sorry…i did everything i could to help” she said her tone filled with sorrow as she gently hugged her before quickly separating. pointing it at Camellia’s corpse.

Kaito quickly spun around and stared at the Fallen Angel before quickly gripping his right arm. A Instinct more than on purpose

“Miss…I’m sorry but your…Camilla is dead…”

She didn’t even bother resist to Luna’s act of comfort and instead tried to deny her and Kaito claims of the state of her wife, not wanting to believe she was dead.

“No! NO! She’s not dead! She’s not!” She shouted back in denial.

“…Check for your self” she gently said to her. moving aside to show the unmoving and pale Camilla. “I’m sorry we couldn’t do anything. it was too late without any medical attention.” she said apologetically. she didn’t mind the scream at all. the fact that she was also in denial of what had happened made remind everything that had happened to her as well

Kaito held his arm firmly as he stared that the fallen angel “miss…I’m really sorry and I really hate to say it but yes…Camilla over there…she’s dead. We couldn’t save her but we stop the ones who did this to her…to you”

The Angel was by her deceased wife side, cradling her pale head against her chest like a life line whispering to her wife she was sorry like a mantra, choking back sorrowful sobs.

“Camellia…Camellia… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… don’t go…”

It was a depressing sight.

with the orb embedded into Luna’s chest now she gently hugged the fallen angel in a comforting manner “There was nothing you could do. you’ve done everything you can and the people who had did this are dead now…” Black wings as dark as night appeared and wrapped around the Angel a small tear flowing down Luna’s eyes. as visions of how her family, her friends. everyone was slaughtered in cold blood by the beast

Kaito sighed as he turned away, unable to stare at the sight before him. How many times had he caused something like this to happen, how many times had he watched the loss of his family replay again and again in his mind.

All of this was just too much for the godslayer so he remained silent

In her sorrow, Ainz wouldn’t even notice another pair of angel wings that were as jet as black as hers hugging her trembling form. Cradling her wife’s corpse like a lifeline now unable to cry.

With no tears left, she suddenly stood up cradling her wife’s body bridal style close to her.

she soon pulled her wings back. “Would you like to bury her?” she asked softly. she had built a mass grave for her fallen family even if it was unfamiliar land it was something that was worth being mentioned. it was to honor their loved ones

“We can help bury her if you like” kaito adds as he turns back to the two “just please don’t do anything rash right now”