Widowed and lost

“Hahaha~!” Was the infectious laughter of a blonde nun running down the cobbled streets doing short twirls and waving to the local people of Venice, who in turn kindly waves back at the nun with smiles. Her eyes shined with excitement, so full of life as the young nun took in the beautiful scenery of the water city.

The clear blue sky above her where the distant calls of seagulls could be heard, small gondolas traveling by the many canals of the floating city carrying many things ranging from newlywed couples, merchandise and so much more were some of the Gondola handlers whistled cat calls making the nun giggle and wave at them.

She felt alive being here, the sights, the atmosphere, the people and the food were something she never thought she would experience as a nun of the Church. And for that, she was eternally grateful for a certain person she loved dearly.

“Slow down dear~,” A sweet feminine voice called out to the nun in a teasing, which held a tinge of a germanian accent to it. “you might get lost in the process with that excitement of yours.”

The nun turns, smiling brightly at the woman before her. The woman stood a good 5’8" tall, wearing a white frilled collared blouse with long sleeves tied up by a pair of think black strings. The collar sporting a lengthy thin black ribbon tie together with a rose medallion. Complementing her blouse was a tight leather pencil skirt with an obvious O-ring zip at the very center of the skirt, along with it was a dark pantyhose complementing her skirt and her pair of high-heel boots.

Her figure was nothing short but of a role model, slim with well-rounded defined curves with respectable chest size. Her hair was kept short, slightly reaching down to her shoulders while her hairstyle was neat and smooth with several numerous locks of hair.

She was nothing short but stunning in sheer beauty. What’s more prominent was the small marriage ring she had on her ring finger.

“Ainz~!” The nun called her name out with sheer happiness in seeing her newly wedded wife, the young blonde running up to her with a look excitement though was a couple of inches shorter than the German.

Ainz, chuckles, giving the blonde a soft head rub with her left hand before reaching down to her hand intertwining with her. “What you want next Camellia~?”

The nun named Camellia adopted a thinking look much to Ainz amusement and answers with a bright smile. “Ice-cream~!”

Smiling, Ainz starts to head forward down the road with Camellia by her side smiling thinking of what to do in their two weeks long Honey Moon as it has been three weeks since their forbidden marriage. Things have been looking up for the two as their time together seems to become much more enjoyable with the barriers between them were no longer as the two knew each other well enough. Any secrets kept besides work were revealed deepening their trust and their blooming love for one another.

Plus Ainz managed to make love with Camellia which was nothing short of but amazing as she discovered how wild Camellia was in bed as they have been at it for hours.

With those thoughts aside, it didn’t take long for them to reach the center of Venice where a performance was taking place, safe to say Camellia interest was tickled into wanting to watch the performance taking place at the fountain. Ainz complied, bringing them close to the edge of the crowd where the two could clearly see the performance taking place.

Camellia stood there, amazed at the dancing performance before her, the pure skills of the dancers dancing in syncs with smiles on their face, the joyful music to musicians played where the blonde finds herself humming the catchy tune and the joyous cheers and laughter of the crowd around them who took photos and videos with their cameras or phones.

Minutes passed as the two newlyweds watch the performance for a good fifteen minutes as it soon comes to an end with roaring applause from everyone including Camellia who joined in the clapping.

With the crowd dissipating, the two soon hold hands going off to find a nearby Ice-cream stand to which turns out there was one giving out freebies to those who are newlyweds, and what’s surprising to the two was how he can tell the two were married. Normally Ainz would chalk it off as supernatural yet the man who looks like a Nintendo character she once knew as Luigi was one hundred percent human with no supernatural abilities. Though Camellia didn’t mind it, openly admitting to the man that she and Ainz recently got married and are here for their honeymoon.

The man would just laugh heartedly giving his blessing to them plus giving them their freebie ice-cream.

Camellia thanked the man with a small prayer for his kindness before she and Ainz left walking down to another street by the canal holding hands while slowly enjoying their ice-cream together and enjoying each other’s company.

Time around them flies as the two would stop by numerous shops and cafe trying out tidbits of the local cuisine, take a gondola ride or two around a small portion of the city, checking out the beautiful sites and visiting historical buildings.

Over time, the day soon became evening as the two wedded lovers found themselves at an empty tree park seated on one of the benches around a large tree. Her wife Camellia was now currently resting her head against Ainz shoulder, a serene smile gracing her beautiful face as the nun looks up to Ainz.

“Thank you…”

“Hmmm?” Ainz hummed curiously at her wife’s reply. “How so love?”

“For bringing me here…” She stated, gesturing to the place around her. “Never had I, a priest of the church would come here to Venice to experience life itself and with the woman, I love and now married too…”

“Meeting you…was the greatest gift God has ever bestowed upon me Ainz…had I have not met you in any other way, I would’ve been still in the Church at France praying while oblivious to the world out there around me.”

Looking at the evening sky, she continues leaning back to Ainz’s shoulder with a content smile while Ainz just stared at her with wide-eyes. “I have met many people at the Church, all fellow nuns, priests, Exorcist, and Angels. Yet none have ever come close to you. A Fallen Angel of all things, the only one who showed me the true meaning of life and set me free to experience all those simple pleasures.”

“And for that, I thank you so much for all you have done for me.”

Ainz sat there wide-eyed, as she was left speechless from the small confession by Camellia. The nun who later looks up adopted a concerned look.

“Ainz?” She asked, unsure of Ainz’s reaction but was taken aback by the surprise contact of her lips against hers as the Fallen Angel in disguise kissed her with raw passion. She soon melted to kiss, falling into her embrace.

Minutes later, the two separated, panting together in sync while the atmosphere was peaceful yet silent. Ainz was the first to break the silence with a burst of heartfelt laughter, still touched by the nun’s words. “You…you going of spouting words making me all mushy.”

“I’m happy with that.” Camellia replied with a serene smile causing Ainz to chuckle at her response.

“Let’s head back to the hotel shall we~?” She suggested to the blonde, standing back up from the bench and offering her beloved her hand.

Her wife accepted the kind gesture, intertwining her’s with the Fallen Angel’s. The two held each other close planning to proceed out of the park. That was until three robed figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere before them, landing a few feet in front of the two cracking the cobblestone floor beneath their feet.

Camellia visibly flinched in surprise and shock at the sudden appearance of the trio while Ainz puts herself in front of the nun in a battle-ready stance knowing full well who the three are. The Fallen Angel noticed another group of robed individuals coming from the rear later spreading out creating a perimeter. Effectively surrounding them.

Ainz, sneered, not in disgust but in sheer rage as she recognized the Holy symbol on their robes signaling their allegiance to the Holy Church. Someone somehow knew of their marriage and reported it. Just thinking about that made her rage bubbled.

Though a small tug from Camellia seems to help recede some of that anger away, allowing her to take a more diplomatic stance rather than her aggressive stance. She eyed the lead Angel with a hint of caution noting the armor hidden within those white robes.

“What is it, Angel?” She spoke in a harsh manner.

The leader who still had an irritating calm look briefly look the Camellia with pity who hid behind Ainz before switching his attention back to Ainz with a stern look.

“Straight to the point,” He said in a regal tone, one that held authority and respect. “very well, Cammelia Wallenstein, it is sad news to tell you that you, have proven guilty in fraternization with the enemy of the church and Heaven and as such excommunicated by the Church for your actions and relationship with an enemy of the church.”

“We, along with several Exorcist are here by the orders of the Grand Council of Heaven to eliminate and put an end to this relationship in hopes to maintain the ceasefire between the Biblical factions.”

“Essentially your precious council essentially sentenced us to death.” The Fallen Angel snarled, anger present in her tone.

Camellia just gasps in sheer surprise and shock.

The leader, who’s stern look morphs into one of regret for a split second before regaining the same look as before and spoke. “Yes. And with a heavy heart and the will of the Se-”

“Will of the Seraphs my ass Angel.” She spat, shooting a venomous glare. “More like hypocrites of the highest order, sentencing an innocent woman to death for the actions of pursuing love. Ironic isn’t it, I remember the teachings of Father saying to love your enemy? Seems that Heaven doesn’t seem to follow the good book.”

'Watch your tongue traitor!" Shouted the second Angel, a female and a young one at that given the voice.

Ainz openly sneers in disgust. “Says the hypocrite willing to execute an innocent Nun.”

“Why yo-”

“Enough!” The lead Angel ordered sternly as the young one flinches in fear of angering her leader as he turns back to Ainz. “I’m sorry it has to be this way. I wish it could have been under better circumstances.”

“Save me your pity, Angel!” Ainz spoke, already boiling with anger. “You came here with the intent to kill my wife Camellia. A pure, kind and innocent soul at that. You will not lay a hand or touch her hair while I live.”

She suddenly grabs hold of her waist, a pair of black feathered wings sprouting from her back. With one mighty flap, she immediately launches into the air with Camellia in tow. Only to smack into an invisible forcefield.

‘A boundary field!’ She thought, surprised she never sensed it nor its creation. Cursing a string of words mentally at her folly unaware of the approaching Angel coming in fast with a Light spear in her hand with the intent to skewer her. Camellia saws this and screams out to Ainz.

“Ainz! Watch out! Behind us!”

Heeding her wife’s word’s she spots the incoming Angel and swiftly dives down, completely avoiding the two-winged Angel attack, but in Ainz’s dive, Angel’s other female companion intercepts, throwing a Light Javelin at Ainz forcing her to make a sharp turn to the right where the Exorcist grouped up with their light guns raised open fire.

Ainz, seeing the attack did her best to bob and weave in between the gunfire of the Exorcist but one manages to nail her left wing with some measure of force causing the Fallen to spiral out of control. She quickly braced herself, redirecting her body her back facing the ground so that she could protect Camellia from the inbounding crash. Seconds later, her body impacts the ground, caving in a second after the impact before bouncing off and into the air several times all the while grunting as she hits the ground one more time where Camellia who separates from her in another direction rolling one the stone ground as Ainz crashes into a bench, stopping her in the process.

The Fallen Angel was swift to recover, quickly getting back up on to her feet, but the diving form of one of the Angels performing an overhead strike puts Ainz on the defensive as she cast a light spear of her own and raises it, blocking the blow as their light weapon clash against each other cackling with magic power. The gray-haired woman growls aggressively as she pumps more strength into her arms slowly pushing back the Angel who realizes this attempts the same only to fail as the Fallen Angel overpowers her by pushing the Angel back and delivering a swift kick to her abdomen knocking the air out of the Angel’s lungs and launching her into a building with a loud crash as her body bulldoze through the concrete wall.

Snorting, Ainz was about to regroup with Camellia seeing the poor girl slowly getting back up, she rushes in to assist the nun but the stops shorts and jumps to her right avoiding a charging Angel who plunges her Light spear into the stone ground, creating an explosion of dust and smoke. The dust cloud quickly settles to reveal a crater and the one responsible for it leaps out of the crater lunging her spear towards Ainz who easily dodges it completely before delivering the same kick to her exposed side launching the Angel to another building with a similar explosion like before.

With the Angel dealt with, Ainz turns back to Camellia who was already in trouble as several Exorcist were charging towards the defenseless Nun. Quickly the Fallen Angel conjures another light spear in her right hand throwing it towards the charging church members later splitting into smaller but identical spears.

The Exorcist spots this and leaps back saving themselves from being skewered from the numerous smaller spears that lands between them and Camellia, giving the latter more room to breathe.

Ainz sighs in relief and with a quick burst of speed from her wings were beside Camellia. Conjuring another spear this time resembling a Bo-Staff for Camellia who looks at her wide-eyed.

“They ain’t going to stop until we’re both dead.” Ainz quickly answered, but seeing that shaky expression on her face as she shakily and hesitantly accepts the Light staff offered. The Fallen Angel could sympathize with Camellia seeing as her wife never got involved in any sort of violence. “Just aim to injure okay. Remember the training I taught you.”

And just like that, her advice manages to calm the scared Nun, seeing as she didn’t need to kill her fellow churchmen. Ainz suddenly pushed her wife away who stumbles back in surprise, Ainz twists her body to the opposite direction with another already conjured light spear raised and blocks a pair of blades which belong to the two Angels Ainz dealt with just now but this time, instead of two wings, they had four.

Ainz, on the other hand, clicks her tongue in annoyance seeing how they were four wing angels. Being a six-wing, she was stronger than the two but despite the overall strength advantage, she wasn’t taking any chances with them. Using her full strength, she easily pushes the pair away forcing them back a few feet away from her allowing more room for Ainz to take up a fencing salute, with slight concentration and light magic manipulation, she reshapes her light spear into a unique looking rapier who’s blade was shaped like a diamond, a curved-hilt and a umbrella-like crossguard covering her hand.

The two Angels seeing Ainz stance, went into their own battle stance waiting for her to strike.

The Fallen Angel stood still like a statue, her eyes studying her opponents’ stances, looking for any sort of opening and obvious weaknesses. Though her mind wondered.

‘Where’s the leader?’ She thought to herself, doing a quick scan of her surroundings, managing to find the leader who stood in the same position as before, not even trying to participate or in any way on contributing in the battle. ‘He’s not even bothered to join. Why?’

A loud warcry snaps her back to reality as she takes several steps back, evading several offensive attacks from the two light swords as each of them would take turns to strike at her. Ainz would continue to dodge their attacks, intercepting some of their attacks with her rapier that would’ve quite possibly injured her.

Seeing them increase their efforts in trying to nail a hit on her, Ainz would stop going on the defensive. With one leap back, the Angels without second thought charge, giving Ainz the opportunity to attack. With a sudden step forward, Ainz swings her rapier blade diagonally catching the two who hastily put up a defense only to stumble back as her blade impacts theirs. This left the two wary as they notice how strong was Ainz’s attack.

The Fallen Angel still kept her face impassive and continues her assault with noble grace, going in with consecutive slashes forcing the two back as they struggled to block against her swift and strong graceful strikes and slashes. Ainz internally frowns seeing as to how her little duel was taking too long and decided to switch her play style.

The Fallen Angel lunges forward towards them catching the Angels off guard at the sudden strike leap back giving Ainz the opening she needs. She immediately closes the distance and with a graceful twirl lands a right horizontal slash to the first Angel who manages to dodge it while her partner charges in with another overhead strike. Seeing the futile attempt, she takes a step back with the Angel missing her completely as Ainz stretches her left leg forward making purposely tripping the Angel who tumbles on the ground to her amusement. Snapping back to her other opponent, she intercepts her opponent’s attacks with an overhead and downwards blocks following up with a quick twirl of their blades meeting each other in a bright clash.

Forcing the Angel’s blade away, Ainz lunges her blade for a stab managing to nick her shoulder and promptly disengaged with a backward roll dodging a downward slash from her partner who recovered from her fall. The two Angels look at each other for a brief moment and cautiously approach Ainz and rapidly moved in for the kill with the first one going for her with another downward diagonal slash and the other went for her stomach in a stabbing motion.

Ainz easily intercepts the first offense with a swift swing from her rapier, knocking the blade away but jumps back to avoid getting stabbed from the Angel’s partner. Though the stab left that Angel wide open for Ainz to capitalize. She grabs hold of the Angel’s arm and with a strong tug brings the unprepared Angel to her and delivers a swift knee to her diaphragm knocking the wind out of her and tossing her aside at the same time ducking avoiding a clean swipe for her neck.

Not giving room for the 2nd Angel, Ainz delivers a quick shoulder bash to the chest surprising the Angel forcing her to stumble back coughing slightly dazed from the surprise attack later noticing a Fallen running towards her. Ainz comes charging in switching her grip from a one-handed to a two-handed style grip as she goes on the offensive delivering a series of powerful strikes and jabs towards the Angel who struggled to keep up at the sheer intensity of the attacks as she blocks each attack which jarred her hands from the sheer strength of the Fallen’s strikes.

Sensing an upcoming presence and danger from behind Ainz promptly jumps backward, performing a flip in mid-air as a light sword completely cleaves through the air missing its intended target as the Angel responsible gritted her teeth in frustration before rolling to her left avoiding Ainz’s rapier from skewering her as she comes charging down ensuing an explosion of dust.

The two Angel regroups yet again sticking close to one another as Ainz burst out from the dust cloud at high speeds and launching several jabs at them forcing them on the defensive as each of them would cover their openings frustrating Ainz as she further intensifies her speed and rate of attacks adding pressure on the two’s defenses. Though the two suddenly separates into two different directions facing her Ainz’s side before striking her.

Ainz immediately flaps her wings, creating a strong gust of wind which propels her backward distancing herself from the two who swiftly covers the distance going into attack mode with each of them taking turns to attack with a series of stabs and slashes but Ainz blocks each of their attacks with ease as she went back to her one-handed style grip to defend herself from the Angel’s persistent attacks.

‘Their teamwork is good,’ Ainz thought bitterly and leaps back to avoid an overhead blade smash. Though with the distance she created, she takes a brief moment and looks back to see how her wife Camellia is handling herself against some of the Exorcist. Heck, she could see a couple of them were on the ground in pain as Camellia was making full use of the Bo-staff range advantage.

Downing another Exorcist with several quick consecutive blows, Camellia was fighting for her life and Ainz’s as what was supposed to be the greatest day of her life with the love of her life suddenly takes a downward spiral. She was already hurting inside from the news that the church exiled and being sentenced to death for loving Ainz with all her heart made it worse as well. She felt betrayed by the people she thought she could trust, her belief in god shaken to why he would make the church forsake her. She followed close to the teachings of the bible of how to love all life be it big or small no matter their origins and differences.

Yet this entire battle says otherwise. The Exorcist she once and knew as friends were now trying to kill her with little to no regret in their eyes. It hurt her so much.

She was so distracted in dealing with the Exorcists and her thoughts as she never noticed the lead Angel pointing a pistol, aiming the barrel of the gun right at her and fired.

Camellia didn’t have time to react as she felt something entered her abdomen for a split second and exiting from her back. Immediately she felt an excruciating burning pain in her abdomen as she stumbled back, trying to make sense of this newfound pain as her left-hand reaches out to block the bleeding bullet hole. In a blink of an eye, the leader of the group was before her, all six wings revealed and wielding a light sword in his hands. For a brief moment in time, the two made eye contact and that was when Camellia could see the pain and regret in the Angel’s before dealing the final blow to Camellia.

In a split second, Camellia felt another wave of pain across her body as a red diagonal slash was visible for all to see followed by the copious amount of blood spraying out from the wound as Camellia with blank eyes and her mouth slightly agape falls backward, her mind going into shock.

“CAMELLIA!!!” Ainz screamed out in fear. In an instant she was by her beloved’s side, grabbing hold of her injured body before it could even touch the ground. Quickly she distances themselves away from the group, clutching her wife close to her.

‘She’s going into shock!’ She thought frantically as she tried to stop the bleeding not even caring of the blood stains on her clothes. Without thinking, she tears open blouse exposing he lace bra and using it as a makeshift bandage to stop the bleeding. “Stay with me Camellia!”

She was so focused in trying to save her wife, she never notice the approaching forms of the two angels she was fighting against and the small platoon of Exorcist running towards them with the intention of finishing them off. All Ainz could do was to hold Camellia close to her using her body and wings as the means to protect the one she love from further harm.

‘So this is how it all ends…’ Ainz depressingly thought to herself, staring blankly at all the approaching Angels and Exorcist. ‘I’m so sorry Camellia…’

What she thought was going to be the end for her and Camellia didn’t happened but instead a massive Blackhole of sorts spontaneously appeared out of the blue sucking in everything. Ainz and Camellia were the first to be sucked in as they were closest to it. The Angels and Exorcist who bare witness to what just happened find themselves being drag into the anomaly. Despite their efforts, even with the Angels supernatural abilities were futile as the unseen force pulling them in grew even stronger already claiming several of the Exorcist. One by one, each of them were pulled off from the ground flying straight into the anomaly leaving only the three Angels.

Much like the Exorcist, the force was too much for them to handle as they were completely sucked into the portal as seconds after collapses on itself leaving nothing behind except for the damaged park due to the battle that took place recently.

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The Godslayer…The lone war god Kaito sat alone in his realm watching over the universe like he always did to insure its safety.

He stood there arms crossed and eyes closed as he scanned the many areas of nimbus station as well as the surrounding planets and such as if waiting for something to, Sadly nothing ever happened out there often.
However today was different, his eyes instantly opened as his rinne Sharingan glowed purple a sign something was up. He quickly tossed on his gear and grabbed his weapons before pinpointing the assume location before reading himself to teleport

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The engine roar of a Type 11 shuttle echoes throughout the forested woods of Soteria, hovering just above a wide clearing kicking up the grass or fallen leaves. The rear door would open with several armored jumping out and landing on the ground with loud thuds.

The armored figures wearing a drab parkas over their armor quickly form a circle, their rifles raised.

The shuttle above them would soon take off, exiting the planet’s atmosphere in mere minutes leaving the group of 10 behind. Standing in the middle of the group was a lone red Zaku I.

“This is Vizsla of Team metal to Shinko. Arrival at designated LZ confirmed.”

Kaito appears near the site in the blink of an eye, his snow white hair and cloak moving gently in the wind as he slowly stood up while letting out a cold breath. His presences created a sort of omen of death for anyone in the nearby area.

He slowly scanned the area around him, his robotic arm letting out small bolts of lightning across the ground as he waited for the event to go down

His arrival would be detected by the Zakus sensors as they quickly abandon their positions and regroups to Kaito’s position.

Seeing the man who is to accompany them, Vizsla made he way towards the enigmatic man giving a crisp salute before speaking to him.

“Lieutenant Vizsla of Tekkedan MG Platoon.”

“Odd normally people don’t rally around a man who appeared out of nowhere”
He said in a rather cold tone as he continued to scan the area around him, he then stopped and crossed his arms

“Well lieutenant…I go by many names in this world none that I’m willing to share…but for the sake of easier conversation…call me Wrath”

Vizsla didn’t seem affected by the cold tone, but swiftly responds back. “We were informed by ST to expect your arrival on site.”

Glancing back at her fellow Zakus or in crouched stances with their MMP-78 rifles at the ready. “We should get moving.”

“There’s only a few men on that station that know I exist so consider being in my presence lucky I guess…”

he said with a soft sigh as he drew one of his katanas from his waist and placed the tip to vizslas chest

“How fast can you move”

The other Zakus were about to point their MMP-78 at Kaito sudden action seeing it as hostile but stop seeing Vizsla fist raised telling them not to open fire and lower their weapons which they reluctantly comply unsure of what their leader was thinking.

“Fast enough, even much more with thruster assistance.” She answered with a calm voice, showing no signs of nervousness. “I assume you have an idea.”

“Fast enough isn’t good enough lieutenant…” he says with a soft chuckle as he spins his sword around and grabs it by the blade with his robotic arm before holding the hilt out to Vizsla.

“I’m gonna assume you can’t reach the speeds I need so…you’re gonna wanna hold onto this”

“I wonder how fast you mean’t,” Vizsla said with a similar chuckle, accepting the gesture offered by the enigmatic man. Grabbing the hilt, she magnetizes the blade to her right hip securing it in.

“What of my girls?” She asked.

“Tell then to stand near you when I give the word…” he then slowly takes off his coat and tosses it to the side making it disintegrate mid air.

After his coat is gone his shirt burns away revealing the hundreds of scars on his body and a few odd tattoos before a flak jacket burns onto his body alongside a variety of different swords

“Sure thing,” Was all she said, signaling her men to tighten formation. Though she along with a few Zaku Girls softly whistled at the amount of scars that riddled his body.

Oh and the lean muscles too.

-3.3 miles away-

Around what’s actually near a cliff-edge of a large cliff, the air around it would start to twist and turn with grass shifting back and forth to a non-existent wind, sparks of electricity and lightning spontaneously appearing out of nowhere singing the grass and dirt. Immediately a tear through reality opens up showing the inky blackness from within. The portal stood there for a solid minute and soon spits out a speeding four winged woman holding onto another woman in her arms off the tall cliff.

‘Wha-?’ Were Ainz thoughts before realizing they were falling, immediately, Ainz redirects her body, wings spreading apart acting as a parachute to slow their fast descent as the ground below them grew closer by the seconds. ‘Going too fast!’

In a last-ditch effort, propelled herself towards the oncoming rows of tall pine trees seeing as they act as buffers to slow her down. She twists her body with her back facing while her four wings furl around Camellia acting as a barrier while Ainz body takes the impact. Bracing herself and Camellia tightly with her arms, her exposed back makes contact with the first Pine, splintering right through it followed by another tree and another. As Ainz predicted, her plan on slowing down her descent was working.

Her speed decreases a considerable amount through the number of trees she was crashing into, over time, her descent would come to a halt and hit the dirt ground as her body crash into a large rock acting as a final buffer and later hits the ground, bouncing off the grass a couple of times before coming into an halt.

Ainz for a silent moment groans, feeling her back ached from the number of trees she had to crash into to slow herself down.

“A-A-Ainz…” Camellia called out to her in a weak voice.

Immediately, Ainz eyes widen in panic as her wings unfurling around Camellia revealing to the Fallen Angel how pale her skin was, the makeshift bandage she made was thoroughly soaked and caked in blood, her breathing was ragged and weak as she struggled to even breath with her chest barely rising at all. Just by looking at how bad her wife was, the damage was fatal meaning she doesn’t have much time left.

Ainz immediately cursed herself for her over-analytical mind for thinking that as she still holds on to hope in saving her beloved wife from dying. “I’m here! I’m here Camellia! It’s gonna be alright okay!”

Carefully laying Camellia down on the soft grass, she held onto Camellia’s right hand tightly trying comfort her while swishing her head back and forth, trying to come up with ways to save or even stabilize Camellia’s condition.


“What is it Camellia? Speak to me?!” Ainz answered, her voice borderline frantic.

“T-Tell m-me…a-am I a-a t-trait-t-tor?”

Ainz felt like she was stabbed in the heart by hearing those words, tears threatening to fall. She was quick to answer to falsify Camellia’s question. “Never! You’re not a traitor Camellia! Never one! Y-Your more than that! You’re my wife!”

Yet despite what she said to reassure Camellia, the Fallen Angel could see tears glistening the Nun’s eyes as chokes back a painful sob. Ainz could already feel a tightening knot around her stomach.

“W-Why?” Was Cammelia sorrowful cry, hurting Ainz even more. “Why w-was I…I consi-si-dered a traitor t-too the church…to…to…g-god? Wh-Wh-What did I-I do to com-mit a s-sin t-to be ex-excommunic-cated? Did I not followed…god’s t-teachings?”

“W-Why…d-did t-they s-sentence us to-to death…hnk…f-for l-loving e-each other…”

Ainz stood there, holding onto Camellia’s body and hand in a death-grip, the Fallen Angel was already shedding tears, unsure of what to say, or even respond as each word Camellia spoke felt like another stab to the heart. She felt helpless. What was the right thing to say? What were the needed actions to comfort her? Ainz in all her nine hundred plus years of living and experience had nothing to answer.

“I-It’s alright…” Camellia’s pained voice spoke up again, the Nun would cough painfully, a trail of blood leaving her mouth. Weakly, the nun reaches out to Ainz’s face, though struggles to do so. But in time manages to land her hand on Ainz left cheek, wiping the tears marring the left side of Ainz face with a weak but pained smile. “y-you don’t have to answer it o-okay…I c-can u-understand why…”

“A-At…least…I h-have you…my w-wife…b-by m-my side…” She stated with her voice starting to weaken by the seconds along with her ragged breaths. “t-thank you…so…so m-much…l-love…y-y-you…s-so…m-much…m-m…Ang…”

Camellia’s final words died in her mouth before she could even say as the life in her eyes left with her body immediately going slack, her left arm hitting the dirt while her right hand held by Ainz’s slips out of the Fallen’s grip and hitting the ground.

“Camellia? Camellia?” Ainz croaked, calling out to her promptly deceased wife. Shaking her body a bit. “W-Wake up…jokes over…hahaha…you can stop now. Camellia! Wake up! WAKE UP, LOVE! Please!”

Tears were now cascading down her cheeks at full force, as her mind was denying of Camellia’s passing. "CAMELLIA! CAMELLIA! NO NO NO NO NO! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!! D-DON’T GO CAMELLIA! CAAAAMEEELLIAAAAAA!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Kaitos enhanced senses picked up the zakus whistling making him smirk ever so slightly before his rinne Sharingan glowed bright purple

“Eyes up…Targets here” he said as he quickly weaves a seal with his hands before glancing at Vizsla and smiling.

“Try to keep up…” He then slowly leaned forward before dashing off in the blink of an eye leaving nothing but sparks of lightning in his wake.

“Oh that sonuvabitch.” Vizsla muttered as Kaito disappears in a blink of an eye, only leaving a trail of lightning in his wake. Looking back to her similarly gobsmacked men, she shouts.

“Alright double time it girls! Boost Sprint!”

“Sir yes sir!”

Kaito chuckled and smirked as he ran towards the spot he detected the disturbance.

As he ran he quickly weaved another seal that linked himself with the sword he’d given Vizsla just in case he needed to teleport her and her men to him. Kaito then took a breath as started to close the gap between destinations

“Don’t go…please…don’t go… Camellia…” The Fallen Angel sobbed, hugging her deceased wife body tightly as she later on the ground crying her eyes out. Her tears were red and puffy from all the crying. “Please wake up Camellia…don’t leave me…Camellia…”

The woman continues to sob and cry, not caring for her surroundings as she was still in denial of her wife’s passing.

Kaito arrived on the scene after a few minutes, he quickly came to a stop before walking about five feet away from the two.

He looked at Camellia and let out a small sigh, his eyes had already told him she had passed, he then turned to look at Ainz. He understood her pain for he had gone through it once before

“I’m sorry…” is all he could mutter


Ainz continued sobbing. Having not noticed the presence of Kaito standing before her, nor did she heard him muttering some words of comfort as the Fallen Angel was too occupied by her sorrow and denial.

A few minutes passed with quiet and mournful sobs, Vizsla and her Zakus arrived on the scene, smoke rising out from their booster packs. Vizsla was about to tell Kaito about what he did but stops short of doing it as she noticed the two woman on the ground, one of them was hugging her companion was dead, crying and muttering the same words like a small mantra.

Vizsla silently cursed herself with a string of insults, seeing they were too late, silently, she reaches to her comm. “Vizsla to Shinko Control. We found the splices…one KIA, requesting medevac pickup and a body bag.”

At the same time, she signals to her Zakus to form a perimeter. Silently nodding, the rest spreads out while the group one and only medic slowly approach the grieving Fallen.

Kaito looked down and shook his head “damnit…” he muttered to himself as slowly turned around to look at Vizsla before walking over.

“Give the girl a minute or so…then we’ll try talk to her…she’s sensitive right now and attempting to immediately help might cause issues” he said before looking up at the sky and sighing.