Why the Repair Drones?

This is a note just explaining some of the reasoning behind the addition of the various repair drones to the Blazing Umbra game.

Everything here, basically falls under this one heading:

Very few players even want to possess detailed knowledges of how various bits of technology work. In a lot of ways the level of technological babble that comes from some SciFi (especially Star Trek) gets in the way of people enjoying a good story. For a lot of players, they come up with a “your ship is damaged” kind of scene and lose interest. Sometimes it is because they don’t really like to do techno-babble and other times it is because they don’t know what to say / don’t like having to RP that.

To make things smoother for players, we have the repair system. In this way we can have an in-universe way for ships to get repaired without the players requiring a lot of understanding of how things work. This is supposed to be freeing and allow the players to get on with the story. Ship gets damaged, station gets damaged, some bit of something doesn’t work right… The players can opt to just have someone (or a drone) working to repair that system with very little in-game interactions.

As someone telling the story, one can also narrate these. The system is automated in-game and thus it can deploy itself and go out and do repairs. This can leave the story teller / moderator get back to the plot itself. People can still be responsible for repairs if that is what they want to do, the repair system doesn’t mean that no one can do repair, just just means players don’t have to actually role play out doing it if they don’t want to.