Who were the Ageless Ones?

While trying to figure out what exactly was the Peace of Ages I have discovered that I probably need to figure out the lore of who the Ageless Ones were. I have long thought, and even role played, that they were Solas Tempus Temporal Operatives from the BU setting who got slung so far back in time that they had no way to get home and decided to bring peace to the world or at least help with peace.

So, I’d love to hear some ideas on this… If someone has any ideas to do with this at all, what kind of people they were, why they created this peace, what they were trying to do… Well anything really.

That is an interesting idea, although there may be another reason for them to be called ageless ones, cause it sounds like they are a kind of race or creature that does not age like most other races, such as aging physically. Unless certain temporal operatives are of a race that doesn’t physically age.

I think there is an effect of being a temporal operative that makes you near ageless.

I am open to this idea, Vulcans in particular live for around 200 years, I think. Romulans probably live similarly. I know that Klingons also have longer life spans than humans.

Yes, there is. it’s called Temporal Aging. There can also be the opposite where the condition ages a person faster, but I haven’t written about that yet other than a mention.

This opens up a number of questions… If they aren’t Temporal Operatives, they could be beings who live outside of linear time (like the Prophets of DS9). Such beings could be considered very nearly gods by the people of Elder Soteria. Simply being ageless could do so as well.

That makes sense, there are a number of races that you could give an ageless attribute or other powers that would make them seen as living diety… While also giving them a look that’s alien enough to be otherworldly.

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