When It hits (Open-ended)

Cody turns to Vlad at his comment
"Oh I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met before, I’m Cody"
Cody said then turning back to Quickclaw
"Uhh, it’s kind of complicated. This isn’t actually a normal rattlesnake. It’s something called a stand and it essentially an extention of me that gives me a unique power. It can make anyone physically weaker if they were to lie to me and how weakeded you become depends on how big of a lie it is"

“…Ah… well it’s been stearing at me for a while.” Quick comments

Vlad extends his hand to Cody “Vladimir Zima is my name, nice to meet you”

Cosy shakes his hand before turning back to Quickclaw
"Yeah it’s been doing that at anything it doesn’t fully understand, and since you’re not human it’s just trying to figure you out…“
Cody could be seen coming up with a suddent idea
"Here” Cody said as he walks up to Quickclaw and extends his hand with the snake on it to him “see if you can touch it, I just learned this recently but it allows anything of interest to it to touch it. The snake normally phases through anything besides me and other stands, but it’s just recently revealing s secret of its, the little bastard”

“uh… Alright.” Quickclaw gently tiuches it with his claw

The snake allows Quickclaw to touch it and his claw wouldn’t phase through it. The snake squints in an adorable manor when it gets touched as it flickered its tongue at him at the same time. It proceeds to rub its head on his hand as if it were his own pet. Cody smiles and chuckles at that
"Seems it likes you. Sorry if that was random but I just had to make sure I was right about his little secret"

“Eh… I have seen enough weird stuff out there… Being suprised doesn’t surprise me any more… if that makes any sense.” Quickclaw then says

“I’m sure you have” Cody said as the snake stops rubbing itself on Quickclaw’s hand. It slithers back around Cody’s torso and laying its head on his shoulder, now looking back and forth between Vlad and Drem with about 30 seconds between each switch.
“Actually I don’t think I’ve given you my name yet, I’m sorry. My name is Cody” He said as he reached out his hand once more for Quickclaw to shake

“I’m Quickclaw, nice to meet you.” He says shaking his hand

Cody shakes back and then looks back to Drem
"I haven’t gotten your name either miss. I’m Cody" He said as he reaches his hand out to her for her to shake

“Drem.” she smiled and shook his hand.

“Well it’s nice to see all of you here” Cody says to everyone, him having a casual smile on his face, and all the while looking at everyone one at a time as he said that

“So how long have you been here Cody?” Quick Silver askes

Cody turns to Quickclaw “Oh… I’ve only been here for I think 2 days, but I’m trying to get used to everything here. This place is just so advanced from my time, it’s crazy”

" I can sympathize. It was the 19th century in my world when I spliced in. You will get used to this eventually"

“Where I came from we have interteller travel to the point turisem cross planets exsit… but something like this is well beyond even what some of the richest in my home unvierse would of had” quick claw then explains

“That sounds really cool actually. But yeah, I’m can already tell every single thing on this ship is more advanced than anything in 2017” Cody said, putting emphasis on certain parts of his second sentence
Meanwhile, Cody’s snake would continuously focus on Drem and less on Vlad. It slithers to behind Cody’s right side of his neck and stares at Drem while trying to hide itself as best as it could

"Yeah after a while you get use to it though. " Quick comments

She stared at the small snake “…?” She thinks for a moment and tries to bop the tiny snake nose

Drem would have her hand phase through the snake. Cody was thinking of a new topic to talk about, since them talking about how amazing the technology was got through all of what he wanted to say pretty fast, when he noticed te snake still staring at Drem when she phased through it. He looked back and forth between Drem and the snake and tried to piece together what happened. The snake had allowed anything non-human to touch it, yet it always stared at and observed them before they touched it in any way. The snake was staring at Drem, yet it wouldn’t let her touch it. What was that all about?