When It hits (Open-ended)

Drem sat on a bench in the recreation-module, Starring down at a little laptop-like device. She closes it, looking around her… She leaned her head down, watching a small bug on the ground… She saw very few people in the module that day, So she decided to get up, she puts her things in her bag before beginning to walk around… What to do… What to do…
It was nice, though… calming scenery… she walks toward the boating lake, and sits down on the dock… she leans her head on a tree, feet in the cold water…

Quickclaw enters and takes a look around

Vlad was running in one of the many trails. He was wearing weights to keep himself in shape for combat. As he jogged he would be admiring the surroundings, a welcomed break from the urban sprawl and dirty streets of London. He came upon the dock after a while and seeing as he was getting a bit tired he decided to take a quick break at the dock.

She watches vlad, and sees quickclaw as well… She smiled and waved to vlad “Hello, Vlad.” She smiled

Quick claws speeds along looking for whoever was about

Vlad turns to Drem “oh hello Drem didn’t expect you here, not very many people here right now. How is your day going?”

If quickclaw notices the boating lakes dock, they’d see drem and vlad.
She nodded to vlad “Very quiet out here today. Mine has been fine, how about yours?”

“Not bad, just in here for some exercise. The lake always looks nice so i decided to take a break here.” looking out at the lake

Quickclaw speeds over to them "Hi guys*

Cody enters the recreation module, him fiddling with his PADD and in the same clothes as yesterday, his snake slithering around his torso, and it eventually resting on his left shoulder and looks at his PADD. If anyone were to look at it, they’d see him looking up information on fighter jet engines. He eventually looks up to see the trio at the dock. He walks up to them while putting his PADD away, his rattlesnake taking a look at Quickclaw in particular
"Hey everyone, what’s the commotion about?"
Cody said, his rattlesnake flickering its tongue quietly at her in a non-threatening way

Vlad turns to Quickclaw and Cody “hello there comrades, just some R and R here”

She smiles to the group “Hello Quick. I don’t believe I’ve met you…?” She said to cody…
She pulled her hair back up into a bun so that it wasn’t getting stuck in the dirt.

"Oh well that’s good to hear. I though someone got hurt or something"
Cody said when in reality he didn’t know what was going on and quickly thought of oe of the possibilities in his head. He looked to Drem, and seeing that she was a familiar fave he briefly saw when he first arrived on Soteria. He turned his head to her
"Hey, you were at that sickbay place when I fist got here, weren’t you miss?"
Cody said with curiosity at the end of what he was saying about Drem

Quick looks to Derm “…wait… how do you know my name if we haven’t meet?”

Drem looks at quickclaw “I’ve heard of you from people around the umbra.” she said quietly, before turning to cody… “hmm… Oh yeah! The portal dude?”

“Oh alright” Qickclaw respones taking a glance atvthr rattle snake

"Yeah I was. It’s good to see you again, and I’m sorry for disturbing your, what I can guess is, recovery there"
Cody sais to Drem as he looked over to Quickclaw and noticed her staring at his rattlesnake. He waves at her with a half-smile, trying to hold back anything akward since he still wasn’t completely used to beings on the ship that weren’t fully human. Meanwhile the rattlesnake was still wrapped halfway around Cody’s neck and staring at Quickclaw. It flickers its tongue at her quietly

Vlad notices the snake and looks at it “so now i know how i look when i flicker my tongue”

She chuckles and nods… She looks at the snake

“uh… hi?” Quickclaw then says to the rattle snake (and quick is a dude XP) “What is that reptile on your shoulder?” Quick askes Cody