What to do about Romulus?

In canonical Star Trek, Romulus is destroyed by a super nova in the year 2387.

So, the question becomes in-game how do we want to handle it? It is certain that Solas Tempus would assist, within canon we also know that Picard steps down as Captain of the Enterprise and is promoted to Admiral in order to build a fleet of ships to assist the Romulans in relocating in 2381 (there is some disagreement in canon about this year, it is either 2385 or 2381, but the show Star Trek Picard places it in 2381).

Solas Tempus has its own troubles for much of this but according to Star Trek Picard the synthetic revolt happens and Starfleet turns it back on the Romulan Star Empire forcing Picard to resign his commission in a failed attempt to force Starfleet to live up to his expectations. This means that Solas Tempus in our universe would have been called upon to help, given their construction capabilities and the existence of the Fabber named Vulcan which can construct ships incredibly quickly, it is possible the Solas Tempus could have saved a significant portion of the Romulan people. It is also possible that they deployed the STV Basilisk, which could hold approximately 200,000 people at least, probably considerably more in an evacuation mode. After all the Galaxy Class can hold 15,000 in an evacuation. If we assume the same ratio, the Basilisk could hold somewhere in the ballpark of 2.5 million people and with it’s Wormhole Drive could possibly make a significant dent in evacuating Romulus in conjunction with their own fleet.

So, how do we handle it?

I’d say, Ya have Solas Tempus assist, it could be an rp event (unless the timing is too late) where a group comes together to participate and aid in evacuating as many people as they can, this could add a Romulan element to the game, as well as Romulan officers and employees who at times would be under suspicion of being spies or something like that. Which can lead to other discussions and civilian type situations.

While I completely agree on most of your points, I don’t see how having their planet destroyed but being evacuated would give suspicions of being a spy. I wonder if you’re thinking of the STO timeline, which is in a state of perpetual war on multiple fronts. I would like to do an event, but it would have to be a pretty big one, I think I’ll slap that idea up on Trello and let it ruminate. I’m also open to any other suggestions anyone has.

The most obvious scenario to me would be a Dunkirk type roleplay where the drama come from the time crunch and not any other externalities. Perhaps it could also be used to give idle ships distribution to characters and limelight.

I really love that idea, I think that’s probably the best scalable option. Instead of a massive all-at-once event, make it piecemeal where every ship / group of ships has their own path to deal with. We should throw in some obstacles too, nothing heavy, just some minor issues that wouldn’t be a problem except for the time crunch.

I don’t remember where I read this but, if I’m not mistaken, the Romulan Neutral Zone was dismantled after the destruction of Romulus, along with the empire, becoming the Romulan Free State. I believe Solas Tempus could have been deployed ships to save as many romulans they could from Romulus but if we’re talking about a planet with at least as many people as there are humans on Earth, the evacuation would take a lot of time and ships to succeed. However, we are forgetting something. Spock was the one who was asked to save Romulus when Starfleet failed to do so and even Spock did not get there in time to stop the supernova. It would be an odd twist if the romulans had asked both Spock and Solas Tempus to do something about it, considering how Spock was so late, it was still very close to Romulus’ destruction in the timeline.

Now here enters something I observed. What was the other planet in the Sector Zed Six that held great importance other than Romulus? Remos. It was considered a prison world, sure, but it was one of the main sources of dilithium for the empire. Without strength to maintain the empire or the neutral zone, we can theorize that the destruction of Remos could have contributed to that, requiring the romulans to find another way of building ships and maintaining them. The thing is, we don’t know what other planets were destroyed by that supernova, so we have no parameter as to how extensive it was as damages to the former empire. We only know it was bad enough for them to dismantle the neutral zone and create the Romulan Free State. It could open opportunity for Solas Tempus to work with romulans, although working with the former enemies of the empire could draw negative attention from the United Federation of Planet, specially after how they just lost everything because Starfleet did not do anything to effectively help them. Knowing the romulans, they could have been nourishing grudges and hard feelings against the Federation.

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