What Must be Done (Kaito, Emiya, Et Al.)

Fire, fire everywhere. Anadresh was finally consumed by the fire of jealousy and had killed Sasha to satiate her twisted sense of justice. Only her ashes remained as she burned away even what made her body real. This was bad enough but she also went and did the same to her children except for one. Emiya was playing with Tora and while Tora was trying to get Anadresh to calm down Emiya was holding the ashes that used to be his mother and siblings. He stood in shock not even able to cry his brain unable to process exactly what was going on. Anadresh was able to overpower Tora and toss him to the side as she noticed Emiya. She walks towards him with her lance Furias in hand ready to reduce Kaito’s firstborn to ash.

A flash and a bang as kaito arrived with Eito and his six paths…they were in a mission when they sensed the issue at home. Kaitos heart shattered when he appeared…looking around and seeing the masscure of his family. Kaito made a signal hand gesture as he yelled out in rage at Anadresh


Anadresh stops and looks over at kaito with a crazed smile on her face. “My brother, my love I have good news for you. I am almost done making sure you are only mine. All i have to do is get rid of one mistake so my Inanna can be your actual firstborn.”

Kaito started to bleed from his eyes as they entered their full power forms. Red marks traced along his body as a black aura molded itself around him and marks resembling blood appeared on his face

“Eito…grab my sons…” he muttered as he summoned his a blood red lostvayne that seemed broken and shattered to his hand as he walked towards Anadresh

Emiya remained in the same shocked state not even noticing what was going on. All he did is keep repeating the same words “momma? Siblini?” Anadresh tilts her head and walks over to kaito “Honey my love, the light of my life and flame of my passion. What is wrong you do not seem well.” Tora was knocked out from the force of him hitting the wall.

“It’ll be okay emiya” Eito says as he picks emiya up and grabs Tora as he rushes them back to the savezone within the house. Kaito doesn’t respond as he goes to grab Anadresh by the throat and attempts to slam her to the ground

Emiya doesn’t respond still only calling out to his mother and siblings. His eyes start to glaze over as his mind tries to protect his psyche by making this seem more like a dream than fantasy.

Anadresh is taken by surprise by her love slamming her into the ground.

Kaito roars in anger and pain as he starts to punch Anadresh repeatedly in the face, using the jagged butt of his sword to hit her as well
“DIE! DIE! DIE!” He screamed out as more blooded poured from his eyes

She lets him for the first few punches but then she puts up her hands to block, she spits heated fiery blood and speaks. “My love what is wrong why are you angry? We can be together forever now!”

His fist become engulfed in daemonic chakra as he grabs her hand and attempts to break it
“YOU KILLED MY FAMILY!!” He roared in anger as he lets the blood hit him

She enters her apocalyptic form and keeps him from breaking her hand as she struggles against him now. “I didn’t! They aren’t your family I am! I was there before she came along don’t you forget it!”

He roars and growls as he pushes this new form further and he gains claws, he the. Starts to slash at her “YOURE NOT MY FAMILY! YOU KILLED THEM ALL OF THEM!” He yelled out in anger and pain as he started to cry blood

She punches to push him back. “They were not your family, only I and my children can be your family! She is just a pretender! Besides I didn’t kill them all, the firstborn lives and if you’d like i can tolerate his existence”

Her punch pushes him off her and he stumbles backward before roaring in anger “NO YOURE NOT MY FAMILY! YOU KILLED MY WIFE!!”

“SHE WASN’T YOUR WIFE, SHE WAS JUST A BEAST!” she sighs and wields her spear “I guess i will have to make you see it in the way i see it. Please my love forgive me for what i have done but know that what i did and will do is for you, for your own good.”

Kaito roared his anger consuming him to the point where he could no longer speak as he rushed at Anadresh and summoned the shattered lostvayne to his hands

She gripes her spear Furias and grits her teeth knowing this was going to be a difficult battle. She parries the strikes against her, “I will make you see things my way”

He stares at her in the eyes as black flames coat her body he then summons a second sword to his hand and attempts to stab her side

She realizes this and uses her wings to get distance between the two. She instantly goes all the way up to her bright white heavenly flame.

He stands there as lightning sparks from his hands and his hair goes pitch black