What exactly was the Peace of Ages?

What exactly happened for the Peace of Ages?

The peace was more than a treaty and had something to do with banishing evil from the world and that it might have something to do with the drastic shortage of elves, dwarves, and other traditional non-human fantasy RP races.

I would love to get some thoughts and opinions from people? What side effects might there have been? What caused the peace to be linked to the missing of other races?

My take is the peace of ages being Elder Soteria’s old covenant. “Honor these traditions and things will be good” on that note changing material conditions from when the peace started up until the current rp time could account for changes in tradition and an excuse as to why the peace is waning.

The other part would be some sort of tolkienesque migration of the other races to “the beyond lands” or something like that. Or maybe that the other races cant breed as quickly as humans.

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I like the first part a lot, and the migration to some other land… In my head I’m stuck on this idea that nothing is free and the world has enjoyed a long period of relatively uninterrupted peace and has done away with demons, goblins, orcs, and other nasties during that time. So, what was the cost of this? I have a feeling once we can figure that out the rest will come much easier.

I’m not sure if it is a “the price was too high” kind of vibe or what else it might be.

Well the price could have been the other more friendly races. Keeping it all out so that Yeah no orcs but now there ain’t alot of dwarves.

I wonder how the Dwarves and Elves felt about that.

Could have some conflict about that, some elves thinking it was their time to leave, some thinking they shouldn’t have left and need to remake their old kingdoms and some wanting to have revenge on humans for pushing them out.

That’s nice, I like that… What about … I haven’t expanded a lot on who the Ageless Ones were. I have always wanted them to be Temporal Operatives from Solas Tempus who got slung so far back into the past that they could never get home and eventually lived on Elder Soteria just after the great war.

So, could make it so that the Ageless Ones formed an agreement with the core fae races, that wasn’t supposed to banish them… I have this mental image of it being a deal gone wrong. Like the walls that went up did so with the help of the Fae but through some accident or mistake or some such they sealed the Fae out as well.

This would leave a fair amount of animosity.

That seems good, like the Temporal Operatives wouldn’t have the magical know how to understand the full consequences of what they are doing. Like sealing off the magical creatures wasn’t gonna be discriminating like they thought and just blanket blocks all magical creatures, the fae races included.

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So I have a more final version of this up on the Wiki, I would love to get some comments on what I have there.

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