What do you think? Schatten System - Interdimensional Trading Hub

This has been on the table for a while.

What about the Schatten System and the Janus Gate as a focal point for interdimensional trade. It would bring lots of civilians and military ships to the area, much the same way the Deep Space 9 transformed with the wormhole.

I’d love to get thoughts on this.

I think this is an interesting concept, could also introduce bew ways of introducing characters into the setting.

I would like to set up a list of potential RPs we could do in order to set this up so it grows somewhat organically. Any thoughts? Anyone?

I’m game! I’m sure I have a couple ideas knocking about that might work good for this sorta thing

Anything in particular come to the surface? I’d love to do one.

I would love to hear more about those ideas.

I’d love to set that up. Tour of the station, might be a bit boring to RP but would be some good background. Could come up with some culture clash issues too. Some of the ways the Dwend do things are really opposed to how humans do things in Solas Tempus / the Serenity Concord. Probably skip over negotiating contracts and such but do something with the station, then like some kind of social event celebrating the signing of a contract perhaps?

Or just they start bringing goods in.

I also wondered if we could revisit the Avali, @Haladur, how would you feel about playing them a bit more? I know it’s been a while and we did a treaty type of thing.

I wondered too if @Buckethead would be willing to involve the people from Troy Rising in this kind of thing?

I have some ideas too. When dealing with trade there’s some of the Trek basics such as the bad behavior of the Ferengi. I think elements of culture clash are good to consider. Traders with different ideas about how things are done, gender roles, or even having a slave, near-slave, or servant class. Especially where such people have internalized their place in society and don’t want to be “freed” or don’t consider it “being free” because they don’t have a place to go.

Also could do something with AI rights too… There’s an image I have as a wallpaper:

To me it looks like this android has just been put with some old junk, discarded and no longer useful. I wonder if we could do a thing where someone like tries to sell an android like that, as scrap. I don’t know where we’d go with it. I’m just spitballing really.

Mostly, I think it would be helpful to come up with things that made trading and such exciting. Just a ship showing up and unloading cargo is kind of boring. What makes that kind of thing exciting?

Sorry for not replying earlier!
More boring ideas I had were some person / organisation unloading a ton of processed organic slurry for…some…reason…
Something with a warring species selling reclaimed ships / war-trophy slaves
Some culture-clash stuff would be really cool. Especially from cultures that have weird ideas about how money / ownership works
Illegal extinct animal trading perhaps?

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A robot made as an afterthought would fit in well with most people experience of life. Unlike other AIs there are no expectations. They are free to become whatever they like.

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I really like all of these ideas, I’m going to start getting these plotted out.

For @Cyber we have:

For @darktrooper501 we have: