Weakening of the Veil Notes

The barriers set up during the Peace of Ages that caused the Backlash are breaking down. There are a number of consequences from this. The nature of the Peace of Ages relies on dark creatures being banished to the Dark Aether, while it was not intentional that light fae were banished as well, this may not be welcome they begin to return. The weakening of the barriers is also allowing particularly powerful or borderline creatures / entities from the Dark Aether to begin to return. This is how the necromancer Adrianna Hyde is going to return soon. As the barrier weakens, dark forces are closer and more able to influence the world.

Act Outline

  • Act 1 - Discover the nature of the problem.
    The fae are trying to free themselves from the backlash and escape the Dark Aether.
  • Act 2 - Find a solution.
    Ideally a solution could be found with the fae to stop evil from returning without another backlash. This isn’t just research, though some will be involved. The players will have to find the required materials in order to solve the problem.
  • Act 3 - Execute!
    The final act will be the players embark on the final quest to actually make the solution happen.

Note there are demonic and other seriously evil entities which are in the Dark Aether, things no one wants released that have yet to discover the barrier can be breached.

This will be a save the world kind of plot line to take place after the Return of the Fae and Necromancer plots.

Updated the plot notes to reflect where things are currently going.