Weakening of the Veil Notes

The barriers set up during the Peace of Ages that caused the Backlash are breaking down. During the Backlash all of the Fae (not just dark Fae) were banished into the Dark Aether. Now, the veil between the Dark Aether and Elder Soteria is wearing thin. The Peace of Ages has protected the world from war for a thousand years, but there is still fear of the Dark Fae and the keystone of the Peace is that the Dark Fae will remain banished forever. Now that the veil is beginning to weaken, the Peace itself is threatened. If the Fae return, it could start a war to end all wars. To save all of humanity from itself, someone must repair ancient magic which protects but it may already be too late.

Plot Arc

This is a larger plot arc involving multiple stages, each one in turn will have multiple sessions associated with it.

For some of the basic ideas that went into this please see Weakening of the Veil - Basics / Idea.

Updated the plot notes to reflect where things are currently going.

Updated plot under new organization principles. Now going to have this be a larger plot arch and ties at least 3 smaller plots into the larger one.