We Needed this. [VLD: Holt Family Reunion]

OOC: This is the first fanfic i’ve wrote in five years, so if you can give some constructive criticism or just anything, it’ll help alot! The link to the actual fic is right here if you want to read it on AO3 We needed this. - Minty_Jade - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]

Katie Holt entered space when she was only fourteen, she was just barely a teenager when she was sent off to fight in the war against the galra. She never thought she’d be able to finally be done with the war, and the stress that built up over the three years of being in space. When Keith said it, that they finally were going home, she didn’t know how to react.

Learning that the blade, nor the coalition could be contacted was the first sign that she was losing hope. But then, when she thought about it… Matt. Her brother, who she’d do anything for, now was missing. She was devastated. She’d finally gotten him back…

Then, when they finally reached the Milkyway after two months of being crammed into their lions and hearing the message of earth, she was halfway gone with any hope that earth was still there. Four years ago. Four years ago they needed them, four years ago Matt was still here, four years…

But things started to look up when they finally managed contact with her father, Samuel Holt. As the paladins arrived back at the garrison, and Katie could see her dad, and mom, she was so thankful. But she felt a deep suffering in her heart… Something she couldn’t quite figure out. She tried not to let it bother her, but she kept her distance from her family until the war. She told herself that once it was over, she’d finally be back to normal, she could stay on earth for at the least a year, before they’d have to leave again. They finally got the break they needed.

The battle with Sendak was long and tedious, she’d gotten injured multiple times, along with the others. Shiro, sam, and Iverson were having hard times dealing with the admiral. Lance had his family back and was spending all his time taking care of them and making sure they’d be safe. Keith was helping hunk cope with his families capture. Pidge was… Well, doing what she did best. She’d been left with her computers and gadgets to deal with Sendak. She didn’t mind doing it alone, she’d convinced Colleen and sam very easily that she didn’t need help, despite her hidden struggles.

The final battle with Sendak. This was to decide the fate of the universe and human life as they knew it. After over ten hours of pure battle, they’d finally won. Katie had soon lost consciousness after being closest to the impact of the robot’s explosion. The green lion crashed into the forest’s of earth, the impact was huge. She was furthest from the garrison, over an hour’s well away. It had taken over eight days to dig the upside-down green lion out of the trees and rubble, and successfully get pidge out. When she was first found, her body was hydrated due to her suit, but severely starved. She hadn’t suffered too many physical injuries, but her head trauma was the worst case.

As soon as she was found in the lion, she was rushed in a garrison-style ambulance to the medical bay of the garrison hospital. The green lion was unable to be moved due to its position, so a generator was taken to the lion to be recharged enough to make it back to the garrison. The lion instantly understood the situation, and within 10 hours, they successfully managed to fly back to the hangar bay.

Matt had recently arrived back, confirming that he would be staying on earth with Voltron, or until the next orders came through. The galaxy was at a moment of peace, due to Haggar’s disappearance, and most of the pirates gone. He was shocked at the news that Katie was still not retrieved yet. He and his team of about nine had headed out, and taken care of the green lion, while the doctors went in to retrieve Katie.

When Sam and Colleen heard the news that Katie had been retrieved and was heading back, they were ecstatic, Colleen had even shed a couple tears. When they heard that she was in a very unstable condition and that Katie holt was to be sent into top priority, their cheerful mood instantly died. They watched as the truck came in, and unloaded Katie off, and straight in. Katie’s armor was pierced into the side of her rib, and it was a miracle her suit had kept her alive.

After hours of working to get her stable, they’d finally managed to. Due to protocol, not even sam or the remaining admiral’s had permission to enter the room of Katie Holt. The paladins and holt’s waited a full week and a half before permission to enter was allowed.

The first sight was pidge, her head propped up against a pillow, and four different iv’s and machines around the bed. Her cheek was stitched up, waist wrapped tightly, with slightly tinted pink on the left side, showing that the bleeding had finally stopped. She was still unconscious.

Colleen and Sam had to worry about the garrison and had to leave frequently, but Shiro and Matt had refused to leave the room, too worried about the youngest paladin of six. The rest of the paladins had been helping repair the first city, plant. That way the citizens would have a place to live. They did occasionally go and check on Katie, but it was only for an hour or so before they had to leave again.

It wouldn’t be very long before pidge would awaken. But the question was, how would she be once she woke.

When Colleen and sam holt heard the news that Katie had begun to wake from matt, they dropped everything and instantly rushed to the hospital room.

Pidge was still quite out of it, her head spinning. The last thing she remembered was all five lions pushing the robot to the outer atmosphere. They’d tried so hard, and they had just barely managed to get it past the clear zone. The lions… She remembers them all falling far down, back into the earth. Her vision got red, as her body flew back into the green lion, and slammed into the cargo bay. Her body was in pain for a split second, before she blacked out.

The first thought that entered her mind was the worry, what if she failed the paladins and earth? Was she dead? Where was she? Why did it feel like pillows…was she in deep shock? As her eyes slowly began to flutter open, the first thing she saw was her whole family. Matt, Sam, Colleen, the paladin’s, Shiro… she instantly flung up, “where…where are we!? Did we save the earth? Where did the robot go!?” she instantly panicked, which then sent everyone else into a tad panic. Sam patted her back, slowly reassuring her that everything was fine. “ the earth was saved, the robot is gone. Sendak is dead, along with the pirates and their leaders. You’re in the hospital, you’ve been in a coma for the past two weeks, Katie.” he spoke.

It took them about an hour to calm pidge down. Pidge was told that her lion took the most damage due to its defensive systems not being as high as the others. It also explained why the green lion would get roughed up in battle frequently. It wasn’t pidge, it was just that the green lion wasn’t as defensive as the others. Eventually, everyone got their love and hugs in, before the paladins had to depart. Now, it was just the holt’s and Matt’s girlfriend. She held Matt in a hug for a long time, he had changed so much. He had a lover, his hair was a foot longer, in a ponytail even. He was taller and larger. Doing the simple math in her head, he was about 26 now.

First, it was matt to notice it. Pidge seemed to be much quieter, and less chatty in general. Before the Kerberos mission, Katie always talked her head off like no tomorrow. At the table, she was always leading the conversation, catching them up on shows they might’ve missed, or how she and Matt caught an ‘alien’ bug, that later turned out to just be a grasshopper. Now, he was the one leading it on with Colleen. Pidge was just… Different.

Then, Sam noticed it. Sam noticed she was more alert than she ever was. When the door would open, or just barely budge that even he wouldn’t notice, she would turn to the door immediately, body tensed, and ready. He had to tell her multiple times that she needed to calm herself down.

Finally, it was Colleen to last notice. Pidge rarely ever had nightmares. Colleen only remembers one time when Katie was 9 that she got a nightmare. And it faded quickly.

Colleen was staying the night with pidge the first day. During the middle of the night when Colleen was reading a book, pidge’s heart rate increased rapidly within two minutes. The mother got worried and got up to see her daughter, who instantly burst up, tears in her eyes. In an instant, she knew what to do. She tried to comfort her daughter best she could… It was about thirty minutes until the young girl finally fell asleep. She made sure to alert Sam and matt of this in the day as it went on.

The next night was Matt’s. Sam had helped bring in the remaining items salvaged from their house, and into the holt’s new home on the garrison grounds. Pidge was discharged from the hospital that night, but due to pidges situation, they still were requested to keep eyes on her for the next few weeks.

Matt would expect pidge to get back to a normal sleep schedule now that they resided back on earth, but it seems that was not the case. Matt was up at three in the morning to get something to drink, and he found pidge awake in her room, on her laptop at her desk, working on something he couldn’t understand. Looking closer, he could tell it was altean, but he only had so much work in their language.

Matt couldn’t say he didn’t have nightmares too. He dreamt of the worst, that this was all a dream and he wasn’t back on earth, pidge was still missing, he could think about it more and more. But right now, pidge needs him. He knows he can’t stop her, so he decides to company her.

He knocked quietly on the door to her room, opening it up more. She turned around instantly, relaxing after seeing it was just matt. “hey, need something?” she asked, glasses on, and hair pinned back in a bun. “ I was just wondering if I could hang out? I can’t sleep. Nightmares.” he spoke, walking into the room with two glasses of water, one for her, one for him.

“sure, there should be a chair by the window. The bed is free too,” she said with a small smile. The dark room’s only lights were the very large bedroom window that took up most of the wall, that leads onto the balcony and her laptop. He pulled up a chair and sat the drinks on the small coffee table at the end of her bed. He knew how she felt about drinks near the computer, even if it was a waterproof laptop.

It was very quiet, the only sound was pidge’s fingers across the keyboard. Eventually, she struck up a conversation, and the two lead into talking about the coalition, and what he’d done in the past four years. The age gap between them was very awkward, pidge wasn’t used to talking to him quite yet, he was so much more… Matured. He didn’t laugh as often, his smile was there, but half of the time it was just his body holding it up by instinct.

Eventually, he decided to try and pry a bit deeper into what’d happened in her nightmares, to which he received an unexpected reply, “i…don’t know myself…” she spoke, stopping her rapid fingers that typed… She stared down at the keyboard, “the war was long, everything was always such a huge matter. Just programming a simple bot was the matter of life or death, everything was so big…i try to avoid thinking about it…and now I just…” she couldn’t find the words to finish, but she knew Matt would understand…

He did. He actually could relate to his sister a lot on the matter.

He didn’t think this was what went through his sister’s head. It was kind of scary if he was honest. Eventually, after hours of talking, Sam had expected to go and wake Katie up, only to find the two of them hugging, and talking with each other about everything… He found peace at that moment, for once after all this war and time, he knew his daughter was finally safe… Colleen came up to him and watched the two before Colleen heads back to the master bedroom. Sam opens the door fully, watching as nor pidge, or matt reacts with fear, or preparation to fight. Instead, they looked at him, and smiled. “you two might want to get a couple hours of sleep before the day begins. You have about six hours before you’ll both be needed around the garrison.” he said with a smile, before heading out early.

Both matt and pidge needed this. They both felt like they could sleep without fear and feel happier. As Matt headed off to his room after waving to Katie, he really felt like they both helped each other. Pidge felt like she had so much off her chest, it was nice. She let baebae into the room, closed the door, and took a deep breath, letting it all out. She pulled the covers over herself, put her earbuds in, and set it onto the lovely cover she sang with her ukelele back during the first year of being in Voltron. ‘kitchen sink’. Within twenty minutes of music, she was asleep, with no nightmares to follow her… Just a pleasant, dark, warm abyss.

Pidge knew that the ending of the war was going to be hard for everyone to accept. Her, matt, sam, the coalition, the blades, her fellow paladin’s lance, hunk, Keith, Shiro, and Allura. But it was finally over. They finally had a break for themselves for a year or so. And god, did they need this.

They all did.

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