We Need a Villain

We have plenty of heroes. However, we have no real challenges for them.

The Contest

Whoever can come up with the best villain for each setting will receive 5,000 points in Tatsumaki, a role as Founder, and plot control for how their new character threatens the rest. They will also be able to recruit other players to play their lieutenants.


  • To play the villain, the player must be active.
  • They must be able to play for at least 3-4 days a week for an hour or two per day.
  • Villain must be in-setting, that is not a villain from another universe.
  • Villain must be a mundane race (no devils, demons, fallen angels, etc…)
  • Villain must not be evil as a result of their race but of circumstance and choice.
  • Villain must have a short term goal and a long term goal that (they feel) requires extreme action to obtain.
  • Mental instability is a plus, but should not be the primary cause of the villain’s maladaptive means.
  • Must have high levels of skill and resources. Can’t have a villain that doesn’t have the knowledge of resources to be a threat.
  • Must have a backstory / history that describes the compelling circumstances which require (in their mind) them to obtain their goals at all costs, no matter who gets hurt.

The activity requirement is a bit obvious. We don’t want to be locked into a plot that goes nowhere. However, the other points may seem odd. We want a villain that can be easily identified with. Someone that, for whatever reason, has made a choice to go against everyone. All good villains are relatable in some way but have made some turn at some point, decided (for whatever reason) they deserve something and society owes them.

I also want to make it clear, this is not going to be something that can be easily talked out of. Nor is combat to be the only plot line available. Ideally this is a long-term plot point where this villain is a continuing threat, likely one that the IC staff does not know about at first, things and stuff going on in the background, play going on that builds to how the character intends to get their goal. This should include the recruiting of other PC’s to their cause and convincing others to do their bad work for them and remain in the shadows until it is time to strike.


Submissions should be made here to the forum, I will put a timeframe on this after we get a few submissions and then the staff and founders will help decide on an RP test. Players will have to demonstrate their ability to play their villain in order to win.

Good luck.

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