We Know Not What We May Be (Bernard and Athena)

It had been about two or three days since Athena had showed up in Bernard’s sanctuary. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy her company, he did, but she was getting clearly restless though he displayed the patience and politeness of royalty. He was starting to wonder where she was really from, of course it was his nature to be inquisitive and this lead him to starting to try to dig through his spells and find out what he might need to find out where she’s from. There were a number of spells which could determine where someone was from, but that wasn’t the only thing he wanted to know. He wanted to know where she was from and not just where but who, who her people were, and how she got there.

Digging through his library of books on spells and spell-craft, he finds the makings of a new spell, something that would allow him to see back into her history. It is a complex spell and is going to require a lot of work to get all the components needs, then he’ll have to write it but… It intrigues him, the magic intrigues him, he decides he’s going to do it. So, he goes to meet Athena, who he finds meditating one on of the platforms. He waits until she comes out of it and pitches the idea to her, to go find the components to build the spell to unlock the mystery of where she’s come from. He is excited, like a kid in a candy shop.

Athena sat on a large rock, which she’d been at for awhile. She found meditation was helping even just a little in achieving her memories. she just couldn’t figure out what had happened… she was a bit hot headed and trying to figure out what to do.

She heard the smallest sound of Bernard’s shoes clacking lightly against the melbourne rock. She opened her eyes, “Good evening Bernard.” She smiled very lightly, her lovely look she usually had on brought a lot of light to the place. “Did you need something?”
She heard his request of trying to gain what was needed for the spell to regain her memories, and go back and review them. She was honestly a bit scared to do so, but she agreed. She did want to find out, and this wasn’t just a simple case of amnesia.

She and him decided on a time that day to begin preparing what they need for this spell and getting what was required.

He smiled at her, “Thank you”, he says to her with an excited expression and offering her his hand, “I think that perhaps it is time to show you another world other than this boring place!” and if she takes his hand, he would excitedly lead her to the portal-room with all the symbols, “Do you want to gather anything before we go?”

She shook her head, “I keep all my things I need on me!” she smiled, happy that he was excited. Being around people with good spirit’s was helping her cope with the fact she has no idea who the hell she is alot. She begins to run with him to the portal-room, as he was almost dragging her with him. “Where to first?”

“Well,” he says as he opened up the book on the pedestal and starts to turn the pages, “There is a world I have been visiting, the locals call it Elder Soteria.” he looks at her, “I think it should have most of what we need, doing a little traveling of course.” Once he’s found a page in the book, he begins speaking arcane words - to which the floating symbols in the room begin to glow and change. The air in the place seems to feel almost electrified by the magic coursing through it before finally the blue portal opens, mists of white flowing off of the edges. He motions for her, “After you?”

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