Wall of Achievements

So, @thatotakugalaxy had a really good idea. She suggested that we put in a channel to post things that we did which were positive. I liked the idea, @Red_the_heretic also had the idea to name it the _Wall of Achievements and I liked it, reminds me of how in MMORPG’s it blazons a banner across the screen when you do something great. If only life was like that right?

I know that I’ve been really depressed for a while now and that a lot of you have helped me. I know I get cranky and upset and I know others do too. The elephant in the room is that it feels awkward to say something good about someone else like that, further it is even more awkward to say something nice about yourself. We’re all trained from the time we are small children to basically focus on the negative. There is also a lot of negative to focus on, with all of us, with the world, and hind-sight is always 20-20.

Since I know that I’m not the only one struggling and I also know it doesn’t matter what you’re struggling with, because when you’re struggling it never helps when someone tells you how little the shit is you’re struggling with. Depression is a nasty thing, and thus, I encourage everyone to use our new channel, #achievement-wall. Please, say something nice about yourself, about someone else, something someone has actually done or that you’ve actually done. Even if, it’s just get out of bed. Please, no sarcasm, no comebacks, no belittling.

I also ask that people respond by using reactions.

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