Vident Obscura Notes

The organization is still really up in the air for canon, but what has been decided (so far) is on the Wiki. Here are some notes about the organization that haven’t made it to canon yet.


  • Item Investigation & Recovery
  • Magic
  • Psionics
  • Ghosts (Dead People)
  • Entities (Non-Corporeal Forms from Other Planes)
  • Demons (Corporeal Malicious Entities from Other Planes)
    This goes along with a new category on the wiki describing such things a bit better. More will be posted there in the future.

Item Investigation and Recovery

This is the primary and largest division, it encompasses their primary mission. The job of this group is to investigate, locate, and safely recovery dangerous magical, psionic, or otherwise paranormal and supernatural items. This includes, but is not limited to; books on spell work, magical items, items with unusual properties, and direct physical evidence of the existence of such things.

Demon Hunters

Their primary purpose is to fight corporeal manifestations of malicious entities. This differs from the Entities division as the primary purpose of the Demon Hunters is to save lives, a demon fighting marine corps.

They fight by subduing and temporarily capturing the malicious entity causing the manifestation and banishing it back to the plane it came from. This banishing is usually done by the Entities division.


These are things that need to get defined.

  • Way to banish for extended periods.
  • Way to capture an entity.
  • Way to protect against entities.
  • Way to detect entities.

Tools will use a fusion of magic and technology (technomancy).