Vident Obscura an Introduction (Open Ended)

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A strange signal was detected on the surface of Soteria, it was an energy source of some kind temporal wrinkle that is too faint to set off the alarms at Nimbus or Blazing Umbra. However, it does show up as an anomaly at Nimbus. The anomaly fades after a certain amount of time but there is definitely a faint energy reading there now.

A request is sent for volunteers to investigate the anomalous reading.

Vlad arrives at the designated place for the volunteers. He is wearing his ST uniform and for protection only has a PDW. He decided that perhaps this was not dangerous enough to warrant either the m240 or M556. He arrives anxious, he hasn’t been part of an investigation into anything considered ‘odd’ in a long time. He looks around to see who else has arrived.

Duke arrived shortly after, also in his TACCOM uniform. He had no need for carrying weapons around the place, other than his mandatory Phaser, yet in his hands he carried an unmodified M16. Why he had decided to show up with this ancient weapon was anyone’s guess. He nodded to Vlad with a sharp movement of his neck. The six foot three German stopped next to him, looking around for anyone else
"So, your also stuck for something to do on a fine day like this?" He asked without looking at Vlad

Tal, on the other hand, comes prepared for war, dressed in full kit with body armor and an exographic targeting sensor helmet, complete with a full on harness-equipped 240 ST modified with a spade grip adapter and what looks like a beefed-up gasoline pump handle and nozzle device. All things considered, it was a pretty freakish-looking abomination of a weapon, hooked up to a gray feed chute that led to a rectangular, hard-case backpack that held a single, long, continuous belt of ammunition: about 700 rounds.

He seemed burdened by his excessive amount of equipment, however, and when he met up with the others at the rendezvous, he immediately set the weapon down on a table, fiddling with the exoskeleton “third arm” until it flexed in a manner that didn’t anchor Tal to the table either. His blast visor was raised to the “up” position, allowing a clear glimpse of his face for the time being. To comply with regulations, he was forced to replace the inflammatory artwork on his helmet with something more reasonable, now only the word PEEKABOO etched into the front plate.

Looking around, he sighed.

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Vin soon hears of the request for volunteers and so he decides to tag along. He goes to the randevous point, wherever it was, in his armor for the first time in a while. The usual thick steel armor with the design on it bulged outward in reflective emeralds, the whole set from breastplate to boots sanded and polished by hand, Vin obviously doing that part. And covering up his leggins nearly entirely, excluding the front part of his legs, are his 20 katanas. The red and black design is still on all 20 of the hilts, while they all label from 1-20, left to right if read in order. The blades are still thicker than your average katana, and the blades are just as polished and sanded as the armor

He arrives and gives a slight wave to everyone at the randevous point, him only speaking up if he had a reason to. But for now, he simply stood with his back against a wall, no reasoning for him to start a conversation, but he would definately reply to anyone that talked to him

It was uncertain whether Nine has been here all the time or showed up just recently. The android made it a habit to creep up on people and speak up whenever people were expecting her the least.

Nobody expects the Ninequisition.

Well, she probably didn’t arrive unexpectedly. But it was something she had hoped when she approached the group and intercepted Duke’s question. It worked well enough on people without enhanced or abnormal perception.

“I mean, if opportunity calls you on a fine day like this, why should you decline it?” She casually chimed in as she now stood among the other four that were waiting at the rendezvous point.

As typical for Nine, she came without armament and in her regular black-blue attire, which was reminiscent to a lab coat, just less formal looking and befitting for casual occasions while retaining the protective functions of a lab coat and the sciency flair. Her drone piloted by her assistant AI Omega accompanied her as well.

Since the recent Solas Tempus outrage regarding the use of the communicator to spy on people, Nine was seen carrying a sling backpack. Among other things the backpack held a tricorder and a selection of tools and other implements, as well as materials and spare parts.

They may have expected Admiral Thomas, perhaps even Admiral D’Amico to be there. Neither were there. Instead, at the rendezvous point on Nimbus Station, where a Type 7 Shuttle Craft was waiting for them. The front hatch was slid open and the ramp extended. It was an odd shuttle design, front-loading like this, for some reason it was favored by a number of the higher ups. Perhaps nostalgia? Who knew.

Rather than being in the hanger bay at the end of the pier was one would expect, they were meeting at one of the large landing pads on the pier itself. It was a sunny day at sea, light breeze, but colder than the average person would generally like (around 60 F or so). A man steps out of the shuttle wearing a simple inexpensive but rather non-descript suit in shades of brown. Slacks, suit jacket, tie, even hat all were reminiscent of old investigators. Despite all the years in the future, this was still often seen being worn by detectives or other investigators. None of them had ever seen this man before, but anyone who took the trouble to uplink to the Solas Tempus personnel database would show that the face went with a name, Carl Duncan, but no biographical information was displayed. Just a photo and a name.

The man stopped in front of the assembled people and looked over everyone, “Do, you all expect combat today?” he asked simply, an eyebrow going up. It was the tone of someone who was both surprised but unimpressed. “I suppose you probably do.” Then he looks over to Nine and Omega, “At least one rational person is going along.” The way he said rational made it clear he was referring to the sciences rather than accusing everyone else of being irrational - though if he thought about it, he wouldn’t consider them exactly the most rational bunch.

Ignoring Nines comment and regarding it more as a statement, he slung the M16s leather strap over his shoulder. He perked his head up by the smallest degree in replying to the man in the suit.
“So what are you trying to say?” He said in a playful tone, in his usual inviting manner.
"That being preemptive isn’t rational?"
He wasn’t expecting an answer whatsoever, preferring to comment on the mans odd attire.
"And what’s with the suit? I thought I spliced into the 24th century, not the 60s"
There was no menace in his voice, it was clear he was only trying to have a bit of banter. Even if his jokes were sub par.

Vin meanwhile had taken a very deep breath and exhaled, the exhale indicating he gave a sigh of annoyance. All the while he pinched his nose with his left hand. His thumb was pressing its print on his left side, while his index finger had its lower knuckle bent downward while the side of it pointing to his thumb pressed against the nose. And at the same time Vin had his eyes shut closed and his eyebrows lowered in an angered manor

“May I suggest to whoever your supervisor is or whoever sent the request to meet at the randevous, that they make sure to specify what kind of mission this would be. A request to meet here with no specification on what we will be doing. How can you not expect people to show up with weapons…” He let go of his nose and opens his eyes “This is a military station after all, and this place is known for its constant combat defenses”

Vin then brought his lower forearms close together and tapped his communicator. He spoke up to it
"Store my armor and weaponry in sotrage for the time being"
And so his communicator spoke up
Abd from that, Vin would be stripped of his armor and katanas, as they turn into data and go away into storage. He would only be left with his royalty clothing on him, as he crossed his arms once it all fully denaterialized

“Now that that is taken care of, what shall we be doing on this mission?”

Vlad looked at the man and chuckled to himself. This was bringing back old memories for him. He looks at his PDW, he hoped there was no trouble but one cannot be too careful. He turned to look at the man in the detective clothes and checked on his PADD for his info. Surprised when only his photo and a name came up. He wondered what sort of things he had done for ST to warrant such secrecy. Nevertheless he spoke up after Duke was finished. “Sometimes rational thinking won’t get you the solution. Sometimes it will, in a weird universe like here it’s anyone’s guess which is needed for anomalies.” He guessed that rational meant scientific since he was looking at nine when he mentioned it.

The man just shook his head, not even responding to Duke who obviously had no idea that investigators still often wore similar suits, for whatever reason. He sighed a bit, and then looked on at everyone who was there. “Whatever is giving off energy may be dangerous, most often such things are dangerous to the touch, there is containment gear preloaded onto your shuttle. I’m sure at least one of you,” he seems to mean Nine with that, “will be able to safely figure out how to use it, but if not it does have instructions with simple language.” He seemed to mean Duke with that particular comment. “Your pilot will drop you off and wait on site for you, he’s got the exact coordinates of, whatever it is. Your task is to gather as much information as you can and retrieve the whatever it is if possible for further study. If the anomaly appears to be too dangerous and may threaten a significant number of lives, you are authorized to destroy the anomaly. Any questions?”

Vin simply had a slightly annoyed look on his face with how the man spoke, as if he was better than all of them. Vin knew he wasn’t as good of a detective as he was a soldier, but he became the Majordomo of his militia for a reason back on his planet. He had at least basic detective skills. He spoke up once the man asked about anyone having questions, being the first one to speak up

“You are understood clearly and no questions are on my mind as of right now sir. Whenever you are ready I would like to be escorted to our shuttles, if that’s part of the procedure, sir”

And by the time he finished speaking, he had uncrossed his arms and let them lazily drop downward in a relaxed position

Nine noted she was indirectly referenced by the mysterious man. As a response, she gave the man a fleeting glance. That gesture alone automatically triggered a lookup of the man’s identity in the Solas Tempus database. She wasn’t shocked that the results of the search were fairly meagre, just a photo and a name popped up - not the first time details were withheld from her or were beyond her reach.

The lack of information only made the man’s presence more curious to her. Was he even working for Solas Tempus? As far Nine could discern, he didn’t wear the typical Solas Tempus uniform. Naturally, it wasn’t an intrinsic that would indicate he wasn’t working for them, but she was taking in consideration that - in her experience - most do wear their uniform or some recognisable variation of it on duty, even splices like Duke, Tal and Vlad. Well, whatever. In the end it could mean anything.

Overall, the android lacked a drive to join ongoing the chatter and left the man’s words without comment when she was referenced. She wasn’t particularly interested in what the others were arguing about; she only cared for the occasion brought her to this rendezvous. Eventually she was enlightened when the man finally started with the briefing.

“I wonder, for whom are you working for? I guess you work at the behest of Solas Tempus. However, you don’t look like a typical associate of them to me.” She didn’t felt like speculating any further, so she figured she could just ask directly.

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Vlad decided to ignore the comments made by the man and looks him up in his PADD surprised to see the database only has a photo and name. Of course if he is an investigator, as he seemed to Vlad, he must have either friends in places, done special missions for ST or he is here because someone cashed in a favor. Whatever the case arguing would not solve anything and Vlad decided it would be wiser to go over to the shuttle and check the gear. He was 99% sure it was good but he knew it was the 1% chance that kills. from time to time he looks back over at the group mostly keeping to himself for now.

Now Duke had mentally labeled the detective as “unfriendly” in the back of his unconscious mind. He himself had been a detective of the Arbiter Corps before being plucked out of his native universe. Keeping in mind the fact that he’d only been working within the Corps small ranks for only a month, and being a hand picked group, there was no formal training. Just learning from the field and throwing one into the deep end. So you can imagine that Duke was still a “rookie” in terms of the Detective business, yet all the while being extremely experienced in covert ops. Now that shit, he could handle with grace.

He strolled the ramp of the open craft, and took a good look at the containment gear, flicking through the instructions briefly, before straping himself into one of the seats on the inside, deforming the M16, having no need for it at this point in time. Instead, he stuck in one bud of a pair of red earphones, the other hanging out from his collar. From his tunics pocket he took out an ancient MP3 player. Anyone paying attention would pick up Beethovens 5th blasting out into his eardrums

The Obscura Agent, who has not yet identified himself as such, waits for everyone to load up into the shuttle then, hands behind his back. “We will be monitoring your COM channel, in case you require assistance.” is all he says, the shuttle’s engines power up and the nacelles begin to glow softly as does the impulse engine at the rear.

Vin geared himself up with the gear they gave everyone, leaving his armor and katanas behind. Though Vin insisted that his royalty clothing that he always wears underneath to stay on, he always kept that as cushioning for any impacts to hsi body that fidn’t have a pointy edge. It turned out well on his planet and it sirely would work out here one time or another. Plus, he may have been a man of combat with telekinetic katanas and steel armor, he didn’t rely on that entirely. He had his telekineses where anything he touches falls victim to his telekinesis, as well as his elemental powers. He had ways to defend himself, even unarmed. He got to/sat where he needed to get to/sit at. He was ready

Vlad suits up, despite the modifications made to the suits to accommodate his unique features he always felt a bit uncomfortable in those suits. He sits in the shuttle seats waiting for everyone else to get ready.

The shuttle carries everyone to the target area. Once there, the shuttle lands at a presumed safe distance from the anomalous reading. Each person has the coordinates loaded into their communicator’s memory. The shuttle’s doors open, the pilot and copilot say nearly nothing.

They are not within about 100 meters of the signal, which appears to be in a densely wooded area. If anyone looks, sensors detect that there is an extensive subterranean cave system in the region as well as the normal wild life one would find in this climate.

OOC Note: To make things easy, we will assume Earth-like animals, I know that isn’t realistic but I don’t really want to make up an entire set of fauna and flora for the game right now, or potentially ever. Also, tag to @icywinterdawn, @t0l, @darktrooper501, @TheChubbyGamer, and @timot1066.

Vin waited for the ride to get to their destination, him staring at the hatch the entire time. He sat back in his chair, his arms crossed and his face as calm as he can make it. He didn’t make any eye contact with anyone else aboard unless they did so first, though he was sure everyone else was just waiting for the mission to start just like him. So in turn he didn’t start any conversations on his own.

Once the shuttle actually opened, Vin was the first to stand up and take the first steps out of the shuttle. He takes a look of Soteria’s landscape around them, then looks to his communicator. He sees the coordinates, then looks to the direction of the coordinates marked on his communicator. He took a look back to everyone else, and spoke up.

"Is everyone ready?"
He simply says. If everyone said that they were ready, then Vin would take the lead of everyone, walking in at a normal pace and with normal stride movement. If one or more people said that they weren’t ready, Vin would wait for them to say their explanations before continuing himself