Victoria Romana The Crimson Serpent

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier
|name= Victoria
|fullname= Victoria Romana
|altname= Crimson Serpent
|race= Vampire Lord
|alignment= Chaotic Neutral
|gender= female
|height= 6'
|weight= 130lbs
|haircolor= black
|eyecolor= crimson red
|age= 420, looks 25
|dob= December 15, 1901
|birthplace= Chicago
|universe= Blazing Umbra
|occ= former Vampire Lord of Chicago, former prisoner, Exile, Fangs Leader
|org= The Fangs (underworld organization)
|figure= short black hair, scars from experiments, face plates, tattoo of a crimson serpent on upper right arm. Pale peach colored skin. Wears an old world war 3 combat uniform, usually wears a facemask to hide the scars over her lower face.
|setting= Blazing Umbra

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The effects of war and the slaughtering of so many people by governments have made her hateful, angry and aggressive. Using subterfuge and other aspects to get what she wants, she has a hostility towards humans, who she refers to as the original monsters. She especially has a distrust of the United Federation of planets, and their personnel. Victoria regularly has nightmares of the war. She does still enjoy sweets and making deals… she does tend to go about them a different way than she used to. Due to the loss of her position and status, she’s seeking to rebuild herself, but she cannot do so in the presence of the humans and other mortal races… so she’s hiding and gaining power and influence in the shadows.

== Special Abilities ==
Shadow magic

Blood magic


Mist form

== Special Skills ==



== Special Equipment ==
Metal fangs


Old world war 3 vampire combat gear

U.S.S. Lost Soul (her former prison ship)

== Background ==
Once the Vampire Lord over the Chicaco area, she was lawful and maintained an unsteady peace. But that peace was not to last, eventually war came.

The war changed her, she saw its horrors and the humans’ monstrosity towards the supernaturals. Somehow she survived all that, but not unscathed, they took her fangs, and replaced them with metal plates, they replaced other parts of her as well. When she got out, she found out she lost everything. Her home was no longer hers. Outraged, she unleashed her power and went on a rampage over the surrounding area. Making it a wasteland.

That outrage, left her spent, and thin. She was easily captured and to cover up the outrage, a story was spun how the war ruined the area with bombs and explosions. Afterwards she was imprisoned in a sealed coffin and imprisoned in a deep prison for vile creatures.

As time progressed, she was transferred to the deep space prison ship, the Lost Soul.

During her imprisonment she was kept sedated and alive in a form of stasis… until the ship encountered a nebula which interrupted her stasis, and woke her up… now she has time to exact her revenge, and plan, her fury unquenched and her sorrow and pain uncounseled. She plans to rebuild what was taken from her, and hide herself and her future hidden in the shadows.

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