Victoria Romana - Application for Master Vampire of Chicago

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier#7327
|name= Victoria Romana
|altname= Lady Romana
|race= Vampire
|alignment= Lawful neutral
|gender= female
|height= 6'
|weight= 150lbs
|haircolor= black
|eyecolor= red
|age= 120, looks 25
|dob= December 15, 1901
|birthplace= Chicago
|universe= Angelic Sins
|occ= Vampire head of Chicago area / Vampire Lord
|figure= fair, almost pale skinned normally, she has a good figure accented by her clothing. she often wears makeup and a hat and veil while going outside during day time. She acts very ladylike no matter what company she is in. has black painted nails, and either black or deep red lipstick.
|setting= Angelic Sins

She’s rather peaceful in nature, preferring to use subterfuge when necessary to keep the local governments and the supernaturals in her territory in check. She is strict when it comes to the laws and people will find her quite nasty when it comes to people breaking her rules. She’s found to be mostly agreeable and all she asks is for others to keep their end of her deals. Something she greatly enjoys is making deals, that and living a quiet life in luxury, when she gets the chance she will work towards that goal, making deals or doing whatever she can within the bounds of the law to get what she wants. She does have particular, expensive, tastes, especially for things that are sweet when it comes to blood and other things, those who supply the necessities for vampires and other supernaturals know to keep some rather good blood and sweets on hand in case she visits, which usually lightens her mood. occasionally she goes out of her way to learn something new, and enjoys the quiet moments of the night. She despises the sewers, not liking even her people sleeping and remaining there.

== Special Abilities ==
Mist form - able to become flowing mist and travel where she wishes
Vampiric Magic / blood magic
Shadow magic
Telekinetic magic
Necromantic magic

== Special Skills ==

== Special Equipment ==
dark / goth cloths
black gloves
wine glasses
Black 10 passenger Lincoln Limousine

== Background ==
Born in the Chicago area, Victoria came from a long line of vampires that controlled the region due to their knowledge and power in the region. She remained aloof from most others during her life, She learned how to make herself appear less vampiric, and how to blend in with the humans around her, this allowed her to go to school with humans and to get a considerable education over the years. She learned a lot about history and government. While her parents had control of the region she worked in the mayor’s office as a secretary for a time, and as an operative for her parents. She’d always had an affinity for magic, and it made her a powerful ally and asset for her family, with her magic and other skills she was a good natural deterrent from the interests that she and her family had.

Eventually the time came for her to take her place as Head Vampire for the region and let her parents enjoy their quiet retirement, she’s been the head vampire for around 20 years now, rather new in many cases, but she shows promise and fine diplomatic and leadership skills.

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Added character to wiki pending approval.

There is some discussion among the staff on exactly what you mean by Blood Magic and Shadow Magic, @Dasfier if you could elaborate. This will be a powerful position, so I don’t mind the character being powerful, but I would like to know how you imagine those abilities. I also took out Telekinesis because that is a psionic ability. You can still replicate similar behavior with spells and magic, I just don’t want there to be confusion about what she can actually do. Being both psionic and magic user is exceedingly rare and I don’t see a real need for it in this case.

that’s fair. As far as blood magic goes, I’m imagining it would be primarily similar to vampires in skyrim having a special spell that allows them to sap life from enemies, that being said, I think this magic could sap not only life but their strength as well, though it wouldn’t boost her own, more like she would recover from injuries and spent strength. This could also include blood manipulation, either from enchanting the blood directly to make her always aware of where someone or something is, or through actually using the blood either as a weapon or as a method to control a prisoner, Avatar the Last Airbender: Bloodbending type of deal I guess, though it wouldn’t be very common for her.

For her to use it as a weapon she’d have to have access to exposed blood near her.

As for Shadow Magic, it’s would be similar to the Shadow Man’s natural abilities, she can step into and through shadows, move without being detected, even summon darkness to cover a small area. It’s mostly mobility magic stuff, though there may be some stuff that could fit, like a shadow / magic hand that she can use to interact with things from a range if she so chose, like force lift / choke kind of deal.

I’d be fine if some of that is a little much and edits need to be made, honestly I’d only see her using actual bloodbending / manipulation only when necessary, rather than all the time to show off how powerful she is, she’s not really one to show off what power she already has.

Based on what you said @Dasfier I added these specifics to the sheet about blood and shadow magic. Let me know what you think.

Blood Magic

  • Life Steal

Can recover from injuries quickly by stealing the life force of others without touching them.

  • Strength Steal

Can sap the physical strength of others, though does not augment her own strength.

  • Blood Manipulation

Can enchant blood by touch and make it obey her command, requires concentration. Blood would stay fresh-looking while in effect and be able to move as liquid as well as warn to the presence of others.

Can be used on a living host, though a live host weakens the effect. Manipulation of living blood would require overcoming the willpower of the living person.

Cannot be used to possess a person, though can be used to control a corpse / create a zombie. Zombies are short lived and require concentration to maintain though range is unlimited.

  • Blood Attack

Can create a sudden but temporary disruption in the blood of an enemy causing lasting damage. This disrupts the persons body by momentarily seizing control of their blood. This ability limited to line-of-sight but does not require touch.

Shadow Magic

  • Travel by Shadow

Can be used to teleport between shadows.

  • Concealment

Can make shadows darker and less easily penetrated by sight, hiding the occupant.

  • Shadow Possession

Can possess a human-sized or smaller shadow creating an unseen servant. This shadow has limited capabilities but can interact in simple ways with the outside world. It cannot carry items nor be used to directly attack, though it can move things limited to no more than 4-5 pounds. Continuous focus is not required, range is limited as the shadow must

  • Shadow Attack

Can use ones own shadow (or a nearby shadow) to attack though choking, punching, kicking, or other such blunt force attacks. Requires line-of-sight.

  • Shadow Lift

Can use ones own shadow to lift them up, require concentration and line-of-sight.

Looks good to me and makes sense based on the outlines that were put together.

Application approved, wiki updated as listed above.