VIC, the Voice Interface for Computer (MSAI) and DSC Starsailer

{{Character Box
|player= Ryū Ketsueki#1192
|name= VIC
|fullname= Voice Interface for Computer
|race= Sentient AI for the dragonkind
|alignment= True Neutral
|gender= Takes the form of a female fire dragon
|height= Holographic form can vary from 5 to 7 feet
|haircolor= Bright blonde
|eyecolor= Purple
|creationdate= Unknown date of initial activation
|creationplace= DSC Starsailer
|universe= Blazing Umbra

VIC stands for Voice Interface for Computer, originally only a program of natural speech for the computer of Starsailer. Later evolved into a fully sentient AI, it is the heart of the ship as well as an accurate repository of information for the dragonkind. Her directive is of assisting the crew of Starsailer in missions, as well as forming a bond with them and the ship, while answering only to the highest ranking dragon officer aboard the ship, which is Commander Sarah Aruana.

VIC mimmicked the personality and resolve of the commander of Sarah Aruana to better make the crew used to herself, as it was part of her programming to do so. Eventually, she developed a personality of her own but still maintained references to the original personality she acquired from Sarah. VIC is very charming and welcoming at first glance but with a posture of authority when in command, changing to a posture of submission when Sarah is in command. She maintains a formal and professional behavior with the crew of Starsailer when in duty and a more casual, social and friendly behavior when not in duty.

Heavily influenced by the database of the dragons aboard Starsailer, VIC also speaks and behaves like them, down to the body language in the holographic form. Her hologram resemble the fire dragon subspecies, the one that most resemble the classic eastern dragons from china. She got two horns on her head, a muzzle, purple eyes and a very mature looking physical, being compared to a dragon in their first to second century of life, comparable to a human in their 30s. She also got a pair of wings and fur running down from the top of the head down to the tail, taking a plume-like format. The physique is also following the dragon perspective of beauty, being considered extremely attractive. Everything is in the right proportion.

One of the most notable features is actually the athletic physique given to the holographic form, compatible with the social organization of the dragon subspecies that put the fire dragons as inspiring leaders and warriors. VIC’s preferred height for the holographic form is of seven feet, although she changes the height on the fly, depending on who she is interacting with. If with Sarah, she is six feet tall, to be at the same level with the water dragon. If with a shorter person, she has no problem of being only five feet tall.

== Special Abilities ==
;Fast computational power: As an AI, VIC has an extremely high speed of processing data, capped only by the network she finds herself in.

== Special Skills ==
;Repository of dragon knowledge: Having assimilated the data aboard Starsailer as part of her own program, she knows everything there is to know about the dragonkind up to that point, which she says it is until the year 2000. But it can be updated if VIC has access to a more up-to-date database.
;The best of dragonkind: Balancing the good vs the evil, VIC realized that it is much better to simply follow expectations by doing what is considered correct in her database. As a result, anything that requires a certain degree of skill, VIC can replicate to the same level Commander Data used to do in the Enterprise D. This includes but not exclusively, physical activities like sports and martial artis, mental activities such as chess, debate, and support activities, like counseling. This is limited only by the current database on Starsailer, which had mostly scientific and historical registries.
;Direct access to computer systems: Much like Data, VIC can access the computer of any ship and station and issue commands as long as she has the right access codes.

== Background ==
VIC, short for Voice Interface for Computer after a translation of the systems aboard Starsailer, is literally what the name implies. Originally created to make the computer interaction feel more natural and organic if compared to actual interpersonal interactions, compared to JARVIS in the MCU, it eventually gained a mind of its own after being accessed by HAL, inadvertently sharing code. This has made the computer systems aboard Starsailer nearly overload and be lost for any kind of repair to be made, if they weren’t shut down before it all happened. It was then transferred to a much bigger network that had more computational power than Starsailer, where the AI could expand and stabilize while also under observation.

The result was an AI that assimilated the entire dragon database aboard Starsailer, including culture, customs, history, beliefs, science and knowledge. At first, the rate of evolution of the AI was alarming, something observed in the past when Control took over the Section 31. However, Lieutenant Commander Aruana was confident that this newly born AI would not become evil but actually learn the values and morals the dragons themselves have and were registered on Starsailer. If not, HAL could be capable of predicting if the opposite would happen and disable it. HAL evolved in the g a r d e n incident and learned to make the systems more secure to prevent an attack of the same level again, preventing that VIC did that, in the possibility it would.

After power up was complete, VIC started to immediately look for the highest ranking dragon officer in the vicinity, this being Sarah Aruana. A holographic projection of a female fire dragon was created in front of the water dragon. “Standing by for command”, or the equivalent in dragon language, the AI said while bowing the head, much like a dragon would do. This was protocol for the old VIC and it was the first thing the new one did. While this startled Sarah, she responded in the same language “Who are you?”

The AI gave a full designation as was understood by their programming, saying it was a Voice Interface for Computer, meant to make work with the computer of Starsailer more like talking with a real person, capable of simulating emotions and even developing a relationship, much like a virtual friend. The AI also explained that they would answer to the highest in command of Starsailer but because the ship has no dragons aboard, one in the closest vicinity was searched for, this one being Sarah. This meant that VIC will answer to Sarah and Sarah only, until a new directive is given.

To make sure the data assimilation was what she expected, Sarah made more and more questions, all being answered to the last byte of precision. When asked if the AI would disobey or do different from any of that data, the answer surprised Sarah. “To sin against the Sovereign would be punished with death. I will not do that”. This response made Sarah intrigued. Could this AI really have developed a consciousness of its own, self aware as an actual being who thinks and acts like an actual dragon?

Finding it enough reason to study this new AI further, Sarah asked for permission to focus on studying this new AI, who she called VIC, the acronym for its full designation. All system calls were locked away by HAL, except only for the holographic controllers to allow VIC to go around with Sarah until she was proven to be trustworthy.

== DSC Starsailer ==

A direct translation of the name in dragon language, the Starsailer is a solar-powered of about the same capacity as the NX-Class but with a different configuration. Created to be the middle ground between a scout ship and a fully fledged starship, it is fairly small but not as small as the Archer, Nova and Defiant starship classes, having a total of twelve decks and solar sails coming from the bow section of the ship, responsible to gather energy from the solar radiation and store it on the batteries inside the ship. The full crew compliment would be of a hundred and could be pushed to an absolute max of 150 with hot bunking, with anything higher being beyond what is recommended for this ship before the crew start feeling claustrophobic.

The ship’s propulsion systems are composed of a standard warp system with two nacelles that pop out from the port and starboard of the hull horizontally before going to warp. Those nacelles are more similar to the ones from the terran battlecruisers in the StarCraft universe than the ones of federation design. Another propulsion method is the Inter Mundos drive. It uses a temporal displacement field or equivalent to unbind the ship from space while still keeping a self contained pocket of time inside the ship. This allows the ship to fly at relativistic speeds disregarding time or even give the illusion that time stopped, being invaluable for escape routes, considering how it does not have enough firepower for intense combat. With enough planning and complex calculations, it is possible to use this unbound state to cross universes, being what gave this propulsion method the name Inter Mundos, although this would require a lot of energy, more than what the batteries can provide for a long jump, for example.

Being solar powered is also what makes this ship almost entirely environmental friendly, with the warp system only necessary to form the warp shell for travel, not having a warp core inside to generate energy. All energy comes from the batteries, which already have a very large capacity, being one of the very few examples of ancient dragon technology being still employed on this ship, hinting that this ship predates the accord that was phasing out ancient technology in favor of contemporary technology.

The tactical systems embarked on the ship are not enough for enduring a battle in the late 24th century, requiring a refit with better capable tactical systems. Before putting Starsailer back to service, a team of engineers started working on replacing the non essential pieces of ancient technology with contemporary equivalents, making the ship more reliable and less unpredictable. Some of the new additions were six new shield generators, one for each cardinal direction in 3D space, along with four phaser strips, four phase cannons, two torpedo launchers and more efficient solar sails, as the previous ones had efficiency issues. It was also discovered that Starsailer had two phase emitters, one on each side of the ship, port and starboard, capable of firing what the computer described as solar lances, beams that would go through a short distance before having to cool down and reload, good for long distance slicing, hinting that it could slice asteroids, pierce through plating and even cause severe damage on a planet’s surface. It was categorized in the computer as one of the contemporary pieces of technology, so it was fire tested and studied before primed for use in service.

The refit and improvements made the Starsailer a fully capable starship for its size, comparable to the USS Defiant, although not being as small. The controls are not Solas Tempus standard, requiring a learning curve to operate the ship efficiently, although VIC is always willing to help in that regard.

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