Vex Attack Arc - Bucket's Storyline

So @Buckethead started a story about the attack of Vex, so I’d like to invite him to post some links to information and such, tell us more about what he wants to do so that we can fire it up. Honestly, it sounds like a lot of fun. Especially getting prepared for battle and such, since it obviously involves magic and the like.

A link to a synopsis can be found here, for those that don’t know. This is an opportunity for people to post questions and for Bucket to tell us more about what he’s got in mind. This is his story, however, so it goes kind of in the direction he wants it to.

Given the scale, this will probably be scheduled as well.

Sooo, the Vex lore given on most sites just talks about their interactions with other races in the game universe, so give me a little bit to compile things together in a gdoc, which I will link here. Questions are more than welcome.

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