USS Akron - Act 1 - Scheduled

Alright, so a while ago we did a teaser for the USS Akron. I’ve selected a final date for the event to occur. We will be having two sessions, tomorrow, (Sunday, May 6th). Each will last approximately 2 hours. The first is 11a-1p US Eastern Time, the 2nd is for 6-8p US Eastern Time.

Anyone who would like to participate may participate, it will be an open event taking place live on the server. We will be doing 2 sides of the same sequence. The first will be 11a-1p and will be boarding of the USS Akron, a boarding party will go aboard as an exploratory mission. The plan will not be to resolve the situation, but rather gain information.

The second will take place on Nimbus and will be related to the first, may also involve space combat (depending on how things go).

I have added them to the calendar, and reminders will be posted to the server as the occur.

Remember, the idea here is to have a mix of combat and thought, so I caution everyone participating to be prepared to think about how to resolve the situation, as fighting may not be the answer.

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