Upon this Bank and Shoal of Time (Lance and Drem)

The USS Excalibur was ready to depart, she had been completely resupplied, it wasn’t required. They had enough for the short trip but Lance always hated to leave without being fully supplied, one never knew what was going to happen. He had donned the new uniform now, showing his rank as Fleet Admiral. The ship was waiting for Drem to come aboard, he wasn’t sure if she was going to take her runabout or not, but either way they waited…

One of his officers said, “Admiral, Operations has cleared us for departure.”

So Lance just nodded, “Signal that we are awaiting one final person to join us and we will depart.”

There was nothing more to say at that point. They had not set a specific time, but Lance did send a signal to Drem, it was just text…

Your chariot aways my love.

Was all it said.

Drem had packed her study up, few pens, a pencil, The journal and book itself, and such… She had taken herself to the holodeck before she would head out with lance… She knew it was probably a bit dangerous to relieve her mind like that right before something like this, but she did so anyway.
As she grabbed the small bag, she changed into her uniform, made sure she had her study and extra small things before exiting her quarters, Drem had decided she wasn’t going to take her runabout, as it would be easier to just go on the excalibur. She takes a deep breath, as she walked through the hallways. Then she recieved the message, she smiled… Then lance could see her enter the dockingbay, just a few moments after he sent her the message. She would board the USS excalibur. She wore uniform, Hair was back in a braid, small bag hanging from her shoulder, Most likely with her study and smaller essentials. She looked to be in a calm state, like usual.

Once Drem was on board he gave a nod to the helm officer, “Take us out.” and the large Galaxy Class ship’s docking clamps released, thrusters pushed her away from the port and then, as the port retracted into the slip she moved forward and left Blazing Umbra. The impulse drive fired up moments later, they were going to take the jump gate, it consumed far less power than using the DFD. The Excalibur could be seen opening its drive plasma vents as it approached the ate, leaving a pretty trail of blue plasma in its wake that quickly dissipated. Now that the nacelles were offline, he signaled for the gate to open.

The blue swirl of energy opened into the funnel and in they went, emerging in Hyperspace. It was a swirl of black and red energies that was absolutely endless, the Excalibur sped up to full impulse and set a course for the Pandora beacon. It would take a while to get there, so Siv got up and headed down to greet Drem, she hadn’t really met the woman yet. Lance had talked to her, about what happened on the summit, Siv was genuinely pleased to have Lance feel good about something, but she was concerned too. The number of times that Drem had died or been lost was, well far higher than average. She shuddered to think of what might happen to him if she was lost again. Still, none of that was her fault, Drem hardly had any control over such things really, nobody did. So Siv entered the turbolift and headed down to find Drem, she’d asked the computer where to find the woman, so that is where the turbolift was headed.

Drem had just exited the airlock of the docking bay. She was currently on deck 25. She was just looking around for the moment, As she never usually did much when on another’s ship. she would wait to see what she was told to do, or where to go.

The turbolift was just down the corridor, not far away at all. It came to a stop and Siv got off, she smiled at Drem - they had only ever seen each other in passing before. She extended a hand, “I’m Commander Siv, you must be Drem, right? Captain Confoscho, I mean.” She smiled at the woman, it wasn’t that it was cold smile or anything just a very professional one. She had no idea what Drem knew about her and what she didn’t.

Drem knew very little of Siv, only that she was an assistant to Lance, She smiled, Since Siv extended a hand, Drem did the same. "Hello Commander. Feel free to call me Drem or Captain, If you’d like. " she said with her average quiet tone, Drem wasn’t one to talk loud or yell, She rarely ever talked in a normal, louder voice. Of course Siv could understand her voice easily.

Siv nodded as they shook hands, very cordially, “Lance is on the bridge, I can show you to your quarters or we can head up to the bridge?” She was supposed to show Drem to her quarters here on the ship, as per protocol, but somehow she didn’t think Lance would mind giving the woman the option to go see him directly. “I see you brought along some things to read, may I ask what you’re studying?”

“I’d like to be able to see my quarters.” she replied. It was normal for her to want to go to the quarters, sometimes just to look around, but she wanted to know where she would spend some of her time, as drem spent an extreme amount of her time studying, unless someone or something needed or wanted her attention.

The bag was quiet small, it was like a drawstring, just something to take on the go. It held one book, a journal, three pens and two pencils. Drem preferred to write notes and ideas down instead of type them up.
“I’m currently studying Oceanography. It is the study of physical and biological aspects of the ocean.” Some said it was weird that she studied the earth’s ocean, Even though she wasn’t there… She could study the waters of soteria, though…and she planned to do that as well.

Siv nodded, “Of course, right this way.” and she motions Drem back to the turbolift - no matter what they’d have to take it, this deck was rather small. “Do you like the subject, Oceanography? Biology, that kind of thing?” Siv asks with a smile. “None of that was part of my programming, so I’m curious.”

She entered the turbolift
"I’ve always loved the subject… When I was younger, I used to dream of actually living in the underwater world… I thought it would be amazing, I even remember trying to swim in a lake, thinking it was the ocean" she smiled at that memory… “But yeah. I’ve always been fond of the subject.”

Siv told the turbolift to take them to Deck 8, Section 9, where the VIP quarters were. It was actually just down the corridor from Lance’s own room but she didn’t say that to Drem. The turbolift went into motion through the ship with barely a feeling of movement. “Wow, you know, there are a few worlds dominated by water, Glacia has an underwater colony under the permafrost in the northern hemisphere.” she smiled warmly now, trying to break the ice between them a bit. She genuinely liked Lance, while human emotions were complicated to her, she was more than aware that the addition of a more romantic relationship with Drem would undoubtably change his relationship with her. She didn’t mind, unlike humans she didn’t get attached or possessive toward people the same way. Perhaps it was being an AI, perhaps it was having been locked in the computer for so long, either way. She wondered if Drem knew that Lance and her, hell Lance and Shiro had been involved, all at the same time.

Perhaps it was best to keep that to herself for now.

She knew in a small way. Mostly that lance had probably been in multiple relationships, she didn’t mind either way, Drem wasn’t to obsess over someone or something, she would easily share or give away if someone wanted her to… and sadly, that was the type of person she was.

She smiled “I’ve always thought of how it may be nice to visit glacia, But i’ve never found a good time…”

Siv nods slowly, “Well, your studies can be done anywhere, and I’m sure you’d like to visit the new Serenity Concord building?” she made it into a question with that, since she wasn’t entirely sure. Soon enough the turbolift stopped at Deck 8, the doors swished open, “You’re room isn’t far from here.” and she leads the way out of the lift.

She follows Siv as she leads the way.
“I would like to.” She Smiled… Sometimes drem would study in her quarters, sometimes when she was walking around, She preferred to study around the recreational-module when she could. it was calm there…

“Well, I’m sure it can be arranged, if you like, I can, float the idea?” she offered a bit tentatively, it wasn’t as if Drem didn’t have access to someone who could make that happen. She didn’t look up whatever Drem’s current assignment was either. It didn’t matter right now anyway, she was just feeling out this woman for how willing she was to accept an offer, a breaking of bread so to speak. Siv didn’t want to admit it, but she felt awkward in this situation, with this new love of Lance’s - did she have feelings for him? No, of course not, not other than friends anyway. Friends, lovers occasionally, colleagues. Of course.

“Thank you for the offer But…-” She didn’t really know how to reply to saying no… “-But theres just alot of stuff currently going on.” It had gotten awkward for a second, and drem felt a bit odd when it did get awkward… But she answered appropriately.

Drem was sometimes willing to accept offers, but she knew there was a bit too much going on in her head, so maybe another time would be when she would accept an offer like that.

She nodded, “Of course.” Siv let Drem look around for a moment, “At least these Galaxy Class have nice quarters. I’m told, that you grew up on a Saladin Class. I have never been on one personally, but I have been told the rooms there are exceedingly small.” The room had an excellent view of the outside of the ship, on the edge of the saucer. The red glow of Hyperspace gave everything a tint like shining a heat lamp on everything. Siv looked outside a bit, “Forgive me, if this is too much to ask, I do not want to pry. I have not read your file, what is it your assigned to?”

She could trust Siv, How did she know? Anyone who lance trusted, Drem knew it would be safe to trust.
The ship’s view was nice, and drem was able to set the small bag down. She was planning to spend a few bits in here, before going to see lance.
“Well, Being an obscura agent, I was assigned to a certain artifact. With my current research in oceanography, I was assigned to an artifact that was created by a species that died out long ago.” Drem knew she was not to say too much. “The artifact basically… It can lure people in and trap them, Think of it that way.” It was a bit confusing until one thought about it for a moment.

She nodded, “That sounds like something that should definitely not fall into the wrong hands. So what do you know about it? I know that a lot of times credible information on an artifact, of any kind, is difficult to dig up.” She herself was not an Obscura Agent directly, but Lance sort of headed the division, or rather had. With his promotion they were going to need a new head to the organization. Someone had not yet been chosen, Siv wondered if Drem had such aspirations, but didn’t ask.

“Well, I first found the race that originally was ruling the planet, The respa. From then i found different things they worshipped as idols, Finding an artifact with the properties of what i’m looking for. Most of my information is found through extensive research in history books. So far I know that this artifact is atleast… 20,000 feet deep under the ocean. There is an entrance to the pathways underwater, but its very dangerous to go in without knowing where the artifact activates and traps one inside, as i’ll only have one chance to deactivate it.”