Upcoming Stories - City-Ship and Borg Prequel

There has been a lot of interest in having the Borg show up. I’ve been toying with the idea for months too. We also have an issue where I’d like to replace the Nysa Facility with a Lantean (Stargate Atlantis) City-Ship. I’ve talked about this a while too. Now, I’ve decided that the setup for these two events will go on at the same time in the continuity. That is to say, while they will go on at different times in real-time, in game-time they will happen at the same time.

Our wonderful staffer, @ks0908, has a basic idea of how I want this to happen. While our crew is aboard the City-Ship, an advanced Borg drone will splice into Nysa. While the City-Ship is facing the Wraith and trying to get it to safety, Nysa is going to be under attack and being assimilated. I know this is going to leave some characters out in the cold, as the Borg conflict is going to go on first in real-time, then the City-Ship RP on Friday. For this reason, if it turns out that not enough PC’s are available for the Borg RP because of the City-Ship, we’ll adjust things so that the Borg RP happens just a day or so before the City-Ship RP does, but I’d prefer them to happen at the same time within the continuity.

Right now the City-Ship RP will be Friday but I don’t have an exact time. Since we have time-zone issues, I’d like @icywinterdawn and @Cyro to get back to me about what times are good for them. Then we’ll get times from others. I’d also like to know what @staff members might be able to assist in running the combat so I can focus more on the overall story and the engineering aspects of the City-Ship RP. The Wraith are a very powerful but also very simple foe, I don’t think anyone is going to have issues pinning their nature down to a pattern.