Unknown space and Star Systems

Coruscant Orbit
11:21 AM
19 BBY

Two weeks have passed since the battle of Coruscant. And despite the massive battle that took place in space near the orbit of the massive metropolitan planet, business still went on as usual as freighters, shuttles, frigates, and cargo haulers from all parts of the galaxy came to trade in goods, join political talks and more. But what really occupied the space and orbit of the Republic capital was the Republic fleet consisting of hundreds if not thousands of Venators, Acclamators, Consulars, Arquitens and numerous types of Clone Fighters constantly patrolling and guarding the orbit of the capital planet.

Amongst the massive fleet of Republic ship was a detachment of other Republic Acclamators departing off into other parts of the Galaxy to take part and to resupply Republic forces on the many theaters taking place in the mid and outer rims.

Inside one of the many departing Acclamator bridges stood an armed feminine individual standing before the holo-table and was in the middle of a discussion with her Clone officers, vice-admirals, rear admirals, the regimental commander, majors, captains, and even including a Super Tactical Droid. Unlike the uniformed admirals and officers of the ship’s bridge crew, the Admiral instead wore a suit of armor. Specifically Mandalorian armor, and this woman who stood out to the clones was Admiral Phyllos. One if not the only Mandalorian to attain the rank Admiral of the Republic Navy.

Holding her helmet on the holo-table, her mint green hair seemingly glistens under the bridge interior lighting, the Mandalorian female was in the midst of having a thorough discussion of their plan of action once they reach to the planet Kashyyyk to assist the Wookies against the invading Separatist forces. Before they could even continue further, a clone communication officer interrupts them.

“Admiral.” The communications officer spoke up. Shooting an apologetic look at the Mandalorian. “We’re receiving an incoming transmission from the Jedi Temple requesting for you.”

The Mandalorian gave him a dry look, clearly stating her intentions of not wanting to deal with the Jedi at all but her plans on Kashyyyk. “Can it wait?”

The officer shakes his head in a negative drawing a groan from her. “It’s a top priority transmission ma’am. From the Jedi Council.”

Phyllos groans, even more, feeling a small headache coming. “Put them through. Let hear what those damn di’kuts want now.”

“Patching them through.”

‘Let’s get this done and over with.’ Phyllos mentally thought. Prepping herself to deal with the oncoming headache when it comes to dealing with the Jedi in Military matters.

- 5 Minutes Later -

“You want me to WHAT!?!” Phyllos screeched. In just five minutes into the discussion, the Jedi manage to somehow piss her off again. The reason? Her orders to head over to Kashyyyk to assist the Wookies with Yoda has been belayed and ordered with the mission to accompany Obi-Wan Kenobi and the 212th Battalion to Utapau. The thing is, she wouldn’t actually mind tagging with Obi-Wan but what made her angry was the fact that this order was so fucking last-minute as her ship was filled with vehicles meant for the wide areas of Kashyyyk but no! The Jedi instead ask her to fight in a blasted city area where deployment of her troop’s vehicles would be difficult!

Pushing her anger aside, she had to inform that her troop’s vehicles aren’t even designed for the kind of terrain they were going to fight in. Yet the Jedi Council seems to ignore that even going to say that she just needs her troops to fight without the help of their walkers and vehicles. Before she could even rebuke what they even suggested, the dark-skin Jedi master cuts her off saying that she has her orders before cutting the link between them and her.

Phyllos pinch her nose in utter frustration directed at the sheer tactical stupidity of Jedi Council they kept pulling off in this damn war. Too many good soldiers died due to them.

“What now Admiral?” Her Regimental Commander asks. His arms crossed feeling rather miffed at the Council’s decision.

“We join up with the 212th Fleet, Commander.” Phyllos answered. Clearly annoyed. “Frakking Jetti.” Looking back at the holo-screens of the bridge cameras and sensors viewing the numerous ships traveling off into hyperspace to their destination of the war.

“Set Hyperdrive coordinates to Utapau helmsman.” Phyllos ordered, still looking at the bridge holo-screens. “Alert to all stations to Alert 0. I want our deflector shields at the ready and our weapons hot once we exit out from Hyper jump.”

"Yes Admiral!"

A flurry of activity from the bridge crew as the place was in controlled chaos with each clone officer going about sending messages and communicating with other stations of the ship to be combat ready.

“Commander.” Referring to the Clone Commander at the Holo table. "Get down to the men and prep them for immediate deployment. Get the transport ships loaded before we reach there. Take Sparks with you to assist. "

“Yes, Admiral.” The clone commander saluted, later on, gestering to the Super Tactical Droid to follow.

Still looking at the holo-screen, Phyllos would here one of the navigators counting down for the Hyperjump.

“Entering into Hyperspace in 5…4…3…2…1…mark.”

Soon her view of the stars in the black void starts to stretch out, feeling a familiar pull in her body knowing that the Cabur was now entering Hyperspace once and for all.

- 3 Hours later -

“-will be our best spot to land our transports.” Phyllos pointed out to one of the sinkhole city areas. “Once we arrived, Obi-Wans ships will have the attention of the Separatist ships allowing us and a few Venators escort us in to drop off the 75th Regiment in. As the gunship fly do-”

“Admiral! We’re detecting an anomaly in the Hyperspace lane!”

“Wha?” Phyllos turns her attention to the Navigation Officer calling her out. “What anomaly? Explain?”

“Unknown origin ma’am.” One of the other officers spoke, looking at his console. “It just suddenly pop up in our sensors.”

“Is it dangerous?” The concern Admiral asked.

“Unknown for now ma’am. We’re doing scans now and reviewing the data.”

“Ma’am! Unknown gravitation anomaly just appeared at our starboard! I-Its pulling us in! We’re being pulled out of Hyperspace!”

‘WHAT!?!’ Phyllos shouted mentally with worry. Having heard tales of many hyperspace incidents where ships would get caught in strange anomalies that lead to the ship either ripping apart sucking the crew out in the violent vastness of Hyperspace or the ship exiting somewhere in the unknown region of space.

She snaps out of her thoughts as she felt the Cabur shakes and the same time heard a loud metal groan emanating from the hull of her ship. Phyllos could feel a small knot tying around her stomach, a sense of dread as the Cabur shakes forcing the Mandalorian to stumble a bit. Seeing how the ship shook, Phyllos swiftly dons her Mandalorian helmet and shouts out to the crew.

“Brace yourself!”

The bridge crew did just that seconds before the ship violently exits hyperspace tossing her and a couple clones onto the metal floor in a violent manner. The Mandalorian groans, glad at the fact she was wearing her helmet given how she was thrown to a bloody wall and second being her ship was still in one piece. Slowly getting up, ignoring the ache all over her body, she brushes off the concern questions and request from her troopers and crew.

“Status report!?”

Her question/demand was immediately answered.

“Hull integrity still at 100%!”

“No hull-breaches across the hull Admiral!”

“Both main and auxiliary thrusters are down and cold! We’re drifting!”

“Our Hyperdrive is down and unresponsive!”

“Weapons and Deflector Shield systems are down!”

“Long-range Sensors are down, Short-range Sensors are functioning at half-capacity.”

“Life support systems are still green and functioning!”

“Communication systems are down! Reestablishing connection!”

“Getting reports from all stations. Reports states they suffered casualties! No fatalities, requesting for medical assistance! Engineering teams are being deployed to fix essential systems”

Taking the information given, Phyllos’ mind was in overdrive, thinking of contingencies and plans to issues to her man on how to deal with the situation. With everything soon planned out, she barks out several orders to her crew.

“I want all essential systems repaired and up running. I want it done yesterday! We’re sitting ducks without our armaments and shields get engineers to see the problem! ASAP! Reheat the engines to get them back up and running! Keep a lookout for any Republic frequency so we can hail them! Deploy Recon probes to scout out the area so we can find out where we are and lastly, I want all those with injuries to report to the Infirmary to get yourself fix up!”

"Yes Admiral!"

Again, the bridge of the Cabur was in a flurry of activity and chaos with clones moving back and forth doing their assigned tasks, communicating and coordinating with other parts of the ship, detailing instructions to the others. They knew the odds and if they don’t get this done as soon as possible, they can kiss this ship goodbye if a Separatist ship were to find them. Phyllos simply watch the barely functioning Holo-screens, wondering what was going to happen in the future and something in her gut that this was going to be both stressful and interesting.

At least she still has her stash of Mando alcohol hidden in her quarters.

Recon drones were soon immediately deployed from the ship’s hangars, going about through the vastness of unknown space, approximately hundred of drones traveling, marking out points of interests, landmarks, stars, and nearby planets. One of those planets being frozen dead planet that was the furthest from the system’s sun and from quite a distance was a Gas giant.

Franciszka was in her Gundam Bael performing some maneuvers near the Umbral Shipyards of the gas giant Schatten IV. Naturally once The shipyards detected the specific signature of a splice an advisory was given out to all nearby friendly ships to intercept and engage in communications with whatever or whomever spliced in. Franciszka being the closest decided to fly over to the approximate source of the splice. On the way to Schatten V she would pick up the heat signature of the Acclamator from all the warm bodies and warm electronics. She figured since the ship wasn’t moving something was wrong with the ship. She approaches in a non hostile manner and tries to hail the ship.

Pegasus would soon after join on Franciszka, staying bit behind, sending message to her that they follow her lead. Ship would be on yellow alert, with rised shield but unpowered arnament.

Megan entered bridge after leaving Jedi Jyn on other deck to get situation report and sat at captains chair, she proposed Jyn to come to bridge with her, and girl told she will in moment after she finish reading that DEFINITELY interesting public information about gel packs used in some places around ship

Where ever there mother went the boys of Tekkadan followed, the shinko and Franca followed closely behind her while Gundam barbatos, Flauros, And gusion flew escort

“I want a sitrep” Phyllos demanded, Calling out to her officers and engineers(who were know present) to update on their progress in getting the Cabur back working into full capacity so that they won’t become easy pickings for anyone with unfriendly intentions.

One of the communication officers soon replies and answers Phyllos question. “Got good news, Engine room teams manage to get our propulsion system up and running. Engineering team 57 and 68 manage to get the hyperdrive up and running.”

Now that brought a smile to her face. “What else?”

“That’s all ma’am.”

And there goes her smile. “Not even our offensive and defensive systems? Even our communications array?”

“Unfortunately so ma’am.”


And it soon just got worse by the second.

“Admiral! Radar is picking up several unidentified objects approaching on our port side rear!”

“Show me.” She ordered, turning back to look at the hologram of the Cabur, the local planets she was near and the unidentified objects heading towards them. Seeing how the objects covered the distance between them and her ship from the gas giant sort of put her off at how fast they were moving. Nevermind that, she needed confirmation if they were Separatist forces or not.

“Do we have any scout drones near their position?” She asks.

“Yes. We have a couple that should have a visual range of the approaching objects.”

“Good. Connect to their cameras and put them on screen.”

“Connecting. Visual feed coming up.”

Immediately the hologram of the map fizzles out, being replaced by the live recording of the visual cameras of one of the many scout drones nearby. The feed comes up, now showing the live recording of the drone cameras. A distance away, the drone could see several figures speeding through the void, behind them was the distinct shape of a ship with a rather strange but unique, sleek and advanced design to it. The camera zooms in on the group, specifically on the lead group. The image enhances revealing what seems to be a massive droid of sort armed with a variety of weapons which even included what seems to be a massive mace/spear/halberd of sorts.

“Clankers.” It was apparent those machines were combat war droids which can only mean one thing. Her ship was apparently in the middle of a secret testing ground and they were caught right in the middle of some test. With no offensive and defensive measures to protect the Cabur.

“Lock on to the location of the furthest scout drone now.” She instantly ordered.

The Navigation officers and the Vice-Admiral looks at her with confusion behind the order.

“Admiral, what are you planning?” Vice-Admiral Rev inquired.

“Buying us time Vice-Admiral.” Was her swift answer to her co-leader. “Do it now.”

The Navigational officers didn’t waste time as they quickly got to work, reaching out to the furthest drone in the System. With coordinates locked in, the officers look back signaling the completion of their task.

“Good. Now activate the Hyperdrive and get us out of here.”

The crew now understanding their admiral’s plan does so, not even questioning or warning Phyllos the risks of doing such a maneuver. With the hyperdrive now charged, one of the officer’s starts a count down to zero and without hesitation, pulls down the lever.

Immediately, the Cabur starts to move at a snail’s pace, her thrusters gradually picking up speed and soon shoots off, disappearing from view as it hyperjumps away from the approaching Mobile Suits.

“what the?” Franca says in her mobile suit. “Indra where did the ship go?”

Indra scans the area as shidens deploy from their ships “I don’t know mom…I think it jumped away or some crap…like I’ve seen with those other ships. Aki contact the base and see what you can learn!”

Jyn spoke up on Pegasus bridge
“Captain, if i may, this ship appears to be an Acclamator class, a assault ship that doubles as troop trasport. It use hyperdrive for FTL propulsion, it headings are limited to ships facing side, you could also look for residual energy from hyperspace wake, which will point general direction as well”

One of officer would display system map with last known position of Acclamator on it, then draw line forward and two more slanted creating sort of cone then shook head “Sir, this is still lot of space”

megan sighed “prepeare probes, set transmiter to broadcast general message of peace and welcome and include datapacket about situation, go simple, i want them to know we’re frendlies. Helm prepeare warp drive, i want to be able to get to that ship before they run again. Share probes feed to Indra and Franciszka” Megan paused “Also prepeare transporter room, if everything else fail, we can send somoene there when we catch up”

2 Probes were fired from pegasus, and flew toward presumed heading of Acclamator, they would start transmiting telemetry to pegasus Indra and Franca, at same time as sending general welcome, we come in peace message into open space hoping it will allow them to calm down crew of unknown vessel and to open talk

“Give me some good news Officer.” Phyllos stated, watching the blue space outside the ship the cameras were recording live. Turning to her back, facing the communications officer who salutes to her. “At ease. This better be something good.”

“Y-Yes.” The clone slightly stammered. Composing himself, he quickly proceeds with his report. “Got word with the team working on the ship’s armaments and Shield projectors are now running at full capacity.”

Yay for dakka.

“Good. What else.” She inquired.

“Teams repairing the Communications area reported in that the array should be up in fifteen minutes tops Admiral. That’s all I have to report.”

“That’s a relief.” She stated with a smile. Soon the familiar beeping of her wrist communicator catches her attention. With a single tap on the communicator, the voice of Regimental Commander Trev fills the air.

“Admiral. It’s Trev here, got some good news. We manage to get our fighter wings back up working and are ready for deployment if needed.”

That piece of news made her smile larger. Answering back the call, she speaks. “Good work Trev, once we exit Hyperspace, deploy five wings of Interceptors. Short range patrol. I want bombers loaded up with Ion torpedoes.”

“Yes, Admiral. Trev out.”

“can mobile suits do the same thing or something similar?” she asks indra

“Sorry to say mom they can’t, most we can do is fly super fast but that’s about all…” he mutters as he slams his hand against the cockpit wall “Aki when we find that ship again blast its fucking engines”

megan turned to tactical station
“Discharge shield emiters, i want to show some good faith when we meet them. same to phasers. continue long range scans. make sure we don’t appear as threat so we can get closer and establish contact. prepeare two more probes but don’t fire them”
she then turned to Jyn
“We need as much information about that ship as possible, including how to disable it without dealing too much damage”
Jyn noded and walked to tactical station and started to share information she was aware of about acclamator system, mostly basics and what is where on decks

Megan sighed, this is going to be long day “Science, try to work with engineering to use ships light to transmit message visually in Morse and work with engineers to make it work before we find them”

“Would our two ships be able to do the same?” she asks

“We don’t have any jump technology like that…just normal engines and shit that’s all mom…sorry”

“Exiting hyperspace now Admiral.” One of the bridge bunnies announced.

“Good. All hands, we’re exiting hyperspace, I want all stations to be on high alert. Marines, prepare to fend off boarders, Pilots, prepare for sortie and gunners, blast anything that tries to come close.” Phyllos announced to the Cabur’s crew via the ship’s speakers. Later gazing at the blue space outside the ship.

“Exiting in 3, 2, 1.”

Instantly, the blue canvas of hyperspace was then replaced with a familiar inky black void of real space. The ship sensors now at full capacity detected numerous signatures around the ship both from afar and near the Republic Assault ship. Information of the surroundings was transmitted back to the bridge bunnies showing results of the scan. Most obvious being what seems to be a small rocky planet rich in minerals and ore, from a good distance by millions of kilometers away was an extremely dense asteroid belt that would serve a protective barrier for the Cabur from scanners.

Minutes later after exiting from Hyperspace, the crew were on their toes, ready to respond to any sort of threats. The marines would do regular patrols across the ship bulks and corridors alongside with captured reprogrammed Battle Droids, specifically B2s and B1s and an occasional Droideka rolling by and a squad of Commando droids.

Not a moment too soon, the Cabur sensors detect a spike of energy coming from the front, the same energy that caused the recent Hyperspace incident the crew of the Cabur suffered. This time it detected five such readings.

From the bridge, Phyllos could help but narrow her eyes seeing the anomaly taking place as 5 identical wormholes spontaneously appear tearing a hole through the void of space shooting out objects what seems to be ships of sorts. Though with a rather strange design to them.

“Ghk” Grunted the Admiral of the EFSF Gaia, having been nearly thrown off from her command seat, wanting answers, she calls out to the bridge crew for answers after having to recover from the sudden gravitational force of the splice. The last thing she remembered was her ship being one of the few remaining present EFSF combat ships that survived the battle of Baoa Qu and during the aftermath, her wolf pack spotted a group of 4 Musai-class Light Cruisers escaping the battlefield.

With orders from the top, her task was to pursue and destroy them. Her group was close to being in range of the escaping Zeon ship’s until one of radar-man informed of a spacial anomaly taking place in front of the escapades. Being the closest, she recklessly broke formation from her wolf pack to pursue after the escaping ships that were entering the strange blue portal chalking it up as some Zeon experimental ship equipment which given her more reason to break formation to pursue them.

Her ship barely made it even at maximum thrust. It happened so fast when her ship entered the anomaly, she shuddered at the experience, remembering the feeling of being stretch by some unknown force and the constant churning in her stomach and chest alongside the head-inducing pain and nausea she suffered.

Her thoughts were soon interrupted by the voices of her bridge crew reporting in.

“Engine Core has spun to zero! We’re drifting!”

“Vertical Launch System tubes are cold. I’ll have to reheat the system.”

“Minovosky Particle Fusion Generator is functioning at half-capacity, rerouting power!”

“Sensors and Radars functioning at 65% capacity!”

“Receiving static on all allied bands!”

“Hull integrity still stable! No breaches!”

“All stations reporting in, all green Kaichou!”

The admiral soaks in the information given to her by the bridge crew like a sponge later churning out a plan of action which she proceeds to instruct them what to do. She turns to her gunner’s mate to address first.

“Do it,” Next was the navigation and communications officers, “find out where we are and hail out to any nearby Earth Federation forces.”


“Wheres our targets?”

“Unknown ma’am! The ship’s sensor’s did not pick up anything once we returned back to space!”

The Japanese woman scowled, wiping her black side locks from barring her view of the bridge’s windscreens. She seats back, her long ponytail pressed against the leather layering while the woman sneers. “Damn Zeon bastards…”

“Kaichou!” One of the radar and sensor-man called her. “There’s an object, coming into view now.”

The admiral at first thought it was the Zeon forces she was looking, a predatory smile gracing her lips but that was thrown out of the window as she caught sight of the object her crew mate informed her off. It was clearly a ship, a big one at that and by far the biggest ship she has ever laid her eyes on. It had a wedge-ship like design with large tube-like thrusters on the rear and was brimming with serious firepower.

And it was not of Zeon design too nor had the insignia they usually have on them.

Admiral Natsuki Hinata gulps, starting to regret her impulsiveness in chasing after those Zeon ships.

Science officer turned to Megan
“Sensors report additional splice signatures, locating them right now”

Megan shook head standing up and looking at science console “this day is turning better. Helm, lay in course to new splices, Tactical, there is chance our friends from before will be there too. i want security teams on standby in critical location in case they suprise us with more than FTL”

Tactical officer would confirm order and start directing security teams to posts

helm officer would respond shortly after when he finished to put location of splice signatures into nav computer “Course laid in”

“Very well” said megan sitting in her chair " send coordinates to Indra and Franciszka and get us there. i want to hail new ships as soon as we leave warp speed best would be all at same time… Yellow Alert"

after sending data packet to others pegasus would enter warp speed going toward source of splices

“oh well guess we will have to go back to our maneuvers, dont think we’ll be able to pursue them further. There is no telling how far they went.”

“That’s where you’re wrong mom…Tekkadan form up!” Indra yells over the comms “we may not be able to warp jump of whatever the fuck they’re doing but our mobile suits have the speed to hit these shit stains before they can!” He says with a grin as barbatos takes off towards the coordinates leaving a blue streak behind him as the others follow

“Hmmmmmm…” Phyllos hummed, stroking her helmet chin, staring at the holographic form of the strange frigate that was floating by at her ship’s port side. Judging from the sleek design, the small but angled bridge alongside what seems to be a secondary bridge placed on a rather peculiar position, box-like missile pods and silos, torpedo tubes, bulbous twin-barreled turrets placed in strategic spots to provide good point defense for a ship its size and what seems to be its only main cannon which was definitely not a turbo-laser of sorts. A curious part of her wondered if the cannon was some sort of slug thrower.

Phyllos then switches her attention to the other ships displayed on the holo-table and stared at the ridiculous design choice of the olive green ships. Whoever thought of designing this damn ship had his head up his god damn asshole. Just one look at the fish-like design of the ship’s hull, Phyllos could already see several if not major weaknesses and flaws to the damn ship. The most glaring ones were its pair of propulsion engine units attached to the ship through a single thin strut. Just blowing one of those would send the ship off balance. Second, was the lack of point-defense turrets around the ship seeing how it only had a pair of rear point-defense turrets. Third, was the bridge being at the highest point which was simply shouting to hit it.

She could list down all the flaws but didn’t, as the Mandalorian had more important things to worry about.

“What’s the status of the Cabur?” She inquired.

Her vice admiral answers. “She’s functioning at full capacity Admiral. Communications team has been trying to hail to any nearby Republic forces, Deflector shields are raised, weapon systems are hot and ready to fire at a moment’s notice and fighter squadrons are ready for deployment.”

“Good. Good.” Phyllos nods. Later staring off into the void outside. “Oh, marked those ships as Unknown 1 to 5.”

“Status on the ship!?” Natsuki demanded.

“Engineering managed to get the reactor and propulsion up and running at half capacity Admiral!” One of the technicians spoke. “But we are still working on the other systems!”

“Then work faster! We’re sitting ducks here!” She replied back with a snarl, annoyed at the situation she thrust herself, her crew and her ship into. Japanese woman, lets out an annoyed huff, looking back at the strange ship from afar and so far it remained in the same position since her ship arrived into unknown space.

‘They haven’t attacked us nor send any sorts of a boarding party…unless…’ It then dawned on her. Turning to the communications team. “Connect me to CIC and tell them to signal the unknown with Blinker-Light signaling. I will relay the message contents.”

“Yes, Admiral. Connecting you to CIC.”

“Admiral. Look.” Phyllos second-in-command pointed.

“Hmmm?” Phyllos hummed curiously, looking at the direction her second-in-command was pointing at. The unknown frigate named Unknown 5. She could see a series of blinking lights coming from its starboard bridge. She immediately recognizes it.

“Their signaling to us. Morse code.” Phyllos muttered. Studying the patterned flashes of light.

“Friendly. All essential systems are down but life support. Requesting assistance.” Her Vice Admiral read out.

Before Phyllos could issue an order, one of the bridge bunnies shouted out something.

“Admiral! Unknown 1 to 4 is approaching our forward bow.” The Sensor-man stated but had had a look of surprise on his face. “Detecting unknown massive energy output from Unknown 1 to 4! Their opening fire!”

It was an attack. Not too long, Phyllos could see twelve pink lances of pure energy spear through the dark void of space and closing in the distance between them and her ship.

“Brace yourself!” She shouted.

The bridge crew did just that, bracing for the upcoming barrage. Within seconds, the first four energy lances smash into the Cabur’s forward bow, instead of melting through the hull, it instead meets the ship’s shielding. Like water, it splashes across the shielding before dissipating into the void. The ship rocks violently throwing off a couple of clones off their feet from the impact. The last two energy lances overshot the Cabur by a couple of meters away to the left missing the wedge-shape ship completely.

“Status!” Phyllos roared out.

“Shields at 83%!”

Phyllos snarled menacingly. “Helmsman, turn to our starboard side and accelerate the Cabur at full thrust. Keep us out of their engagement zone.”

“What about Unknown 5?”

“The crew should be safe since we’re being focused on.”

“Aye, sir!”

The Cabur rear engines flared to life making the Assault ship move at a snail’s pace all the while as it slowly turns but over time, the Cabur starts to pick up speed, distancing itself from the Zeon ship’s who’s crews and captains were surprised at the speed and agility of the strange ship they were attacking but toss their surprise aside as the captains barked out orders to catch their ship or to fire another beam barrage.

The second volley was fired as all four Zeon Musai class fired their main cannons.

But this time the ship was a good distance away to mitigate the barrage accuracy and damage where making one-fourth of the barrage to hit the Cabur’s rear portside draining the shield to 71%. Despite the barrage doing damage to shields generators, the Cabur still continues to put a distance between her and the Zeon ships struggling to catch up and close the distance.

Soon the third Beam barrage came, the energy lances closing into the Cabur within a minute but this time it was a miss as the beam lances dissipates, having loss their charge.

Phyllos smiled, seeing the limited range of the unknown’s main cannon. “Deploy fighters and prep my ship.”

“Yes Admiral.”

Alarms blared throughout the Cabur’s hangar bay as Clone pilots from all directions dash to their fighters, swiftly climbing aboard them. Clone hangar facilitator crews were now busy coordinating with the fighters, signaling certain fighter squadrons to take off and fly to the now opened vemtral hangar bay door.

In the midst of the controlled chaos of fighters and bomber squadrons taking off, Clone pilots running to their crafts, technicians rushing back and forth with a refueling droid or two. Phyllos proudly march through the chaos with her armor glistening under the bright hangar lights to her personal fighter.

A Mandalorian Fang Fighter with her clan markings on it. Her Marev.

Climbing aboard the Mandalorian made fighter, she punches and flicks several switches and buttons, Her fighter engines flared to life, the cockpit cover now sealing her in as the fighter slowly hovers off into the air. Phyllos accelerates Marev and dives down to the hangar ventral door exiting the ship. Following behind her was a squadron of Y-Wings

Entering the void of space, she pulls back her joystick leveling her ship into a straight line and at the same time accelerates her fighter further where she joins up with the other fighter and bomber squadrons now cruising a good distance from the Cabur, from there Phyllos notes a wing of ARC-170s forming around her.

Her radio sparks to life with a clone pilot greeting her with an enthusiastic voice.

"Good to see you Admiral, ready to have some fun?"

She smiled and responds. “You know me, Rogue. I will rather be up here rather than being stuck in a command center.”

The clone chuckles. "Copy that Admiral."

“All squadrons report in!”

"This is Gold Leader standing by!"

"This is Rancor Leader! Ready to roll!"

"Oddball leader reporting!"

"Jaig leader here, where’s our prey?"

"Rouge leader reporting in Admiral."

"This is Red Leader standing by!"

"This is Blue Leader standing by!"

"Kryat Leader standing by!"

"Skrill Leader reporting!"

"Bravo Leader standing by Admiral!"

Phyllos smiled even further, calculating the number of fighters now present all ranging from four squadrons of V-Wings, two squadrons of Y-Wings and three squadrons of ARC-170s. “Marev copies all. All squads, mark my position and form up behind me.”

"Copy Marev, we’re on your tail." Red leader replies. "All fighters set S-Foils to attack positions."

Immediately the ARC-170s deploys their S-Foils, while V-Wings slowly accelerates faster while the Y-Wings stays at the rear of the group. Soon coming to the middle point between the Zeon forces and the Cabur, Phyllos fighter dips down into a steep dive with the fighters following suite as they exit from the Zeon cruiser’s view.

Franca followed barbatos and the others woth her Bael. She readied her sword and rail cannons just in case.