Unknown Lands (spartans Ocs Alexander and Apollyon)

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Pain. The pain was the only thing she could feel both physically and mentally. The burning pain of a plasma beam through her right shoulder and a high caliber bullet from the General stuck in her chest. And the pain of letting her teammates. No, her lifelong friends getting shot and betrayed by Adam’s man.

She could still vividly remember the relief turn to shock, surprise, confusion, pain and betrayal in Eugen’s eyes behind the orange tinted visor. Watching her fall to the ground bleeding and dying was even more painful to her. And screams. The pained screams of Qing Shang and Tina continued to play in her head like a broken record.

And being thrown into a small dugout pit seeing her dying teammates thrown in unceremoniously together with her was painful to watch.

Then the cold feeling of oil hitting her was by far the most terrifying experience. The thought of being burned alive in her own metal shell was something she didn’t want and her friends to experience. But some portal saved from below saved them from that horrible fate.

And right now, she and her team were stuck in a black endless void. Her body felt light, her mind delirious from all the blood loss she suffered. A small part of her mind thinks that she was going to hell for letting her friends die like this.

But soon her body felt heavier, Jedidah was confused at the sudden change until she felt the familiar force of gravity pulling her. A surge of pain hit her like a truck as she finds herself flat on a metal floor in unfamiliar room from what looks like a control room of sorts. She could hear muffled voices of surprise and orders being barked out.

Apollyon and alexander had been sent to tranquility to finish up some things with the Tempus marines program. They were in the command room when the splice opened up and spat out the four girls,immediately alexander sprung into action, throwing off his white cloak and grabbing his medical supplies from his bag ‘Apollyon give me a hand here!’ he yelled as he rushed over to jedidah ‘hey hey! Can you hear me!’ He yelled as he signaled for Apollyon and few others to assist him ‘Don’t worry we got you’

Her vision was blurred by the cracked visor and her SCIS was somewhat still operational. Despite the constant beeping of her being critically injured. Looking at corner of her visor, she could see the current status of her teammates.

All three showing the same thing like her, Critical condition and their heartbeat sensor slowing down by the minute.

Despite her injured state, she used her only working arm, her left and slowly drag herself to the lying forms of her teammates. Not caring of the trail of blood she’s leaving nor the loud scraping screech of her armor against the metal floor.

But the darkness at the corners of her vision grows, having a hard time to breath and her limbs barely responding. She stops a couple of centimetres away from her closest friend. Tina.

Tears form around her eyes seeing the gaping cauterized hole through the medic’s chest.

She couldn’t move any limbs now. Only left to stare at her failure until the darkness covered her vision and her body going limp with her breathing shallow.

‘Shit this one just passed out!’ He yelled as he rushed over to Jediha and picked her up, signaling for Apollyon to grab Tina and the other two operatives with them to grab the other two ‘I aint letting you die in my care!’ He yells as he leads the group to the stations medical bay, he had already sent a message to have beds prepared and docs on standby

Being placed on wheeled stretchers and being rushed to the station’s medical bay, the four remained unmoving, not responding to any words spoken to them.

As if the quartet were seemingly dead. Though on the way, the techs were trying to remove the power armor to see the damage but were proven unsuccessful given how the armor was an unknown design.

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Titan Shadow - Today at 10:06 AM

The medical team arrives not long after all of this and Apollyon, Tal, and Alexander are able to get the group into sickbay and onto life support. Tina and Qing go directly into emergency surgery to repair internal bleeding from the stab wounds, lucky enough the heat from the energy swords cauterized the wounds as they were made. Jed was the next problem and the surgical team has an easy enough job as no major vessels were hit, which explains why she was able to stay conscious for so long, the bleeding was easy enough to stop. The real problem, however, was Eugen who had a through-and-through hole from the plasma blast through the gut. She had already lost a lot of blood and was dangerously close to cardiac arrest and organ failure. It was touch and go as the surgical team opened her up right there in the trauma bay unable to wait for a full surgical suite. It seemed like they patched one vessel another one would pop open, this goes on for 3 hours, after the first 30 minutes they have to put her on full bypass as clots had been thrown into her heart and lungs. Pumping her body full of whole oxygenated blood, the life support system was now entirely supporting the rest of her body.

Meanwhile, the worst happened, a clot was thrown into her brain but they couldn’t start there until they got the other bleeding under control. They had minutes to decide, to risk her bleeding out on the table or risk her having severe brain damage from lack of oxygen. A second trauma team was brought in, and laparoscopically they went in to try to get the clot, another bleed happened… Then another… As the team on her body worked to keep her from bleeding out and repair her now compromised heart, the second team finally was able to restore blood flow to her brain but she had to be on dangerous levels of blood thinners.
Finally after 7 hours of surgery, they were able to take of off of bypass and her heart was pumping on its own again, she’d be on life support for a while before they could make sure her heart was able to pump on its own and take the full load. Another 3 hours later, well into the next day, they were able to take her off of life support. Still, however, they weren’t sure if she was going to wake up again or not, had she gone too long without blood to her brain? There wasn’t any way to know, her brain scan showed her brain was active but so many things could go wrong, could have already gone wrong. it was impossible to force the issue - they had to wait for her to wake up on her own.

Chaos Sorcerer Spartan889 - Today at 1:22 PM

“I got you, Eugen! Hang on!” Jedidah shouted over the constant gunfire. Her sidearm out of its holster and pointing at any insurgent running towards them. Grabbing on the backpack of Eugen’s armor and dragging her while Tina and Qing Shang were beside her.

“Suppressing!” Shouted Qin, the thunderous roar of her GAU-90 shooting 12.7x99mm rounds at the treeline.

“Bandit 2-1, I’ve popped red smoke in the treeline! Standby to engage on my mark!”

“Roger that, I have visual on the red smoke. Standing by.”

The quartet was slowly backing away from the insurgents charging towards them oblivious of their upcoming doom. Despite those picked off the Spec Ops, it didn’t deter them until now.

“Bandit 2-1 cleared hot!”

“Roger that. Cleared hot. Guns guns guns!”

Immediately the ground in front of the fireteam erupts into a series of loud and fiery explosions engulfing the charging insurgents. Surprised by the explosions, the surviving insurgents were soon ripped to shreds as a hovering VTOL unleash its twin-link GAU cannons upon them.

Seeing the VTOL was enough to send them running back with the VTOL pursuing them from behind while letting Jedidah focus her team.

Seeing Eugen losing conscious and slowly dropping to the ground made her frantic with her health. “Come on, get up!”

Pulling her critically injured teammate up to her level. “We’re almost there!” Slinging Eugen’s left arm over her shoulder guiding her towards the already landed with General Adam at the opened rear door waiting. Despite the transport in front of them, she could see other VTOL gunships dropping strange black attired Marines with their face covered and wearing what seems to be an exo suit. And are armed with energy based weaponry.

Two were in the transport in front and behind General Adam.

“Do you have the DSM?” He asked, jogging towards her and Eugen assisting them to help her back into the transport.

Jedidah immediately and instinctively answered him. “We got it, sir.” Feeling relieved that they made it through the mission. But for some reason, her gut felt wrong and was trying to warn her something.

“Good,” The feeling got worse. “that’s all I need.” His free right arm reaches to his holster and pulls out a high caliber pistol, pointing below the weakened armor of Eugen’s abdomen.


A flash of blood splattered against Adam, Jedidah, caught off guard by this loosen her grip on Eugen letting her fall to the ground with a thud bleeding and slowly forming a pool of blood. Realizing what he had done, Jedidah tried to respond.


Reaching for her sidearm, a hot beam cut right through her right shoulder effectively disabling it while Jedidah clenches her teeth in pain, her eyes suddenly pinpricks.

Another surge of pain shot through her chest as General Adam shot right directly in the chest, the armor manage to slow it down but failed to stop it from going through.

The same pain but lesser hit her head, her visor cracked showing that the helmet protected her. But the pain proved too much.
Collapsing on her the ground coughing out blood within her helmet, she could hear Tina and Qing Shang shouting followed by their screams of pain, getting a glimpse of them to be stab through from the back with plasma Beam Sabers and collapsing face first.

And the bastard traitor simply plucks the device out from her dying friend before walking back into the transport and signaling his men.

‘Move damn it! MOVE!!!’ She mentally screamed but to no avail as her body was not responding to her commands. ‘JUST FUCKING MOVE!!!’

Internally, she wailed in regret for letting her team down, feeling the strange soldiers pick her armored body up and her lifelong friends moving her some time until she was flung into the air.

Feeling weightless for a second and crashing down into a small dirt pit getting a good view of them throwing her friends in with her one by one. She felt tears forming in her eyes, silently screaming trying everything to get her body moving.

Distracted by her despair she suddenly felt cool oily liquid hitting her wounds and armor. It didn’t take long for her to piece it together.

‘No! No! No! NO! NO! NOO!!!’ Her mind chanted frantically and in total despair. She felt powerless and regret hitting her like a bulldozer. Regret for letting her teammates…no…her friends since childhood for leading them to a terrible death like this. Powerless for not being able to do anything and watch Adam’s men do their things to them.

And the source of her despair was standing outside the pit before her, smoking a cigar. Jedidah wanted nothing but to rip his throat open with her teeth as he stared impassively at her and her teammates. With final exhale of smoke, he flicks it the unwanted cigar down to the pit instantly letting the pit on fire.

Jedidah could do nothing but scream. Scream in pain, rage, regret, hate, and despair as the inferno consume her vision.

"AAAAAH!!!" Jedidah eyes shot open, snapping forward screaming. Her body was covered in with cold sweat from her nightmare. She heaved, her vision blurry trying to refocus her mind for a couple minutes.

Regaining her barrings, memories of her mission hitting her like a truck. “Eugen! Tina! Qin!”

She frantically looks side to side, scanning the unfamiliar walls that are not of UEF or civilian design. Finding herself strapped to multiple IVs, she pulls them out not caring of the sting they brought.

It’s certain that she was in unknown territory and those who brought her here are most likely hostile.

Jumping off the bed, she felt the cold floor through her bare feet, realizing she didn’t have her ASR Power Armor on but a hospital gown instead. She seethed at her predicament. Oh, and her glasses were gone too including her weapons.

Quickly, she heads over to the room entrance which automatically opens revealing a long, pristine and spacious hallway which was deserted. Checking both directions for the all clear, she dashes out of the room and down into the hallway.

Her Spec Ops training kicking into high gear. Her first objective was to find weapons and her teammates.

“Please be safe girls.” She muttered worriedly. Running down the empty hallway.

(СПАРТА) Kaneki Red - Today at 1:36 PM

Alexander and Apollyon were standing in the hall after the splicing of the four injured females, it was an exhilarating experience to be honest, especially for Alexander it was the first time his training kicked on in a snap and the first time he took control and gave orders to Apollyon, normally something only his dad could do ‘well that surely was interesting…’ he said as he gently dusted off his coat while looking at Apollyon Indeed it was young Angelos… Apollyon says as he looks forward hearing Jedidahs footsteps incoming

Mrs Ravis, Your Son is the Devil - Today at 1:45 PM

Tal was in an adjacent hallway, arms crossed over his plate carrier as he discussed the status of the new arrivals with a doctor and a nurse, both of whom had been presiding over the quartet for the last few days. Standard procedures maintained that he’d be properly armed and armored, although he didn’t see fit to bring anything heavier than the highly-advanced tritanium mesh alloy trauma plates in his modified JPC.

”They’ll be fine,” the doctor assured him, ”We expect a full, total recovery by the end of the week.”

Tal sighed, nodding at the doctor and raising a hand to wave them off before noticing something peculiar. Footsteps, fast, down the hall, a fairly light pitter-patter that echoed throughout the otherwise empty hallway. He squinted, listening intently, before waving his hand to the side. The doctor and nurse quickly retreated to check on the patients, while Tal reached onto his belt and drew his Type 2A assault phaser pistol, an alternate variant of the Type 2 fitted into frame of a subcompact Glock handgun. Quietly, he crept towards the other hall, employing the center-axis relock stance with his pistol canted 45-degrees to the left and close to his face. The weapon’s micro red dot sight automatically lit up as he disengaged the safety, and he used it as a guide as he poked his head out into the intersection, looking both ways.

Running down the hallways cautiously, Jedidah use her enhance senses as a way to detect anyone ahead so that she have time to hide.

She slows down, sticking close to the right wall as she comes to an intersection. Her wolf ears twitching trying to detect any disturbance in the air. Until both her ears pointed in one direction hearing something.

Immediately she dashes down to her right and quickly hides behind a stack of medical boxes and a wheel cart. Crouching low to the ground to keep a small and low profile. She peeks through one of the small opening of the stack to see a armed man in a suit of vest armor and holding a pistol.

It confused Jedidah due to the man’s apparel due to the distinct similarity to the old uniforms of the 21st Century soldiers of the US Army. And the pistol was of unknown design but looked reminiscent to a ancient Glock design.

She kept her breathing slow, her muscles relax, ready to strike if needed and ready to sprint down the hallway too.

Tal is moving forward. Apollyons says as he draws his sword of caliban and raises his shield, Alexander grabs his Tl-50 from his back and follows behind apollyon slowly raising his scarf around his mouth to use as a mask ‘On you apollyon…take it slow’ he said quietly as they crept forward, apollyons enhanced senses helped him identify were this mysterious person was

Security responded, but seeing that Apollyon was there with others, they looked to him for instructions, “Medical staff let us know to be on the lookout for the patient, is she dangerous?” There was a full squad of 10 who responded, standard detachment. This place was a lot different from Nimbus, or even Blazing Umbra Station before it was destroyed, the flavor was different. It was clear the guards didn’t know exactly how to handle a spliced in patient on the run, something that would have happened on a semi-regular or at least expectable to happen. The medical staff handed Apollyon a report on Jed’s condition - she was pretty healthy all things considered. The security officer looks to Apollyon, “Should we sound intruder alert?”

Jedidah felt her eyes go wide at the sheer size of the third member accompanying the Glock wielding man. About 7 feet tall, in cladding of black power armor that was reminiscent to the ancient Knights of the German Empire. Bloody hell the knight was even wielding a massive shield and sword too!

Her ears detect a series of footsteps echoing the hall ahead of her position and sees a group of ten armored security guards.

Silently, she listens in to what their saying. Grimacing that they manage to soon find out she was missing so fast. Silently she moves backwards. Carefully hugging close to the wall beside to her left and disappearing into another hallway.

She continues her silent walk to make sure the party she just saw doesn’t detect her.

Apollyon raised his hand signalling for the other guards to stop

Sound the Alarm then spread out…shes on the move

He says as he slowly walks forward with Alexander behind him, they slowly pushed towards the last area apollyon sensed her in ‘Ive got a bad feeling about this…a really bad one’

Gaining a considerable distance away from the security looking for her, after running through the empty hours for god knows how long, she stops, leaning against a wall coughing out a goblet of blood rather painfully.

She didn’t care if she was fully healed or not. Right now she was in unknown territory and her teammates are nowhere to be found at all.

With a determined face, she sprints down the hallway, reading the signs that were thankfully in English to navigate where she was going.

The quiet in the hallways was broken by the sound of an alert siren and then a voice on the P.A., “Condition 6, repeat, all decks Condition 6. Intruder is female, approximately mid 20’s, ears and tail, humanoid. She is likely confused, contain, do not engage.” As the leader of the TACCOM team pulls up the holographic interface on his communicator it clearly shows heat signatures, he looks at Apollyon and then nods to his team, who spreads out. Over the COMs, the leader of the TACCOM team suggests, “Lets seal off that hallway, box her in, then hopefully we can reason with her before she decides to hurt anyone.”

Even as he says this, his team moves in pairs - covering the 4 areas of approach with two more backing up Apollyon and company. She also would hear the sounds of others moving soon, not toward her, but people clearing the hallways and returning to duty stations.

“Drats.” Jedidah swore under her breath hearing the loud alarm echoing through the large empty hallways along with series of distant footsteps.

The wolf girl occasionally hid from view behind stacks of crates to avoid the patrolling guards but takes note of the equipment they’re equipped with.

After avoiding another patrol, she stealthily sneaks into another hallway devoid of any life but her.

Apollyon and Alexander and the few guards with them continued to follow Jedidahs path. Apollyons red eyes shining bright as he sheathed his sword as he grabs his Plasma pistol from the holster on his hip

It was a very odd thing to have crates in the hallways, someone would have to have a word with someone about that. There should not be any crates in the hallways, perhaps someone got called away in the middle of moving something from one cargo area to another? It was still odd, as the guards approach her location, seeing her heat signature clearly. The doors are sealed off around her except for the paths the guards are coming from, but behind them doors seal. One of the guards mentions, “Who the hell left off these boxes?” He frowns, then feeds a sensor schematic of the area to overlay like a 3D wire-frame of the heat signature location, effectively letting them see through the boxes… The lead TACCOM says loudly, “We’re not going to hurt you, so how about you let us just talk with you for a moment.” he looks at Tal, Apollyon, and Alexander, not having dealt with a spliced in new arrival before.

The familiar hissing of doors sealing and locking brought a frown to Jedidah’s face seeing how she was now trapped here with the security team in the same hallway.

Still, behind the stacks, she tries to search for a small vent she could fit in and escape but found none.

“We’re not going to hurt you, so how about you let us just talk with you for a moment.”

‘Like hell, I’m going to believe that.’ Jedidah thought venomously, the betrayal of General Adam still fresh on her mind. No way in hell was she going to trust them after what happened to her and her fireteam.

The thought of her close-knit fireteam condition made her feel guilty. Jedidah made a mental note to stab that traitorous bastard in the neck with a Ballistic Knife MK6 if she sees him again. But she suddenly started coughing violently, the stress to her lungs acting up again followed by another goblet of blood into her palms

‘I hear the chick’ Alexander mutters as he pulls his mask down and lowers his firearm, he then walks towards the sound of Jedidahs coughing ‘look here lass…’ he paused thinking about how much he sounded like his father ‘we ain’t gonna hurt ya, you’ve got my word…I’ll tell the security teams to pull back if ya just slowly come out and show yer self to me’

‘As if.’ She thought, hearing the man speak, slowly approaching closer due to the footsteps of the leader coming closer and closer.

Her mind was thinking of ways to escape from her capturers until one such idea came up. She suddenly coughs the same way again but this time it was long. She falls down to her side coughing, her eyes closing followed by her coughing.

Her body going limp on the ground, would the man reach to where Jedidah is, he would have found her unconscious on the floor, her left palm coated with blood.