Unchaining the Falcon-Talk

Soo, this is the thread for my EoS-character Ilyrias Thorne, mainly to not forget the stuff we spoke about.

As far as we are, we nailed the following down.
To release the block of his magic, Ilyrias needs to solve a puzzle:
Silver string going south, way long, desperate soul. But beware of a wooden bow! Follow the trail of flying whisps, and search for eyes written in stone. They look towards an answer, stone structure of old times, dangerous times... Thin ice awaits, walk steady, adventurer. But in the heart of darkness, once upon a time, a magical stone rests. Are you worthy of awakening it from its slumber?
silver string = river
archer of wooden moves = archer shaped tree
eyes in stone = stone statue
dangers = traps

The whole thing indicates a rather long travel.

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