Unchaining the Falcon (Open Ended)

Ilyrias the outlawed countermage stands outside the village on the shore of the nearby river, and waits for his compagnions to show up.
He wears, as usual, his plain, dark grey clothes with the white runes going from his right hip to his left foot and a long wooden staff.
A medium-sized coach waits nearby, with two horses ready to pull it.

When there was rustling in the bushes, it was not his companions, no instead it was an elf. Looking as aloof and beautiful as ever, the elf approached, sensing the magic on the man. He was thin, as elves were, and otherwise about average except that he had some scars here and there - unusual for an elf. And there was an air of magic about him, powerful magic.

Ilyrias keeps his calm… a scarred elf approaching is of course a rather rare sight, explaining his obvious suprise and curiousity. Anyway, he, as the elve would be close enough to actually notice him, would greet the elve in the appropriate, polite manner. But with a hint of nervousity. He’s outlawed, so killing him or stealing things from him would go without punishment.
Since his connection to magic is being cut off, he would not be able to sense the magic of the elve.

“Greetings, Master Elve. What brings you here?”

Bernard approached and stopped, “Oh, well met traveller.” he nodded, “It is nice to see another face on the road, these days travelers seem few and far between.” He stops a respectable distance, showing his own weariness to this new person on the road, unsure if it will be friend or foe.

Nothing on the man hints that he could even be remotely hostile, even the scent of used magic is heavily blurred, as if the mage did not use his magic in a good while.
Anyway, the scent itself is rare, but infamous: Being hard to describe, it smells like… rebellion. the start of something anew… It’s the smell of Countermagic.
Anway, as the elve gets close, the runes on Ilyrias’ clothing would become well readable, and something along the following would result from reading them:
"We, the Order of Chain and Falcon, hereby declare Ilyras Thorne as outlawed and stripped from power, rank and responsibility because of study of forbidden arts.

“Aye, though, I do wait for my compagnions to start my travel. Where are you heading, fellow wanderer?”

Bernard approaches closer, never being one to miss an opportunity to learn something new, he looks at the cloak and at the man, no hint of being hostile himself but a stirring of curiosity on his face that was unmistakable, it was what got most into magic in the first place. “That is, an interesting set of clothes you have there. I have rarely seen runes like that.”

Ilyrias gives off a faint chuckle with a sad undertone lying it.
"No surprise it is, that these runes are unknown to you. They are used for labelling outlawed mages, who roam the realm with their powers blocked and little chance to defend themselves."
Ilyrias says hesitantly. He’s extremely cautious, god knows what the man had experienced after he spoke these words.

Bernard looks around and finds a nicely shaped rock to sit on, “Please,” he motions to a nearby falling tree log, “I would like to hear more of this. I myself am skilled in the magical arts. I am surprised I have not seen this before.”

Uncomfy for sure, Ilyrias gives off a sight, but decides to tell his story to the seemingly friendly elf.
The outlawed mage walks to the stone and sits down, waiting for Bernard to do the same or something similar.
Once the elve is seated, Ilyrias speaks up, looking directly at the elf. He smirks, still cautious and uncomfy, but slowly starting to trust Bernard.

“So, where should I start?”

Bernard just says, “I assure you, I have no interest in harming you. You would be hard pressed to practice a form of magic that I have not myself practiced at one point or another. As far as beginnings… Let us start at yours, perhaps where your journey alone started. Wizards are solitary folk, but even so, we hail each other as brothers often. Even if from afar.”

Ilyrias becomes a bit less tensed as Bernard assures him no harm. His shoulders seem to lower and his entire posture looses the nervosity.
"Indeed Wizards are lone folk… My name is Ilyrias Thorne, and my journey started in Glinan’s Hold, a fortress close to the Rose Palace, where my former order houses. The Order of Chain and Falcon, you may’ve heard from them already. Through various misseries and troubles, I came to Whiterage and gathered a few adventurers to help me in the quest of regaining my powers."
Ilyrias says and looks at Bernard, clearly expecting a reaction from him though he did not ask the elf anything.

Bernard waited a moment, “A noble quest to be sure. I have not heard of your order, though I am not from this land, I came here from another, very far away land in another crystal sphere.” He assumes that this man is knowledgable about the structure of the universe, or at least how he thinks of the structure. “How did you lose your powers? Surely you still possess the knowledge?”

Ilyrias is notable surprised by the elve’s revelation.
“Oh? From another crystal sphere? Did you arrive through one of those famous Umbra Passages? They are said to make rare occurrence around Whiterage again.”
"I surely did keep the knowledge. The magic I used to channel simply does not react any more on my commands. Normally, a spell circle would appear now."
Still sitting, the black haired man raises both hands. His hand plates point forward, and he’d shout:
"Light Counter!"
In a same manner combat sport athletes use for their battle shouts. Nothing happens, and he’d lower his hands again.

Bernard watches, as he attempts to cast a spell, “Oh, that is powerful meta-magic at work, which is my particular area of study!” he looks excited at this. “Oh…” he says, “Sorry, I got excited my new friend. I did not come through such a passage, but rather I used a portal, I suppose they may be the same thing, but I have heard of these passages, I cam here intentionally, it was not an accident.”

Ilyrias seems to be fully okay with the elve’s excitement.
"No worries, friend. If I regain the connection, I could give you a few lessons on countermagic."
As Bernard continues, Ilyrias would raise and eyebrow, also suprised and curious.
“You are capable of creating a portal, like the Umbral Passages?!”

“Countermagic…” he thinks, “Oh, that is… Not practiced here? What an interesting thing.” he looked around, “It is often practiced where I am from, it is how we of the magic world keep each other and others safe from those of our own kind, or monsters who use magic. One of our most basic spells, dispells other people’s magic.”

“Well, I think it is. The Countermages of Chain and Falcon are a sort of special division. We are educated and trained based off thousands of years of experience.”

“In the end, you could teach me a few tricks, hm?”

He smiles but does say, “I don’t teach tricks, I teach magic.” he gives a bit of the nod at the unwritten idea that he takes himself a little too seriously, “But yes, I would be happy to teach you.”