Tulreth Lunavale the corrupted

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier
|name= Tulreth Lunavale
|fullname= Tulreth Lunavale
|altname= the Lunavale Dragon
|race=  human-half-dragon
|alignment= Chaotic Neutral
|gender= Female
|height= 5'5"
|weight= 120lbs
|haircolor= white (originally brown)
|eyecolor= Teal (originally green)
|age= 19
|dob= 15th day of summer
|universe= EOS
|occ= field medic, medical patient
|figure= slim, feminine figure
|setting= EoS

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Headstrong and confident, she’s not afraid to speak her mind or to put people in their place. This aspect often led to her being nicknamed the Lunavale Dragon, being the more direct, and aggressive of the Lunavale twins.

== Special Abilities ==
Corrupting breath

Caustic breath

Corrupted fire

Corruption magic

Dragon form

== Special Skills ==
Martial arts

Self defense


Meditation techniques

First aid

== Special Equipment ==
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== Background ==
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Born along with her twin sister [insert name here] to a small family, a wisewoman and her husband, their mother taught them language, meditation, herbalism and medicine, while their father taught them martial arts, and self defense. They had a nice peaceful life, Tulreth really took to martial arts and would often go out with her sister to forage, to help her stay safe. In her early teenage years she learned how to craft weapons and crafted herself a special pair of bladed and shielded gauntlets to provide more versatility to her punches.

On the twin’s 19th birthday, their family was out having a picnic in a clearing near their village. Everything was going well, until the undead came, at first they sought to fight them off, but then their parents had the girls run and go someplace safe... they started running, but soon saw their parent’s die in the process.

The two did manage to escape and follow a group of refugees towards the capital, during that trip Tulreth was deeply traumatized, she would be sleeping through most of the trip or in a daze. When they got settled into the capital, things started changing for her, she felt different, surrounded by darkness, moody, having drastic mood swings, she started feeling dark and in a way sick, her hair turned white and her eyes turned a strange blue-green mix, with slit pupils, she became irritable and quick to anger when around others. Her sister seemed to be the only one who she wouldn’t feel such about, and would almost behave mostly normally... though in general she has strong mood swings, and fits of violence. Since then she’s not seen much, shut in her room, though occasionally rampaging in her room, currently she keeps her room dark, unfortunately she tends to live in a mostly destroyed room, due to her sudden outbursts and fits of rage which she struggles to control and maintain.

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Human form during a corrupted rage

Dragon form on a rampage