Travel Times on Soteria

Ok, so we have a map of Soteria that is divided into a hex-grid.

I’ve listed the planet as twice the size of Earth in radius, so that gives each Hex being roughly 90 km from corner to corner, of course there is some distortion of this due to curvature and map projections, but I’m just not even going to get into that really. So, we figure 90km for a hex.

Doing some other calculations, we figure that the party takes a break every 4-6 hours, given the average walking speed is about 5 kph for a human and 6.5 kph for a horse. Jogging speed for a horse averages out to about 13 kph. For ease of calculations we figure about 12 hours of daylight, this varies depending on time of year though.

  • Walking - 1 Hex / 18 Hours for Travel + 4 Hours for Breaks
    For simplicity sake we will say that 1 Hex is 2 days travel walking.
  • Riding - 1 Hex / 14 Hours /w Horse Walking for Travel + 3 Hours for Breaks
    For this we will say 1 Hex is about a day and a half.
  • Riding - 1 Hex / 7 Hours /w Horse Jogging for Travel + 5 Hours for Breaks
    This gets the travel time down to a days ride. It should be noted, however, that jogging for 7 hours would be very stressful on a horse. Someone who knows more than myself about horses would need to weigh in on how realistic this is.

Both maps are included below. Mostly the travel times for walking and horse are for Embers of Soteria, but can be used for either since the size of the planet is the same. Travel times do also not include changes in elevation or terrain, it is going to take a lot longer to go through marshlands or jungle than it will to go through forest or grasslands.

Embers of Soteria (Elder Soteria):

Blazing Umbra (Soteria):

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