Tools for Naming

I have a lot of trouble coming up with names for things. There is of course the classic of the Fantasy Name Generator which has a lot of person names, though I will admit it can sometimes feel a bit repetitive looking at them. Still it is a great resource.

Now I ran across a bit of a formula for naming a ship (boat, starship, etc.) since one-word names can be repetitive, I noticed that when I would look for ship names I’d try to get at least 2 words. One being an adjective and the other a noun; for that I use a web site I found Random Word Generator for which you can generate a random list of nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Normally for a ship I go with Adjective Noun in that order.

The above site is also great for names which can be anything, such as military operations. A military operation name can literally be anything, so get a list of 20 words and see if any fit.

Finally for this particular post, when I do a ship I like to have a quote for the dedication plaque and it used to be really hard to find one, until I found this little gem; Random Quote Generator which is amazing. So far they are all real quotes and just keep clicking until you get one you like. This is also great if you’re doing any number of things, trying to pick a favorite quote for a character or some such.

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