Tired of the Shit

To all of the men I know. We all need to stand up and speak out against what is going on. In congress right this moment several of our Senators and Representatives have expressed and continue to express this idea that somehow sexual assault is a normal behavior for a teenage boy. Telling the country that a high school boy can pin a teenage girl down and sexually assault her in a locked room while keeping her from screaming for help.

I know I’ve never done that. I know that I was raised not to do such things. I don’t know anyone who I went to high school with and knew who would have said that was ok, either male or female. This has gone beyond politics, the phrase “boys will be boys” or any derivative there of has got to stop being an excuse put forth for sexual assault. Do you want Brett Kavanaugh to be on the Supreme Court? Doesn’t matter, for him or against him, believe the accusations or do not is irrelevant. The simple fact is that conservatives are telling the entire nation over and over again that sexual assault is part of being a teenager in America. That if you’re a teenage girl, you should expect a teenage boy to assault you. That if you’re a teenage boy it is ok to assault a girl.

This is a continuation of the rhetoric going on and harassing those who have come forward with complaints for hundreds of years now. I am tired of it. I’m tired of hearing other men get together and decide that women do not have the right to say they would rather not be kissed, groped, touched, or have men of any kind describe their pornographic fantasies to them. I’m sick and damn tired of the fact that we have to tell people to remember that “no means no”, well… Wonder why we still have to do that? Well, maybe it is because men keep saying that, in a nut shell, it’s ok if we can’t keep it in our pants around a beautiful woman.

That is what is being said. That is what we’re fighting. That is what makes it difficult to know if you can compliment a woman who looks nice, it would probably be easier to do if the men in charge stopped making up words like “legitimate rape” and making excuses for sexual assaults. It would probably be a lot easier of everyone if all of the good men out there, all of the good men that all of us know, would start to actually speak up… Write your senators, representatives, come out publicly saying… “I think touching women against their consent is bullshit, that’s not ok!” to say with a unified voice, “Hey, no, raping people in high school is not normal! Stop telling people that’s normal, where in the hell did you go to school where that was normal?”

A lot of men I know get tired of women’s movements because they feel attacked by them. I know there is a lot of sexism and this assumption among many men that the issues important to women will somehow harm them or make their place in society smaller. Here is your chance, now the integrity of our entire gender is under attack by other men who had poor impulse control and use their power and authority against women, now is all of our chance to tell the world what it actually means to be a man in America.

I’m tired of this bullshit.

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