Time Zones & Portals

I’ve posted about this a few times on Discord, or at least about some of this. The basic premise is simple and two-fold. I want to add two concepts that work together for storytelling.

The first is the idea that scattered throughout space-time, especially on planets, moons, asteroids, or other rocks floating around space, there are these “latent portals”. What do I mean by that? I mean that there are these areas of instability within space-time, similar to the anomalies in the Schatten Star System that give us the Splice (in Blazing Umbra) and the Umbral Passage (in Embers of Soteria). The premise is that the Schatten System has a lot of these things natural anomalies – they are in such close proximity to each other that they “activate” (i.e. align randomly) and this produces the effect of opening momentary gateways that people (and objects) kind of “fall through”. Expanding this out, the idea is that everywhere has these anomalies but they are more spread out and don’t “activate” at random, there just aren’t enough of them.

Going along with that, the 2nd idea is that there are “time zones”, the concept is best illustrated by imagining telling a narrative involving time travel with things in the past happening in-sync with events of the future. Movies like Frequency and the Outlander book series both make use of the storytelling device. For the reader it appears that the events in the past are happening concurrently with events in the present. Mechanically in-universe this does not happen of course, but the concept that time is non-linear in nature allows for some kind of codifying.

I would like to have it so that these anomalies give portals to specific points in time / specific universes. Each portal is unique and this gives the idea that time runs concurrently so, a portal always sends you say 150 years into the past and so forth.

I wanted to get opinions on this.

It also allows for time travel stuff in settings which would normally preclude it from occurring. One could “key” or open these portals by either technology or via mystical means.


So each portal and passage way or splice or some of them are tied or anchored to specific points in time and space?

That would be interesting, would that mean some people could visit past times or maybe some locations such as the vault can have multiple portals to different places and times?

More like specific zones so like a portal always takes you to 150 years ago, or even some number of years ago in a different reality even. Like cracks in space-time waiting to be pushed open.

Not sure The Vault but possibly. A lot of other locations though.

I’m also thinking of converting theVerum Transitus to use these somehow, I’m not sure how yet exactly.

Brief thought:
So, these timezones float about in what we know as “The Universe”, Universes form a Multiverse.

In non tech-babble, I was toying with the idea of “when two timezones get too close to each other, and align, a portal/splice/Umbral Passage opens”.
This idea would require some sort of abstract concept of “power that is able to reach outside of the timezones and pull them together” when thinking of manual manipulations of portals.

Then, of course, how to explain the Verum Transitus?
Maybe the Transitus is close to every timezone?

So, what I was thinking is somewhat a combination of your two ideas.

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That is pretty much exactly what I was thinking to! You just said it a lot better than I did, LOL!

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Returning to the manual creation of portals… maybe artifacts capable of that have an equivalent on the target timezone?

How would we explain abilities that create portals to other timezones?
Maybe like fishing? One throws out the decoy and see which timezone bites?

That’s not a bad idea, the fishing metaphor. So someone can only create a portal to points in the multiverse that are “nearby” (a crude analogy but functional) to where they are at that moment. Not all time zones are reachable from a given point, only certain places.

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