Time Marches On

I haven’t found it in me to make it back to the chat sever yet. As many people know my life hit a bit of a mine field and I’ve been trying to get my head above water. Things in my personal life have been on the upshot of late but it is still a confusing time for me. I am trusting that stories are continuing in my absence, but I am feeling a bit better so I think that I would be ok returning here to the forums. I know most of you don’t really do role play over forums - or play-by-post as it is called. Whether that is because people haven’t tried it or don’t care for it I don’t know.

I’m going to see about firing up some threads here. I know that, playing on the chat server was giving me entirely too much stress and taking my focus away from things that I really should have been thinking about more. Spending hours upon hours on Discord was not healthy for me, and while that is not an indictment of playing via chat, I’m not sure when I will feel up to returning to it. I am, however, still around via PM here, email, and other methods of contact. I’m hoping that everyone is enjoying themselves. I notice from the Carbon Discord Stats that activity has taken a sharp dive, which I hope is just temporary.

I am still alive though, working through some serious life issues right now, a lot of bad habits and ways of making myself unhappy that have been around for a long, long time. I will try to stay in contact.