Tieflings of Angelic Sins

Quick disclaimer, yes Tieflings are from Dungeons and Dragons originally, I adapted a bit of a lore to introduce them into Angelic Sins, for storytelling purposes, add ons and other ideas, to improve the information here and how they fit in would be considered

Tielfings are a lesser, mortal variance of infernal beings, like their fantacy counterparts, they have horns, different colored skins, solid colored eyes, and long tails. They also share unique powers with their counterparts.

As with any race or being they can be born of parents or made by infernal powers. Those that are made, are physically molded to their creator’s will. Some tieflings are used as servants or slaves after being created. Some are free of their masters, either from their own actions or the actions of others

When a Tiefling is owned by a particular being, that being’s symbole is branded on their body, while owned, the skin isn’t burned but is a shade or two lighter than the rest of their skin, and the skin bearing the symbol is warmer and tender to the touch. When freed from their master’s ownership, they experience great pain for a time, originating from the brand, which becomes a burn mark, servina as a reminder of their past. This would not occure if it was a change in owners, the brand mark would shift to the new owner’s symbol.

In the physical realm tieflings fill a wide variety of careers, from espionage to soldiers, to cooks, and postal workers. Some may even work as bounty hunters, mercenaries, or even vigilantes.

A tiefling vigilante, watching and waiting. Name Redacted

Tieflings can also bear a symbol that’s a command symbol, which can look like a brand or tattoo, but can change based off of their master’s will. These command marks have strong influence on their actions, and can take an extensive force of will to resist.

Tieflings also have a secret form, that is rarely seen, also known as a Shadowling.


During a blood moon, or times of extreme emotional response such as a burning rage (which is more rare for Tieflings), the infernal blood within a tiefling will become more active, causing them to change into what is called a Shadowling, a kind of demon creature that blends in almost seamlessly with the shadows and dark places, and with an intense craving to feed on the agony of others. The changes include enhanced strength and agility, their fingers become exceptionally sharp claws, their tails also become sharp. there can be cases of them growing specialized extensions from behind their shoulder blades, these extensions are often long, flat and often spear-like, which it has been decided to call “Lashers” due to how they lash out from behind the shadowling to strike their prey, providing them with a new weapon by which to cause their prey to suffer. Their body also becomes almost cloaked in shadow, and their eyes have a slight glow to them. Very few survive an encounter with a Shadowling.

Shadowlings for the most part are entirely wild creatures, capable of running on all fours, or on two legs, leaping vertically a story up into the air, making getting up to a second story of a building particularly easy. They are capable climbers and have approximately double their natural strength, making them capable of downing targets twice their physical size and strength.

They prefer to hunt in alleyways, or dark and abandoned structures, where they can lure prey, in a variety of ways depending on the prey they hunt, in or where they can find specific kinds of prey. Each shadowling may have a different preference in prey, and will seek to find proper hunting grounds to feed.

When their hunger is sated or when the dawn is about to arrive, shadowlings will return to their last location, and change back. It’s not uncommon for a tiefling to not be hungry for a few days after such a feeding event. A single shadowling can feed on the agony of 5 or more humans, depending on the size and needs of the creature. Young tieflings will often only feed on 1/2 or 1, depending on age and size.

According to research the shadowling form is only seen in the physical realm.

It should be noted that in such a state, they are hard to detect, either via movement or visibly, unless they have revealed themselves to their target, which is usually in a secluded place and just before they strike.

Outside of their shadow form, it can be assumed that they may look like normal tieflings, with the additions that have been previously mentioned, such as the lashers and finger class. Their horns may also be more pronounced. Their body language however will mimic that of an animal about to strike. (side note, assumed because very few have lived to tell exactly what they look like)

They rely on stealth and speed while in combat, to avoid recieving to much harm to their bodies when in combat. Due to their bodies not being purely immune to harm, weapons, or various configurations of modern equipment.

Tieflings can learn to control their shadowling form, or even choose when to enter and exit the form at will, however this involves lots of intense training to do so.

It is unknown if the shadowling form is in fact a tiefling’s true form, their infernal essence, or if it’s some other result of tampering or a side effect of the creation process, or was created for use in combat, or for ‘promoting’ a tiefling to more of a demon at a later date.

The morning of when a blood moon will occure in the night Tieflings will often act energetic, playful, and in some cases animal-like throughout the day till the blood moon rises and the sun has set and then they are changed.

An artist’s rendition of a shadowling, beckoning to it’s next victim, according to a victim’s relative, from a case that has as of yet been considered, unsolved.

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