Throne of the Neko King (Open Ended)

Tora Senju the adopted neko son of kaito was strolling around the station looking over the android bodies and cybernetic limbs. Curious to the latest models he could use. Since he wasn’t expecting trouble and it was the rules of the station he had no weapons with him except his augments.

He was in the corridors happily walking around not caring a bit. Yet he felt a soft breeze and the faint smell of mountain flowers. Following it led him to a book. A strange book with an odd aura radiating from it. He reaches to pick it up and when he does a large magical portal opens up around him swallowing him and perhaps anyone nearby whole. He nyas in surprise as he goes through the portal.

The portal sets off alarms all over the station, Alyshan Lamina was nearby when the portal opened and had just enough time to react to the alarm for a split second before getting sucked into it. She had just gotten off a routine patrol of some outlying systems with unusual readings reported and had returned to the station. Her ship was docked in the landing by, she’d even sent a message to Xosh of Squad 7 to meet, it had been a little over a year since they’d last seen each other. She wasn’t sure he knew that she was an actual officer now and had been excited to tell him. The last few years had been so intense, she thought the brief time on Nimbus Station at the beginning had been her last real break.

She emits a short “eep” sound as she’s sucked into the portal, not even having time to call for help before she hits the other side.

Savannah had been wandering by when she saw the strange woman get sucked into the portal she tried to stop her but got sucked in herself.

From the alarms being rung, Linda, who was on her lunch break, immediately went to investigate. She got herself there through the station’s instant transporters as she has her armor and weapon materialize on her person. She gets just a little bit close to the portal, seeing no immediate threat, before getting sucked in and unable to control it, letting out a panicked and cut out scream.

They fall in what seems like an abyss for a very short time. A split second of darkness before they land in a clearing in a forest. Unlike forests of most modern societies this forest was well kept with the overgrowth trimmed and dead trees cut down. All signs that would point to a less advanced civilization that has a greater need of woodland.

Tora lands on his face with the book in his arms, the others would land in the manner they fell into the magic portal. As they land wildlife is startled and there would be some rustling from animals fleeing the sudden appearance of four strangers.

As soon as she hits the ground on her front side, Linda immediately gets up out of panic and sees her phaser pistol. She hastily goes to pick it up and looks around with who was present. She sees the other three, and sighs, assuming they were all with St with how they were all also on the ground. She makes sure her phaser was set to stun and not lethal as she goes to check on if the person closest to her was alive, still being cautious.

Savannah got up and looked around, she looked confused, and then looks at Linda, and smiles. “Linda!” She says, greeting her friend and running over to give her a hug. She felt that everything was going to be okay now that she had someone with her.

Aly looks up, groggy, “Oh that hurt…” she squeaked out in a young voice… Once she was asked she said, “Lt. Alyshan Lamina, I’m a tactical officer, just finished training.” She looks around and gets out her tricorder to scan. “Where are we? Standard procedure dicates we attempt to make contact with the station.”

“I dont know where we are” Tora says rubbing his sore nose. “One moment its I pick up a book and he next its faceplanting. Talking about a book…” He looks for the book just in his hands and doesnt find it. He pouts “Great I lost it, anyway I am Tora Senju.” He pauses “mmh anyone else wanna try contacting the station? I’m just getting static.”

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Linda almost points her gun as Savannah, but hearing her voice was only enough to get her head to jolt to her and tighten her grip on her gun. She sighs when she hugs her, and gives a gentle hug back, “What got you stuck in this mess?” she says as she looks at Aly, then to Tora. She keeps the hug as long as Savannah wanted as she casually saluted while still holding her gun, “Linda Crawford, security party of the Stellar Horizon, currently in training,” she then looks to Tora and hears what she has to say, “Tora? I know your father, he talks very lovingly of you” she says as she pets Savannah’s head when they break the hug
“I can try and contact the station, but” she looks upward where the portal used to be, “It’s unlikely” she says, trying to contact Nimbus Station, anyone via her communicator as an emergency message

Savannah held the hug for a little, then lets her go. “I heard someone yelp… I tried to help pull them back from the portal… then slipped in myself” She explains, she appeared mostly unharmed from the turn of events. She looked at the others, after Linda spoke. “I’m Savannah.” She didn’t really have anything else to say at this point, sure she did some stuff… and lived on the Stellar Horizon, but she didn’t have fancy titles like the others. “I’m a Tenno.” Is all she says after that.

Aly tries to appear professionally detached from how bad this could be, after all they didn’t know anything yet. Not for sure. She taps her communicator, “Lt. Lamina to Nimbus Station…” There is a pause and she says, “Lt. Lamina to any Solas Tempus or allied facility, please respond.” She pulls up the holographic control and looks at them as they get no response, “Best thing is to activate the beacon…” She activates the trans-dimensional beacon, though that could take anywhere from a minute or two to a year to get a response. She started scanning to get an idea of the area they were in… “Forest here looks like it is maintained.” She comments off-handedly, “Oh my lord I wish I had my ship. I’m sure it’s still docked at Nimbus.”

The beacon once set up sends out its trans-dimensional signal but no response. Aly’s scan would reveal that they were near the edge of the forest. Towards magnetic north would be a river. Additionally there were a few trails and a small road not to far from where they landed, east from where they were.

“Mmh, you don’t think we had some weird jitsu bring us here.” Tora says

Linda looks between everyone when Tora mentions jutsus, not sure what to say since she was certain the other two had never heard of them
She stutters a bit before speaking up, “Uhhh, I don’t think so” she says as she walks over to Tora. She puts a hand on his shoulder and whispers to him, “I think Kaito would have warned us before something like this happened.” Then she looks to Savannah and Aly as she takes another look around the forest,
“Ok… So if that didn’t work, what now?” She now asks aloud

Savannah shrugs, this was all new to her, as was the jutsus thing, she didn’t know what Linda told Tora, but she wasn’t sure if she should be concerned or not. “Couldn’t we trace the portal and reopen it?” She wanted to be somewhat helpful but she didn’t know how, or what to do herself so she was just spitballing at this point.

Aly nodded, “Savannah, that’s a good idea.” She set about trying to scan the area and see if she could pick up the residue in magical energy flow (in Oswalds) around where the portal must have been. She keeps the transdimensional beacon online, so it’s just sending out the signal hoping the station picks it up. “I’m afraid I don’t know what at Jutsu is.” She looks at everyone and then relays to them what her scans showed about the area.

Tora stays silent and goes along with them since he doesn’t know about magic. As she scanned the flow of magic it would be pretty apparent that two meters above where they landed had high concentration of Oswalds. Most likely the residue of the magical portal that brought them there.

Aly didn’t know she had skill with magic, not really. She could feel it and sometimes amazing things happened but she didn’t know what to do so she looks up and tells them, “I’m sorry, I can tell where it was but… I don’t know how to open it, do one of you?” She looks hopeful at them. Some of her stern exterior is wearing off as the situation sets in.

Linda sighs as she walks alongside everyone, fiddling with her tools and pistol since to kill time. Since it seemed like they were going to be stuck in this new land for a while, "I’m sure if any of us knew this kind of magic we’d be back by now. She looks up at the magical residue as she looks around for ways to reach up to it, “That stuff makes the sky look weird” she whispers to herself.