Thoughts on Origins

Alright, so we’d started this before and there was a lot of really good stuff. Since I can’t recover that, I’m going to do a cliff-notes for what was collectively being talked about.

So, we had an idea of a temple, that was drawing people into the area from other universes, and to prepare for some event. I was talking about the religious-esque backstory that a friend of mine and I had come up with way-back-when. Where Lance and such were fated to be defenders of time and about free will being a requirements, so anyone can choose to use the resources they are given for good or bad.

I had 2 more replies, however, and I don’t know what they were.

Me and red Mentioned that:
-Temple can be deep under ice on Shatten IV (i thibk it was shatten IV, one Tenpus mine on)
-temple can gather people from universes as great danger is incoming
—both as Training (nomads i.e) and support (Spartans, Space Marines etcetera)

And list of dangers:
-Reapers (Mass Effect)
-Yuzzhan Vong (Star Wars)
-hive fleet Leviathan (warhammer)
+Probably few more I can’t remember rn

Well, a few things…

  • There are plenty of threats, but we should come up with a goal, and end-game, what they are all fighting for rather than just endless war.
  • Also, Zeph on Discord had a great idea about this “Alliance of Nations” idea. It doesn’t fit with the origins of Solas Tempus, but it could become a theme now, especially if we want to have splices open up outside the setting?

I’d love to hear some thoughts.

That’s truth, such goal is always hardest to find imo.

Well, my opinion, as far as i understanded Zeph is that such alliance would be good. Could create some additional immersion if we look at huge-ass-epic-multiverse gate. But could have tendency to create Solas Tempus fleet Overpowered

(Still, that’s if i understand concept correctly)

Well that’s already happening. Solas Tempus has gone through a lot of changes over the years, right now - due to the needs of the RP - I have been adding ships whenever we happen to need one or want one, I think having a ship provides more latitude for game play at times, one has a crew that can go do things sort of “off camera” as it were, but I think the ships confuse people on what they are supposed to do with them.

Take Drem, for instance, @thatotakugalaxy I think doesn’t really know how to handle having a ship or what to do with it (am I right Otaku?) and I think I shoved it down her throat a bit. Same with Tal, who had a bit of the same problem. I have a tendency to go too big sometimes as well, so we can reformat things as we need to - but that is part of why this thread exists.

If Solas Tempus were to reform to become that Multiversal Alliance-type deal, I imagine it would have to be after such a crippling loss that it forces radical restructuring and reconstruction, eliminating the older traditions and practices and allowing new ones to take their places.

I believe we’ll inevitably be going a route that involves forces far older and far more Eldritch than Solas Tempus. Things that are in ways, far beyond the current scope of scientific understanding. It could help to unify such concepts as the splices, the ruins in the Schatten system, and possibly the Daam K’Vosh artifact’s behavior. Maybe there could be some form of progenitor-type species that could cross the lines between realities and eras, eventually ascending to another plane of existence and leaving behind these ghosts of their existence? Within each universe, they’d have some name or different traits, but an ultimately grand revelation could be that these older civilizations were all one and the same.

There is a lot to unpack there. I would be against having a complete restructuring of the organization. I know that may sound silly but while I like the idea, I don’t want to just remake the whole premis of the setting. Ultimately perhaps a spinoff of the organization or a new division would suit a similar purpos.