Thinning of the Veil

This is a continuation of an RP started on the Embers of Soteria Server


The role play starts in the Hearts Refuge Inn where a little girl of some other-worldly origin is sitting and upsetting the guests. Several guests come down to find out what’s going on, to find her laugh sends shivers down their spines and rather than eyes, she looks at them with blank, dark holes where eyes should be. She tells everyone she wants to play. Some characters try to talk to her, others try to attack, but either way the group sends up in the Severed Realm, a place most of them are unfamiliar with.

The group must then contend with the fact that this demonic little girl is bent on “playing” with them, which to her seems to mean hurting and torturing them. The group manages to look around while the little girl is distracted trying to find more “playmates” for them, during this time they find a decaying soldier with a cut down the middle of his skull, oozing green goo, and smelling of rot. He promises to be their guide to the Well of Forever, where supposedly they can meet Osyn, the Protector of the Dead and Dying who can transport them back to the world as they know it.

They take respite in a cave where they find remains of 3 groups of people, each one older than the previous. While there, Kryter finds a journal of one which expresses misgivings toward their guide, as that group was found by someone promising to be their guide as well. She then convinces the others - who already have misgivings about the guide - to leave the cave and strike out on their own.



The group has left the relative safety of the cave, the journal that Kryter has is brittle and needs to be handled with care, especially in the heat of the sky, there appears to be no sun in the cursed place, but there is light everywhere. Shadows are virtually nonexistent in the endless roiling clouds giving the heat and humidity an even more oppressive feel to it. Keeping direction is difficult without a landmark.

Upon reading the journal further, Kryter finds there are notes, however, that the clouds never seem to change direction. The author of the journal talks about how it is almost like they are being expelled from the Well, at least that is how they describe it in vivid yet possibly imaginary detail. Describing it to be some vast volcano spewiing forth the clouds above.

So what do you all do now?

“mmm… We need some way to keep a sense of directoin” Kryter suggests to the other “Make sure we arn’t just going in circles”

“Yeah but how all this place has is sand?”

“mmm…” Kryter says “Wait… if there is no wind…” Kryter takes her staff and draws a marker in the sand

Bequerel the gnome, just followed the group as they walked outside. He maintains his on guard-mentality and looks around suspiciously, as if he expects an attack anytime. He has lowered his launcher, and holds his shotgun at ready.
Facing the fact that he is of no use here, he just watches his fellows and the surroudings.
Only audible for those standing next to him, he would mumble something, some kinda annoyed.

“Fuckin’ mages.”

Kryter keeps drawing symbols to mark where they had been “…What about mages?” Kryter askes wondering what the connection between magws and the current situation was

There is indeed no wind, and thus the mark in the sand stays undisturbed, even their own tracks remain for all to see. Anyone looking around you not see their “guide” following them either. As if, he felt they’d be back perhaps? Or perhaps he had some other way to extract what he desired from them.

Their only source of information is that old journal, but reading it all will take time - even skimming it. From the looks of it, the owner had nothing to do but write as their - who perhaps is a her? Perhaps not - only respite from the growing madness of being trapped here. A quick glance at the beginning and end of the book says that she felt they’d been there for months, though without markers to mark the time it would be hard for anyone to tell. Certainly, if it was only days her mind deteriorated rapidly, but if months, it seems she held onto her sanity better.

It comes down to what Kryter chooses to believe about the author of the journal.

Kyter look spefically to see if the author had left the cave and if they did, weather they ever found anything out alone in the desert

They did once, but came back hopeless, becoming rather trapped in the cave by their own fear. At least, that is how it seems from the author’s writing. The author writes about feeling like there was a wall up at the cave entrance, that they couldn’t walk through, then talks about how that was just crazy to even think. This is a cycle though, a thought about this world and then thinking about how crazy it was to think that.

“So is there anything out here?”

There is nothing but the cave and the group as far as the eye can see.

“How doea a cave even exist in a world of nothing else but sand?” Kryter wonders

Bequerel, actually a bit suprised that someone heared him, would look at Kryter, his head tilted. While he speaks, he would have dropped his guard.

“T’'e magic haf broug’t us 'ere.”

He would shrug.

“Ah right magic…” *Kryter says thinking over this statement₣

The group stands there for a while, before someone decides to move. Without directly really, but surely they cannot stay there for the foreseeable future, right? So they move. They see precious little to eat, though the occasional creature, some deranged looking lizard or snake can be found slithering on the cracked endlessness desert.

What direction do they go? That is anyone’s guess.

*Kryter keeps track of there footprints to try to keep going straight… in any direction. *

Rie’s tail was dragging in the sand making a line

Days go by like this, and things are getting bad. However off in the haze of the horizon, a shape comes, that of a mountain looking like it is stabbing the sky. It is still quite far off, and there are more serious problems though. The biggest of which is the lack of water, sure everyone is hungry but dehydration is setting in, especially with the heat as bad as it is. Though, must closer than the mountain but still a bit a ways off, is another cave, this one appears to be bigger than the last.

"Heys look a mountain AND a cave I think that’s good!"
He would walk a little faster to the cave