Thinning of the Veil Brainstorming - Opening Story for Embers of Soteria

Alright, so I know that I haven’t been overly around lately and that we need to start getting an opening story going for both Angelic Sins and Embers of Soteria, this thread is about EoS specifically (I’ll do another one for AS). Now, I’ve got a lot of ideas about this, but I think I’ve settled down onto one that might prove quite nice, let me know what you all think.

Thinning of the Veil (Take 2)

In line with the arrival of a Necromancer from the far south-eastern area of the world, it is becoming known that the veils between the worlds of the living and the dead are beginning to fray and some parts of the world have them thinner than others. In the case of the area of our game, the Radiant Spring is a place of particular thinning, however it is also a place of particular power. The story arc is going to be based on the fact that at the spring, evil things cannot pierce the veil and appear in our universe, but elsewhere they can. However, the veil is weakest at the spring, so spirits of lost relatives wishing to commune with the living will appear first there.

The town itself is going to be threatened as the barrier between worlds begins to wear outside of the clearing with the spring and thus outside of its protection. I’m thinking that there will be sightings of undead or ghosts in the woods, but nothing concrete for some time. This gives the chance for some amount of uncertainty to develop as to what is going on. Soon enough, however, these creatures will threaten the town, have to be defeated, the town will need to be defended, and the secrets which keep the spring from being vulnerable to the dead will have to be discovered.

Open the quest… Leadership of the town will dispatch a party (classic idea) to the nearby Castle of Wrath or Stowerling Citadel to meet with some historian, wizard, or other wise person to get answers. The party will then have to convince this person to return with them to Whiterage to study the Radiant Spring and expand its protection. An alternate resolution, or if the party fails to return with the wise person, would be to convince someone’s departed family members to convey them to the other side in search of answers about the spring. This should be flushed out before doing.

At this point in time, I’m really thinking about this as a standard two-pronged quest. The group staying at the town will need to continue to defend it, and we should play that out at various times. This does not need to be in sync with the other group, however, that is leaving the town in search of answers. Since I have a necromancer in play, Artis, the initial push of who to search for can come from him, as he studies the phenomena and realizes it is far above his ability to understand and is ancient magic.


The key to the spring should be something to do with the water, and where it comes from. Since the world setting is governed by the ending of the War with the Peace of Ages, I think it should have something to do with the blood of fallen soldiers with purity of heart, whose remains are buried there at the spring, this gives the water itself some kind of purity and so long as the water flows and the peace holds, the magic will keep the spring protected from evil and allow the waters of the spring to protect others from evil. How do we convey this to the town? Well that’s going to take some serious magic so I’m not sure. Perhaps we’ll go dark with it and require some form of pure sacrifice (not going to do virgin, I think, to cliche), possibly some purity of intention.

There is also the idea of something similar to the ground water quest of the poisoned well in the first Diablo game. The player has to enter the underground caverns which supply the towns water and, in the Diablo game, cleans the water. However, in this case, they would need to possibly take some remains from the spring (or some of its water, rock, something from the spring) and place it in the ground water, do some magic shit and encase the town in protection.

Global vs. Local

Normally with something like this it might be thought that the players should go global, or at least Kingdom-wide with this kind of protection. However, I think that is premature, but perhaps someone has different ideas. This is in a time when communication between places is sparse, news is carried by passing caravans and traders / drifters to go from place to place. Whiterage is a small town with small ideas, I think a global action could be a more advanced plot line for later.

Question / Comments?

So what questions and comments do people have? Especially the @CreativeTeam.