The Zone comes (Open Event)

“Huh?” Zwei hummed out, hearing the radio transmission from the only Samaritan of the convoy. Understanding their intentions, the petite girl grabs hold of the radio microphone, depressing on the transmit button.

“Roger Alpha Zero-Two.” Confirming with the Convoy vehicle. "We can pause here as its best to stick together, " Looking out the window to check for anything amiss despite the heavy rain heavily limiting her vision. “But make it quick cause we’re sitting ducks out here.”

Putting the microphone aside, she watches the armored vehicle breaks formation, driving past the MRAP and later stopping near one of the Flesh carcasses.

“Barfleur,” she called out to her spouse sitting at the back. “go assist the researcher on obtaining her samples.”

Inside the very same Samaritan which everyone was in, together with them was the Head Scientist of the Expedition. Dr. Aiko. Currently dressed in an ST-issued Environmental suit for Researchers, the good doctor had her Research PADD out and her tools ready.

The Samaritan would come to a stop at the side of the road, it’s gun pod deployed and scanning its surroundings while the operator behind the gun switches to Thermal to get a better look of the area.

The coast clear, the rear door of the vehicle hisses open with Aiko stepping out of the armored 6x6 ignoring the rain pelting against her whitewash suit as she makes her way to one of the carcass.

Asher didn’t like having the researcher on his transport, at all. He and Rosary were more than capable of doing research and getting samples. However, it would have been problematic to complain too much. The vehicle stopped and two security officers exit, then Asher, and the researcher. Asher himself was wearing the Class 1M combat armor, something he was more comfortable with. They had other gear on the rig though. He preferred to have actual vision of what was going on around him rather than just sensor data. He raised up his phaser rifle, he had trouble taking all this seriously. They had nothing but warnings and some anomalous readgins.

The researcher for all her intents and purpose was actually curious of the Flesh carcass. Readings from her Research PADD showed strands of pig DNA which surprised her as to how a pig manages to mutate into something so horribly disfigured and a far cry from its original self.

‘Need a sample.’ She thought, typing an entry into her PADD. Though looks back at ‘its’ face. ‘Maybe two.’

Though walking up behind Asher was Barfleur, wearing a parka over her gear as the rain continuously pelts against the olive drab. The young girl had her Mark-15 Adaptive rifle on alert, her eyes scanning the misty and wet terrain with poor visibility. A part of her was rather paranoid of her surroundings as places like this made it a great hunting environment for several kinds of Mutants.

The worse of them being Demons. She shudders, at the thought of being ambushed and snatched up into the air by one having witnessed several unfortunate victims ending up as prey for those massive beasts.

While the scientist gathered samples, Asher kneeled down by the monster’s corpse, looking it over, “Mutated, started as a boar or pig of some kind.” He’s mostly talking to himself, “DNA is mutated and mixed with other animals.” he frowns, “Hard to imagine how something ends up this way.” The samples are easy enough to gather. He looks at the scientist, “Have you ever seen anything like this?” he asks her. Meanwhile, Rosary was sending the information to the rig which was in turn sending the data back up to the ship in orbit. The vehicle had a much larger transmitter on board and easily punctured through the interference.

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“Admiral…” She spoke, shock evident in her tone as the results came back with shocking news. “I’m not detecting any sorts of DNA but pig…I’ve never seen a mutation turn something into this.”

She gestured to the entire corpse and goes back to her PADD typing an entry. “I’ll need a sample of it. Maybe two or three.”

Barfleur opened her mouth to speak but snaps into attention, her MK15 raised pointing towards the air as she heard a distant roar despite the heavy rain.


Asher looks up, “Alright, time to go!” he switches to sensors in the rain, trying to get a bead on what’s coming, raising up his phaser rifle, if he can get a bead on whatever it was, he wouldn’t hesitate, but he would immediately fire at it. “Doc, you’re done, we’re done, let’s move!” then in case the good doctor did not want to go, “Security, escort the doctor back to the transport.” He taps his communicator, “Continuum, I need a birds eye view, can you get a bead on what’s coming at us?”


‘Not good. Not good.’ Barfleur panicked, recognizing those distant roars in an instant. Her eyes darts back and forth, trying to look past the heavy rain. She could feel her heart trying to burst out from her chest experiencing hypertension in her muscles.

Hearing Asher shout out it was time to go, Barfleur couldn’t help but agree more with the man. The sixteen-year-old girl rushes to the scientist who was a step closer to the Mark 9 rear door entrance. Without any hesitation, she pushes scientist woman into the passenger bay ignoring the cries from the scientist just now as she focused back on what’s in front of her.

The rain seems to have gotten worse, further obscuring her vision where she could barely make out the shape of Verniy’s MRAP. What didn’t help her case was the sudden lightning storm taking place where a brief flash of lightning would light up the area and reveal what’s around her. What she saw filled her with sudden dread.

The moment during the brief flash of light from the lightning, she briefly saw a massive pack of what looks like Watchmen Possibly 40 given the size of the pack she briefly witnesses. Managing to find Asher despite the rain, the British shouts out to the man.


Soon the ground beneath her starts to rumble, signaling the pack was now near them and was just around the corner.


Hearing the roar from behind, Barfleur instantly twirls around facing her 6 ‘o’ clock, her weapon raised but was seconds too late as a lone Watchmen mutant pounces on her, pushing her body to the muddy ground. Barfleur lost her rifle as it was tackled away by the massive bulldog-like creature that was in an attempt to bite her throat where the girl stops it from doing so by grabbing hold its face and lower jaw with her gloved hand trying her best to push the mutant’s head away from her neck.

Asher was no slouch, hearing the roars, the sensors were still not doing all that well, for something of that size to get past them. However, they had more than just tricorders. He says in the COM, “Continuum, prepare for orbital strike on my command.” then he redirects his attention, “Rosary, get the rig moving, everyone else load up and get the gun ready.” The ground began to rumble as Asher himself looked concerned, when the lone mutant flies through the air and tackles the girl, he pulls up his phaser rifle and with his thumb flips it over to its max setting… It takes less than a second and he fires, the phaser beam is high enough powered to cut through granite like butter. He does two short, controlled, bursts with the beam, one aimed at the creatures head, the other main body.

While he does this, the Samaritan gets into motion, Rosary gets on the COM, “Recommend using thermals, we’ve got a about 40 inbound hostiles, moving fast.” Asher says without thinking, “We’re in the thick of it, don’t wait on me, open fire.”

With that order, the Samaritan’s phaser weapons pod opens fire, the weapons officer sets it to wide beam pulling power directly from the vehicles fusion core, Rosary pulls the vehicle around… The two side doors open up, and an armored figure hands out of both and each pull up a launcher, firing high energy plasma grenades into the oncoming hoard before ducking back in. The cannon from the Samaritan on wide beam would be capable of cutting large arcs out of normal incoming animals or unshielded peoples while the plasma grenades would explode violently causing high energy burning plasma to explode outward in all directions similar to napalm, burning hot enough to melt titanium, it would glow with an eerie green color as it burned.

Plant wanted to help in every step of the way but unfortunately he was neither a scientist nor a soldier and found himself feeling hopeless and useless. All he could really do is walk up to Barfleur to get her back to her feet. Hoping his size and bulk might at least be able to protect her not knowing what Rosary had ordered.

Grunting, Barfleur did her best to make sure to mutant on top of her doesn’t bite her throat but found herself on the losing side of this battle of strength as the beast head inches closer to her throat. Normally in this situation, Barfleur would have taken her knife out and stab the damn mutant in the eye but found herself unable to do so given the beast superior strength.


Was the sound of Asher plasma rifle discharging a single plasma round into the cranium of the Watcher mutant, effectively killing in one shot as the super-hot plasma instantly melted every form of organic material to the bone. The mutant didn’t even have time to register pain as it instantly died with a portion of its melted skull showing.

Barfleur heaved a sigh of relief given the mutant was dead on top of her. The British girl was about to attempt pushing the corpse off but the large form of Plant did just that, using his massive bulk and strength as he pushes off the large corpse of her and got her back on her two feet.

Giving him a quick thanks, Barfleur would look back, clearly seeing green flames flickering a distance away with the collective horde caught in it howling out in pain and anger. Seeing this was the time to get out of dodge, Barfleur would lead Plant back to the same Samaritan where he came from, making sure te large man was in the transport before coming back out shouting to Asher to get in.

“Get back in! We need to go more mutants will be attracted to it!”

It would seem that the convoy was beginning to move as the radio in the vehicles broadcasted Verniy’s voice telling the convoy to move.

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Asher turns to Barfleur and nods heading into the transport, as he passes her… “You ok?” he asks her, something changed in that moment though, well between when he’d last spoken to her and now. He put a hand on her shoulder but it wasn’t the way he had been with her before, where he had clearly been thinking of her a child and treated her as you would a teenager who had put on some kind of mask. No, when he put a hand on her shoulder and asked with a quick nod, there was respect there – respect that she hadn’t had from him before that moment.

Rosary told the gunner to stay up there, the turret was up and ready to fight as the convoy started to move again. The Continuum radioed in, “We’ve detected plasma fires, just checking in?” Rosary answered, “We’re good for now, some creatures decided we weren’t too welcome here, try to keep a lock on our location.”

Meanwhile, Asher wouldn’t wait for an answer, if Barfleur had been injured they’d deal with it within the vehicle and instead, they all got inside and things got moving.

“I’m fine,” she replied with a even tone, this wasn’t the first time she tangle with death and probably wasn’t the last as she looks back up to Barfleur wordlessly telling him she was still good.

Meanwhile outside Verniy’s MRAP would continue to lead the convoy out of the wet plains of the Zone and the upcoming danger, the plasma inferno taking place behind them as the wails of the Watchers echoes throughout the air.

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Once everyone was in they moved on. The convoy was quickly up and moving again. Over the radio Asher asks, “How much farther we have until we can set up proper defenses?”

Verniy who was still on the driver seat of her MRAP overheard Asher’s transmission through her radio. Swiftly she grabs hold of the vehicle’s radio mic and was quick to respond to Asher.

“Unknown, with this kind of downpour it may take us an hour or two. That’s not accounting anomaly fields.”

At this rate she was driving in blind, unsure of what’s ahead and her only means of warning her from some sort of danger was her stalker issued detector that has not once blared or ticked rapidly meaning the road she was was safe and free of anomalies.

For now that is.

Asher responded then, “How long is this downpour supposed to last? Would it be better to find a spot and wait it out?” Rosary looked at him and shook her head, she didn’t think that would be a great idea.